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The Manager's Wife

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The idea for this story came from my youthful lust for the wife of the manager of the Radio Shack where I worked as a rent-a-cop. I've mentioned in a previous story of how I had lost my virginity to a former teacher. This is my fantasy of how I would have lost it to this woman. The clothing 'Susan' wore in this story and why she wore it is true.



I was 20 and a virgin. I had met a couple of young women at the mall where I was employed as a security guard. I had fallen in love with one of them, but by the time I had worked up my nerve to tell her how I felt, she was already engaged to an older man. I still dated the other young lady, but I wasn't sure what she wanted, and didn't know how to proceed from brief goodnight kisses to becoming her lover.

As I made my rounds, I stopped to visit the Radio Shack in the mall. I mostly visited to just see how things were going, but also to chat with the manager and the assistant manager. I made the usual purchases a young man makes, but had also purchased a set of walkie-talkies that myself and another guard, a friend of mine, used to conduct surveillance of a glue sniffer. We had been told by the cops that we had to catch him in the act. We had come close to catching him, but one of the local mall rats (the little bastard) told the glue sniffer we were going to bust him, and the last we saw of him, he was running away. We never saw him again, so maybe our idea did work.

As I was telling 'Dave' and 'Joe' the assistant manager of this, Dave's wife, 'Susan' came in from the storeroom.

Susan was about Dave's age (mid-30s), 5'4', shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, stylish rimless glasses, trim figure (nice tits). I thought she was attractive, as I did many older women. Since I was a sucker for older women, working in a mall gave me a chance to eyeball many attractive women who worked and shopped there. Some of them were MILFs, before that term was ever coined, and occasionally I would see a MILF that was particularly memorable, e.g. wearing a short dress and I got an eyeful of leg, and I would jack off about her at night in the privacy of my bedroom.

Susan said 'Hi' to me, asked Dave what we were talking about, commiserated with me on my failed bust of the glue sniffer, and told me 'Well, next time, you'll get him.' Susan then asked Joe where a certain item in an order was located and Joe went to help her retrieve it.

Dave told me he was going out of town for a manager's conference for a few days. Joe was going to be around, but on the last day of the conference, Joe was going to be off, and Susan would be in the store, closing by herself. He asked me to watch the store more frequently and standby while Susan counted the cash, locked up the store, escort her to make the night deposit and finally make sure she got to her car safely. I told him I'd be glad to.

On the evening Susan was by herself, I stopped by at the start of my shift to check in. As I did, I was treated to the sight of Susan in a dress.

Susan usually wore pantsuits, always something that looked smart. This evening, she was wearing a sleeveless orange dress that ended about 2 inches above very nice knees and calves, tan pantyhose, and white low heeled pumps. The dress' neckline was a V-shape, guiding the eyes to her cleavage. My mouth almost dropped open, she looked so good. My youthful cock, which seemed to become erect when the wind chaged direction, immediately became hard.

She saw me, and smiled. She also in the middle of the store and said, 'Like it?' She did a quick spin, making the skirt of the dress rise above her legs, giving me a flash of thigh. My heart started to pound, and I realized that I wanted this woman to take away my annoying condition of virginity. I wanted to tell her that she made me want to fuck her on the floor of the store, but managed to squeak out that she looked great.

'I'm going to have dinner with some friends, and thought I wanted to dress up a little.' She returned to behind the counter, my eyes burning holes in the backs of her pantyhosed legs.

She said everything was going good, and she really appreciated my coming by the store and the other activities Dave asked me to do. Even if he hadn't, I would have tried to come up with reasons to go by the store to catch a glimpse of Susan's legs and tits.

I spent most of the time walking around in a sexual haze, thinking about Susan. The young lady I was dating wasn't working tonight, so I didn't feel guilty about my lust. I kept looking at my watch, willing the hours to go by faster so I could spend that concentrated time with Susan when the store closed.

Finally, the mall closing took place. I tried not to run to the Radio Shack, and felt my semi-hard cock, which had stayed that way nearly all night, become hard in the anticipation of seeing Susan again and spending time with her.

I came into the store, knocked on the locked door, and she raised her finger in a gesture of 'Just a minute'. As she was approaching the door to let me in, she kneeled down to straighten a display near the door. Her dress rode up, showing me a firm thigh. I could see the knitting of the pantyhose, and that along with the display of her shapely leg, made me nearly dizzy with lust. She opened the door and let me in. She had put on some perfume that I found made me weak with desire for her.

I followed her to the back of the store, and she invited me to sit down, as she tallied up the day's total and prepared the next-day count for the registers, and the deposit. From where I sat, I could see her dress had ridden up (thank you, God), and I saw her trim, shapely legs even better. I knew she probably could sense me glancing at her legs and tried to ignore it, or figured that I was a kid, 'let him look all he wants. No harm done, and it makes me feel good that these old wheels can still get some young guy's blood pumping.' At one point, she crossed her legs and began moving her leg up and down. Oh, God. At that moment, the one thing I wanted in my life was to run my hands over her legs and have her do the same to me before she fucked me to death.

We chatted while she worked. When she was finished, putting away the next-day count in the store's safe (giving me another flash of her firm thigh as she kneeled. I have always found the sight of a woman's thigh as she kneeled very exciting), she opened her purse, took out a compact and a tube of lipstick to freshen it. She applied it, a light pink shade that looked real good on her, and the sight made me want to kiss her, even more than before.

She put away the makeup, said 'Okay, let's go', and I followed her as she turned out the lights in the store, then to the bank's night deposit. She made the deposit while I stood by.

As I walked with her to her car, she stopped suddenly. 'Oh, damn! I forgot to set the alarm. Will you go with me, X? I don't have a flashlight and the lights are turned off.' Of course I agreed. Any reason to spend time with this delicious-looking woman. I had the thought that I was going to be up all night, jacking off about Susan.

We got back to the store, she unlocked the door, we went in, then she locked the door again. I illuminated the way with my flashlight, and just as we entered the back of the store, through the curtain separating the storeroom from the front, Susan stopped abruptly. I didn't stop in time, and I bumped into her ass-with my hard cock leading the way.

'Oh!' Susan exclaimed. 'My! Is that you or your gun?' She was teasing, as I didn't carry a gun. I was, of course, horribly embarrassed and said so.

Susan turned on the light in the back of the store. We were completely alone, and couldn't be seen from the front of the store.

She turned to face me. 'Sweetheart, it's nothing to be embarrassed about. You are a normal, healthy young man and a good-looking one, too. An old lady like me enjoys that a young stud like you finds her attractive. I could feel the heat of you looking at my legs when I was sitting down. It made me excited enough that I crossed my legs to move them so I wouldn't squirm. X, I've been wanting to say this to you for some time. You have a presence about you that makes you seem more mature than other guys your age, and even some men older than you. It's something that older women find attractive in a younger guy. Tell me, do you like older women?' I said I did.

'Mm. I thought so. I figured that you probably don't like chattering young girls and prefer quieter company.' I nodded.

'We-ell,' she drawled out the word. 'I like young guys, and I've always had a fantasy I've wanted to fulfill. Are you a virgin?' I nodded, embarrassed as hell.

'Good. That will make this nicer for both of us.' As she said this, she stepped towards me. I almost drew back. 'Don't be afraid X. I'm just going to kiss you.' Her hands came up to my shoulders, she stood on tiptoes and her lips pressed against mine. I had never kissed a woman wearing lipstick before, and I found I enjoyed the taste as well as the kiss itself.

She giggled. 'You should see the look on your face right now. Classic deer-in-headlights. Let's try it again. This time, put your arms around me and kiss me back.' She took off her glasses, put her arms around my neck, pulling me down towards her, sliding her hand behind my head-and opened her mouth as her lips pressed against mine, her tongue moving into my mouth. I put my arms around her firm, warm body and pulled her to me. I kissed her back, and tried to mimic her tongue action.

'Mmmmm,' Susan said as she drew back. 'That's nice!' I told her that I was copying what she did. 'Well, honey, if you do that, I guarantee that your partners will enjoy it.'

I mentioned that she was supposed to meet with her friends.

'Oh, hell. I forgot about that. Damnit. I'm really horny, and I was hoping to get laid to take this edge off before Dave got home tomorrow. I figured that I might have a run at you sometime, and circumstances just came together.' I told her I found it flattering that an older woman found me desirable.

'Oh, I'm not the only one, honey. The wife of the manager at the fabric store?' This was a lean brunette who always wore a shade of lipstick combined with her full lips that always made me think about kissing her. 'She thinks you're a doll, and if she wasn't married, she'd bang you in a second. As you can see, I'm not letting my marital status stop me.'

Susan had me sit down, and she sat on my lap, the first time any girl or woman had done that. While finding her surprisingly heavy, I also found the feeling very exciting. She put her arms around my neck, and I felt bold enough to put my hand on her thigh and do what I wanted to all evening.

'Ooh, that's wonderful, honey.' She kissed me. 'But you're right about my friends. I'll have to call the restaurant to tell them I'm running late, and an all-nighter with you is out of the question because of our dinner plans. They would comment on it to Dave, and then there would be unbridled hell to pay.' I had to ask Susan if an all-nighter meant that we would make love all night. She laughed. 'You really are a virgin, aren't you, darling?' She kissed me again. She slid off my lap, used the phone to call the restaurant to pass on that she would be late, and then faced me.

'Well, sweetheart. We'll have to make an appointment to do this again soon, ending with you in my bed. In the meantime, I know that you are still worked up pretty good right now, so I'm going to take care of you.' I asked her if she was going to give me a blow job.

'Mm, not tonight, baby. That's kind of advanced for a first time. I'm going to give you a hand job. Have you ever had a woman do that?' I shook my head.

'Everyone does it differently. Here's how I give it to Dave in the store.' She saw my look of surprise. 'Honey, didn't you think married people did such things? That's how they keep things exciting. I love my husband, but have had a fantasy of having a young lover for a very long time. With you, I'll have that fantasy fulfilled very soon.' The tone of Susan's voice changed. 'Remember, darling. This is sex, not love. If you want it to continue, you have to not kiss or touch me in public here, call me at home or at the store, send me cards or flowers. Save that for your girlfriend. Oh, yes, I know about you and the clerk. If you do end up fucking her, can you wait until I fuck you first? I'll show you things that you can do with her that will have her eating out of your hand. And speaking of hands...' She told me to stand in front of her, unzip my pants, and take out my penis.

'Mmmm. That's nice. You're about average, dear, but very thick. My pussy is tight, so we'll have to start with masturbation, oral sex, then fucking. The first two will teach you control, because as thick as you are, and as tight as I am, you'll come within seconds, making the whole experience unpleasant for both us.' I never heard a woman say these things before. I felt that I had entered a new world.

As I stood in front of Susan, she began stroking my cock. Enjoying the wonderful feelings she was creating, I reached into her dress and put my hand into her bra cup, feeling a woman's breast and nipple for the first time in my life.

'Unh. That's nice, darling. But if we start that, I'll never get to dinner. Look at me all you want, love. Think about my body. Think about my kisses. Think about when we get together, how good it will be.' As I did this, I came.

Susan was able to move as my come shot towards her, avoiding my semen landing on her dress.

After she cleaned me up, we did lock up the store. We walked out to her car in the now empty parking lot.

Susan looked up at me. 'Think about me tonight, darling. Remember what I told you. When we're able to be together without being caught, I'll tell you that I could go for a hot chocolate. Can you remember that?' I nodded.

She put her hand on my face. 'Be patient, darling. I promise it will be worth it. Now, kiss me goodnight.' I did so, doing what I had done in the store. 'Whew! I'm very tempted to cancel dinner and take you home for that all-nighter. I'm going to think about you when I get home, and jill off, thinking about you inside of me. Think about that when you get home tonight.' She got in her car, puckered her lips, and we kissed once more. I waved to her as she drove off. I saw her blow a kiss towards the rear view mirror.

I had to wait nearly 7 months, but it was worth it.



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