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The Looker

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When I was 12 my family moved to France for my Dads job for about two years. There was a lake resort that we went to a lot that first summer. I hated smimming but my sister and mother just stayed in the lake most of the day. I just sat on our blanket. It was very crowded so people set up blankets pretty close. A family came and sat like three feet to my right. I had seen them before and as usual, the mom stayed behind while everyone went smimming. I was sitting pretzel style and the mom, I guess around 30 something, I felt she was staring at me. I looked over with my eyes and saw she was staring at my crotch! I looked forward again and then down at my crotch. Now, in France, bikini briefs were common and that is what I was wearing. I saw that my pant leg was a gape about an inch and my sparse pubic hair was on display. At 12, I was masturbating daily and many times twice a day. I was very fair skinned and average build, brown hair and braces...just a regular kid and I was being stared at by a woman! My heart stared racing and I kinda covered myself with my hands and got an erection. She kept looking and then looking away, over and over. My mouth was dry and a gape with all this excitement. I did not want her to know that I knew she was looking. I looked straight ahead and with my arousal I began kind of pushing the back of my hand onto my crotch. I could see out of the corner of my eye that she was looking and then looking away and then looking. When I knew she was looking I began more ryhthmicly pushing against myself. Some of the time I had my eyes closed, I remember. She was shifting around a lot and stairing. I was doing some serious mouth breathing as I had never been so aroused. The next time she looked away, I looked down to see and of course I had a little tent with a few hairs showing. I was pretty sure she could see a lot more than that. I also had a wet spot where my dick was. That was too much, so I pulled a towel over my waist and stopped for a while. I was still aroused and began doing it under the towel. Out of nowhere I began to have an orgasm and tried to be calm about it. Afterwards I felt guilt and was afraid she would tell my mom. I looked over and we made eye contact for a second and then SHE quickly looked away. I saw her many times that summer but nothing like that ever happened again...but I did develop a habit of letting older women see my goods until I was about 14.



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