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The Library

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Fun in the library


It was late on Friday night. I was on the seventh floor of the library doing research for my thesis. The place was deserted. The library isn't normally very well populated on Friday night, but this was the Friday before Fall break. As a result, the whole campus was empty especially the seventh floor of the library.

I was looking forward to a productive evening. With no distractions, I could plow through several volumes of old journals. I could read all those papers that I had been avoiding for the past two months. Unfortunately, it didn't happen.

It was not more than 15 minutes after I stationed myself four feet from the end of the 651.03358 isle before she arrived. She was definitely an undergraduate -- a freshman, maybe a sophomore. She had beautiful black hair, a high forehead, and small, sharp features. She was wearing a loose blouse and a short skirt that just showed her knees as she walked. I remember thinking that her clothes looked a little cool for the season.

She glanced around briefly before settling down into the study carrel three isles down from me. From where I was I could see her in profile by peeping over the top of the bottom row of books. I felt a little annoyed at her intrusion. I glared at her as she took a small book
out of her purse and began to read. Perhaps she would go away soon.

Several minutes passed while I read the paper that was opened before me. There was absolute silence at first. However, after awhile I became aware of what sounded like faint panting coming from her direction.

"Oh..., Oh..., Oh..."

When I looked up, ready to complain about the barely audible noise, my eyes were greeted with the sight of this beautiful woman masturbating! She had spread her legs under the carrel and had slouched down into her chair. She held her paperback with one hand while her other moved gently between her open legs. I could see that she had pulled up her skirt, but from my vantage point I couldn't tell much else.


I didn't know what to do. If I moved, she would hear me and the embarrassment would be unbearable. If I stayed, I'd be intruding. I watched her hand move back and forth between her legs. God, it was erotic! Suddenly, she sighed and shifted her weight. She lifted her hand to turn a page and then slid it back between her legs to resume its earlier motion.

I heard her breath deeply. She had her mouth open as she read, panting slightly. Her hand stroked steadily. Her skirt had lifted enough for
me to see the beginning of her buttock. I could see her muscles tense periodically. She was pointing her toes.

Soon she was panting loudly. Her breath came in short gasps. As she read her expression was intense. Her eyes and lips were wet. Her
cheeks were flushed. I could hear wet lapping sounds that were in time with her strokes. Finally, she put the book down and let her other
hand fall between her legs. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back. I could hear the wetness very plainly.

"Ohhhh," she moaned softly. One hand moved while the other didn't. I wished that I could see what she was doing more clearly. "Oh yesss. That feels good," she whispered. She opened her eyes and looked down toward her hands. She smiled slightly. "fucking good."

She began to watch herself. She seemed to be fascinated with the motion between her legs. Her masturbation began to speed up. Although she was quieter than before, she had an expression of intense concentration on her face. Both of her hands began to move and a satisfied smile came across her face. Her motions grew faster and more insistent.

Suddenly, her expression changed: Her eyes widened and then closed. Her stroking slowed and deepened. Her head fell forward onto her chest and she opened her mouth in a silent scream. Her body quivered for several seconds and then relaxed.

She had cum.

I was rubbing my cock through my pants. I was aroused and wanted some relief myself, but I wasn't sure what to do. Unlike the beautiful woman before me, I was afraid to masturbate right there on the seventh floor of the library. I was afraid to move. I was afraid that, now
that she was done, she'd get up and find me watching her. I waited breathlessly.

After a short rest, she opened her eyes and started masturbating again. "Good," I thought, relieved that I didn't have to do anything yet, "the show's not over."

She was only moving one hand, and her strokes looked short and gentle. Nevertheless, they were very effective. She gasped with each and after a few moments, she speeded up. "Yes," she hissed, closing her eyes, "Oh yesss." In less than a minute of rapid stroking, her body shuddered as another orgasm swept through her, stronger than before.

After a short rest, she opened her eyes and continued. As before she masturbated slowly at first, but quickly built up speed. She crashed
into her third climax less than a minute after her second. She softly groaned as she peaked. It was a beautiful sight.

Afterward, she continued masturbating without any rest at all. Her brow knitted in concentration and she bit her lower lip. Her
stroking was vigorous. In only a few seconds she came again --- this time with a much loader moan.


This orgasm lasted much longer than the others. It was obviously the most intense one so far. For twenty or thirty seconds I watched her
shudder with pleasure. However, after her initial moan she made no sounds except an occasional gasp.

When it was finally over, she sighed and, removing her hand from between her legs, sat up in her chair. I tensed up. "Whew," I heard her say to herself as she straightened out her clothes a bit. She took another deep breath and sat quietly in the chair for a minute or so with her eyes closed.

I was thinking about very quietly getting up and sneaking away when she picked up her little book and started reading again. I shifted the
journal in my lap a little and wondered what would happen next.

After five minutes or so, her hand found its way back between her legs. She casually played with herself as she read. I could see that her face was flushed. She shifted in her chair and, hiking up her skirt, she started masturbating again in earnest. I swallowed hard and kept watching. All thoughts of sneaking away were gone.

In a few minutes her breathing was coming in pants again. She put down her book and, as before, started using two hands. She hooked her feet around the legs of the chair. With one hand she held up her skirt while the other stroked between her legs. She shifted her position again... and then another time. Finally with a snort of frustration she sat up straight.

She looked around briefly but she didn't see me sitting behind an imposing rack of books. Then, to my amazement she stood up and slipped her skirt down to her ankles! She stepped out of the discarded cloth leaving herself naked from her sneakers up to her shapely hips! Evidently she hadn't worn any underwear.

She pushed back her chair and sat down on the floor in front of the study carrel with her back against the wall. This forced her to sit
facing in my general direction. I could see her face plainly right over the books. I sat absolutely still praying that she wouldn't see me. She appeared to have other concerns on her mind.

She spread her legs, lifted her knees, and began masturbating much more brazenly than before. Her mouth hung open and her eyes were
closed. Her strokes were powerful and fast. I could hear her wetness very plainly but I couldn't see her genitals because the view was
blocked by her upraised thigh.

After only a couple of minutes she smiled. "Oh yeah," she said softly, "that's better." Seconds later, her body tensed and she came with a
long, low moaning croon followed by a series of feminine grunts. It was her fifth climax of the evening.

Immediately she continued stroking herself rapidly. "Yess!" I heard her hiss through clenched teeth just before exploding again.

"Unngghh...," she moaned plainly. "Unnn. Unnn. Unnn..."

Very cautiously, I peered around the end of the isle. The top of my head would be in her plain sight, but I just had to get a better look what this woman was doing.

It was a wonderful sight. She had her feet placed flat on the floor with her heels almost touching her buttocks. Her knees were splayed
wide apart giving me an excellent view of her genitals. Her pubic hair was very black and formed a thick triangle above her pussy. However, her labia were shaved completely hairless.

She moved finger in a brisk circular motion over her clit.

"Oh yeah," she whispered, "fuck me senseless." Her voice was soft and beautiful, but thick with her arousal. Her cunt was dark and
glistening. "Oh fuck, yeah," she groaned, "ohhhh God... make me cum!!"

"UNNNGGGHHH!" she suddenly howled loudly as her body jolted into its seventh and most powerful orgasm of the evening. Her grunts of
pleasure were no longer the discreet ones that had characterized her earlier orgasms. Instead her moans and groans could easily be heard
all over the floor. She was oblivious to her noise, however. Her eyes were tightly shut and her face was drawn into a mask of ecstasy.

When it was finally over, she sat still for several moments without even moving her hands. On her face was a faint smile of satisfaction. I moved back to my hiding place and waited anxiously for what would happen next.

"Oh yeah," she sighed aloud as she stretched out her legs straight in front of her. "That was what I needed for sure!"

After a few moments she stood up, pulled a cloth out of her purse, and used it to wipe up her lubrication. Then she quickly slipped her
skirt back on and left.

"Whew," I breathed in relief when I heard the door to the elevator close, "that was intense."



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