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The Magic of Holding Off

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Hello all readers and thanks for checking out my story. I love this site I am so glad I found such a great one where people can come together and be open about masturbation. I think it is one of the greatest things in the world. I have had sex and it can be great, but there is nothing quite like the feeling of being intimate with yourself. The privacy of being alone allows masturbation to bring out your greatest fantasies and desires, and no one knows how to please you better than yourself. I think having self interest is an amazing thing. Just loving who and what you are, and taking it to a intimate level is breath taking. I love my body, I love the feeling of being naked. When I do get alone time I often get naked in my room and sometimes even wonder the house. A little about me I am a male, 20 years old. I am white with brown hair, my penis is cut six inches and shaven, just personal preference. I love masturbating as I said and I usually do it every day at least once or twice, on occasion three or more times. I try and find ways to spice it up, and one of the best ways I have found is to hold off for a few days. Any of you guys who are regular masturbators should definitely try it.

I usually go 4 or 5 days, but have gone 6 and 7. It enhances masturbation so much more mainly because of how horny it drives you. The first day or two is not so bad, but by day three sex and masturbation pretty much floods my mind. I feel horny almost constantly, and it becomes all I can really think of. By day 4 physical affects kick in. By that I mean erections. When I hold off I can get erections so easily. I love being able to get erect without any touching, and this makes it easy. I'll usually step in front of a mirror naked, and just watch my penis grow. Also by day 4 or 5 my erections feel super hard, like no chance of loosing it. This is great cause I love to take pictures of myself and I have no problem keeping it up for as long as I want. Sometimes I'll just drop my pants and lightly fondle myself and feel it grow in my hands. It feels a lot harder to the touch as well.

Another great feeling is that little tickling tingling sensation you get. Hopefully guys know what I mean, that little feeling you get in your penis when you're super horny and getting closer to cumming? That also is present, sometimes constant for me when I feel horny and am holding off. After going 3 or 4 days I start to feel it as soon as I get erect. Just yesterday I was watching porn on my bed and had an erection and that tickling the whole time. I was leaking soo much precum which is another affect. I love watching my own precum drip out. If I am standing with an erection sometimes I will just watch my dick throb for minutes until I can see it start coming out. Ill just let it hang until it forms a nice long line hanging down from my tip. Or sometimes I'll push along my shaft up to the head and make a big glob squeeze out at once and drip off. I love to eat it as well.

The most amazing thing about holding off is I can make myself cum without using my hands. It almost becomes to easy if I hold off for close to a week. I love doing this I guess not all people can. But if I make myself really horny and just keep myself erect long enough, that tickle feeling I was talking about will escalate and I can actually make myself cum without ever touching my dick. The first time I did it I had boxers on, and was laying in bed just fantasizing and contracting my muscles down there. I didn't think it could happen but after 20 min or so I knew I would cum if I kept going and sure enough a weeks worth of cum drained into my boxers. The second time I had pants on as well, and thought it would only work like that, but my third time I was able to achieve it naked. I just had my dick throbbing out in the air and sure enough I got so horny my cum shot out all by itself.

I'm trying to hold off again and so far am only on day two. I was on a four day but was with family last weekend and kept getting erections. So I went to the bathroom and just held my dick steady for 5 or so minutes and just holding it was enough to send me over and make cum shoot down my hand. I really like the feeling of hands free of mostly hands free cumming. It doesn't always give the explosive orgasm feeling that vigorous movement does, but it's so different just feeling the cum flow through you, when you don't touch you can really feel it a lot more.

Well writing this has me hard but I want to try and hold off longer. Thanks for reading I just wanted to share my thoughts and recent experiences maybe some of you will appreciate. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts and stories as well.



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