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The Lost Art of the Peep Show

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Recently, I've been searching across the country for peep-show establishments, and found that nearly all of them have been shut down since 2000. I've discovered only three so far that still have full stages with live girls behind glass, and private booths. Some places have solely individual girl shows for $25 to $35 a pop, plus $5 to $25+ for the glass cover to rise. These sessions usually last for five to ten minutes maximum. The private peep shows at Times Square in New York last for only five minutes and cost $35. I haven't yet searched in California, so I'm hoping that there are still some authentic live and affordable peep-show stages out there.

The three full stages I've found are in Chicago, Tucson, and Las Vegas. Chicago costs $20 for a half hour, and you have to tip all three girls $5 each minimum. But I found that if you like one of the girls best, you can pay the others $5, and ask them to send out the girl you want for most of the half hour. Then you can continue to pay in single dollars as she dances. At the joint in Tucson, the bottom half of the booth doors are cut off, so you don't really have privacy. Still, guys have felt free to solo touch during a show, myself included.

Las Vegas has the best peep show spot, as of summer 2004. It's a stage with three or four girls, rotating every twenty minutes. You pay 25 cent tokens to raise up the glass cover, and you tip the girls in single dollar bills. The glass cover stays up about 1-2 minutes for each token. So you can get a reasonably good session without committing to $50 at the start, although if you stay for an hour or so, you will undoubtedly end up spending at least $50 or more.

What makes Las Vegas so good comparatively (also Tucson, if there happens to be a nice girl), is that you can have a good experience just by watching the stage, without having to go to a $35 private room. The first time I went to the Vegas spot, I had never been to a peep show before. I didn't even know that you can, and should, masturbate in the booth while the girl dances. Out of the four dancers, one was attractive enough for my taste, and very sexual.

In the booth I chose, the glass spanned half the entire length. I watched the dancer, and I got a hard-on right away. I didn't take my dick out though, because I still felt unsure if that was allowed. Finally I said fuck it, and took out by penis, and started jerking it. The girl didn't even seem to change her manner, she just kept dancing, squeezing her tits, rubbing her pussy. So I realized that she was used to this, and that she expected guys to jack off with her.

I moved away from the glass a little, so she could more easily see my penis in my hand. She looked down through the glass at my stiff cock. She kept gazing at it, almost staring at it. I got a little nervous, but I kept stroking. Then I realized that she was sizing me up, checking me out to see what my cock was like. I have a fairly nice dick, straight, about 6 inches, sort of turgid. I'm circumcised, so my penis head is always exposed like a bulbous knob. She kept dancing, pushing her tits together, lifting one tit with her palm, and licking her nipple with her outstretched tongue. All the time she was staring at my stiff penis! I really got turned on! When a sexy girl is watching you, and wants to see you get off, that makes the whole experience worthwhile.

I think she liked what she saw, because she kneeled down next to the glass, and put her face near the window. I moved closer to the glass, so my penis was right in front of her face. She started sticking her tongue out toward by dick behind the glass, flicking her tongue like a snake's. My God! My penis suddenly stretched another notch, almost bursting in its own skin. This hot sexy chick was straining to give me a blow job through the glass, and her tongue was gyrating wildly! Of course, I knew it was an act, but what an act! She had no inhibitions at all, and she obviously loved what she did.

One of my favorite gestures was when she put her finger up to her mouth, and slowly traced it across her whole lower lip. It was like she was wiping cum off her lips with her finger. Man, was that ever great! I almost ejaculated uncontrollably right there! In another excellent move, she turned her ass toward the glass and stuck her pretty pussy up in the air, slowly grinding it, like she was doggy fucking my penis through the window. In yet another pose, she would stand in front of the glass and dance erotically, with her head and face out of view. I could only see her body itself, her tits, torso, and pussy. It was like fucking a young wiggling female body, with no head, which really got me excited!

When her twenty minute session was up, I walked out of the booth until her rotation came back, and we picked up where we left off. I saw her for probably about three rotations. She was so sexy and attractive that I didn't want to blow my load right away, but savor all her sensuous moves. By that time, my penis was so achy that I had to let go. So I moved closer to the glass with my cock in hand, and she knew exactly what to do. She put her face down to my penis again, and stretched out her titillating tongue toward my cock head. I jerked my dick about two times, and came all over the glass in front of her face and tongue. It felt great to have a chick watch me explode my load into her face, and love it!

I'm going back to Vegas in summer 2005, and then onto Los Angeles. I hope I can find more peep-shows in California. But unfortunately, it seems like they're a dying breed, because of mayors like Rudy Giulliani and others. The times, they are a'changin'! So if you're interested, and want to have a sexy chick dance while she watches you masturbate and come, without being rushed and robbed of $50 in ten minutes, you better find one of these lingering soon-to-be-extinct peep-show places soon, before it's too late!



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