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The Magic between Us

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This is my side of the story between Jason and I. What we share is so magical, I don't want it to ever end.


My husband of 19 years is a loving and supportive man, but he lacks any sort of 'excitement' as far as sex goes. We have sex a few times a week and I would rarely get turned-on enough to have decent orgasms. He was understanding [to a point], and came home a few years ago with a Hitachi 'Magic Wand' for me to use to help things along. He knows I masturbate with it, but doesn't ask for details, and [certainly] doesn't wish to incorporate it into our love-making time together. If anything, he's a bit relieved that he longer has to be responsible to 'get me off' because he knows that I can do it myself anytime he's not around. It makes for a pretty drab sex life...but, like I said, he's a great father & provider, just a lousy sex partner.

Well, Jason has stepped-up to TOTALLY fulfill that role! He's the most thoughtful, and skilled lover a woman could ever imagine! As he's related in a response to 'Tony's Toy' [in a comment posted August 18th], together we have raised the orgasmic bar to stratospheric levels! Whereas before I was accustomed to one or two intense orgasms via my trusty Magic Wand, with Jason, I've NEVER reached a limit of orgasmic saturation. Somehow, we are simply sexually attuned to each other's responsiveness and hours of love-making are the norm. While there is some regular sexual intercourse, most of our sex is mutual masturbation [98% with him doing it to me, with me getting him off occasionally]. For both of us, this is something we've never had with other lovers in past.

As Jason related, an afternoon with him is amazing! Once he turns me on, I seem to maintain a high level of sexual excitement for as long as we are together. He often pushes me over into full-blown orgasms literally every few minutes in an endless cycle! He gets so excited watching me cum that he is soon hard again and ready for a new orgasm for him maybe once an hour or so [my husband is good for once a night]...whereas, I'm continually cumming maybe 15-20 times an hour [it's hard to keep track of a number since there so many, and so varied-some last eight seconds...some seem to last two minutes depending on how Jason is loving my body, and how turned-on I seem to be!].

We became lovers rather accidentally when we met-up for dinner out-of-town. One thing led to another, and we were in his hotel room having sex. It was nice, but nothing earth shattering. After we returned home [he lives about 15 miles from me], he would stop over when my husband was out of town on business, and we would 'play around' occasionally. It was good but not much different than with my husband-at least that was at first...!

One time he was masturbating me as he smothered me with kisses and it was VERY different. Whereas, I've always been able to orgasm via clitoral stimulation. Jason seemed to totally ignore my clit and with two fingers in my vagina he did magical things to me! When I came from his manipulations it was like nothing I'd ever felt before! It was all-encompassing and very wet! There was pussy juice soaking his hand, and my entire crotch seemed to suddenly become alive. He saw the response in my face [and soaked crotch] and he asked me about it. I told him that it was something I never felt before, and that it was stronger and deeper than any orgasm I've ever had & I was 40 at the time!

Of course this excited both of us to no end, and he being the careful observant lover he is, he immediately set-out to recreate that explosion within my body! Of course he soon learned how to get me to cum like that regularly! It was unbelievable! He could bring me to repeated strong orgasms by concentrating nearly entirely on my vagina. I also became a squirting maniac! An afternoon of sex would soak at least four beach towels that I laid upon!

After we learned that I could cum in that way, we soon found that once I was turned-on and warmed up by a handful of those strong masturbatory vaginal orgasms, I could cum just as easily with oral sex...intercourse...and even simply kisses & breast play! It seems that once I'm cumming like that I'm just able to keep cumming-seemingly endlessly! A day with Jason is literally a day FILLED with orgasmic joy!

Of course, some of this has spilled-over into my married sex life...because once my husband begins to have sex with me I can usually orgasm with him now. He's thrilled, of course, but his ability to keep me cumming like Jason does simply doesn't exist. So while my [now] daily sex with my husband is better than it ever was...it doesn't come close to the level of orgasmic excitement I have with Jason! It is not unusual for me to have 40-50 orgasms in an afternoon with Jason, and then go home have dinner with my husband and have one or two 'regular' orgasms with hubby at bedtime.

Needless-to-say, I think about sex with Jason constantly! He and I share something that seems truly unique. I know Jason would love to steal me away from my husband, but for many reasons that is just not going to happen [we have three kids, and my husband has many other good qualities, and we have a 'history' together]. With that said, I really do hope to be able to keep a sexual relationship alive with Jason forever because it is unbelievably rewarding...but, only time will tell if that's possible. Jason understands, and excepts my decision not to leave my husband. But, he also understands that we love each other and share something unique that neither one of us wants to give up.

We've been lovers for just over three years now. My husband's work schedule allows us to get together for one to three times a week usually. Some weeks I'll guess to say I've had at least 150 body-wrenching orgasms with Jason...so you can see it is nearly impossible to simply give this up and go back to being a 'regular housewife!' I literally feel that I'm living a life that many women only dream of! I hope it lasts for many years to come.



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