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The Librarian

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Over a period of about four months the librarian of our township library very slowly but steadily seduced me until finally last Saturday I went to her house where we engaged in sex. I must say that from the day I met her I thought she was very attractive. She is pretty with a nice figure. Melissa has a great personality and is very upbeat. We communicated every time I visited the library which was often since I was doing a school project which involved research. It took me at least two months before I began to realize that Melissa might just be coming on to me. The fact that she was so much older than me (56) just didn't cause me any real concern. I decided to let things go on as usual and see what came next. Sure enough, our eye contact became more intense and I could see that 'look ' in her eye. Melissa and I would talk and she would repeatedly lightly touch me on the arm or my knee. She was now complimenting me on my figure and one afternoon things really started to pick up. She asked me to join her for lunch and while we were having lunch she says to me, 'I just have to tell you something,' there was a pause and I said, 'what?' She said, 'your tits are lovely.' I felt my face reddening and I also felt that feeling you get deep in your belly and groin. I said, 'thank you, yours are lovely also.' She then told me to please not take offence but she would love to seem them bare. I simply said, 'OK.' We made arrangements for me to visit her at her house the following Saturday which was a week ago. Throughout the entire week all I could think about was getting with Melissa. This would be my first experience with a woman and I knew that we would do more than just look at each others tits. I really primped for Saturday. I wore dark green bikini panties with black lace trim. My bra matched the panties. I wore high heels and black stockings with gray trim at the thigh. About four inches of white flesh came between the tops of my stockings and the legs of my panties. Very very sexy if I do say so. A tight gray skirt and green silk blouse rounded out my outfit. Mom said that my outfit looked a bit 'over the top' for an afternoon school function. I told her I looked just fine for the function.

Arriving at Melissa's house I saw that she was dressed similar to me and looked very sharp and very sexy. Dark eye make-up made her look just a little slutty. I loved it! She poured us a glass of wine and we just eyed each other with lust. I was so excited I thought I might spill some of my wine and I'm sure Melissa noticed. She then held my hand and talked dirty to me. She said, 'I can't wait to fuck your little hole.' I wrapped my arms around her and started kissing her mouth. We then went to her bedroom. Melissa said she was going to undress me. Slowly my clothes came off until I was down to bra, panties and stockings. She stopped here and told me to undress her. Oh God, my bladder loosened and a squirt of pee came out and into my panties. I wanted to die. I took off her outer clothes. I couldn't help but notice the bulge in her panties. Melissa then took off my bra and stared at my tits. She then fondled each one and pinched my nipples. She now said, 'take mine off.' I undid her bra and let her large tits come out. Oh my! her nipples were twice the size of mine and way darker. I could tell that they were already hard. She held my panty waistband and pulled my panties all the way down. I shave and Melissa looked at it and told me it was beautiful without hair. I now pulled down her panties. I couldn't believe what I saw. Her pussy was huge! The outer lips looked like they would burst and her inner lips were totally visible. They were a brightly colored reddish purple and appeared extremely swollen. I've never seen this even on the net. My very first thought was that I wanted to put my head between her legs and start licking that whole pussy. Melissa suggested we get on the bed. She told me to get on my back and that she would make love to me. I said, OK but first can I touch it. She knew what I meant and she opened her legs. I started to rub her oh so swollen looking pussy. It felt soft, warm and damp. I was concerned that I might cum at that moment but I didn't. Melissa said that's enough and told me to lie down. We began by kissing with our tongues which managed to even further arouse me if that's possible. She whispered in my ear, 'soon I'm going to fuck your little cunt hole and you'll beg me to let you cum.' Melissa then played with my nipples and squeezed my tits. She pulled on them but it didn't hurt. She kissed my body all over and I felt her tongue in my belly button. Melissa kissed my inner thighs and all over my pussy. She told me to turn over and when I did I felt her spreading my butt cheeks. OMG! I then felt finger going up my ass. this was never done to me before and I didn't know what to expect. I just said, 'what are you doing??' She said, 'I'm fucking you up your ass with my finger so be still.' I felt her finger going in and out, in and out. I must admit, it felt good and it was a different feeling than what you feel in your pussy hole. She then told me that she was going to put a second finger up me but I was afraid it would hurt and asked her please don't. She didn't. I went back onto my back and she told me to lift my knees and spread my legs. She started to pump two fingers into my hole and I knew I was real wet by the sounds. She then stopped and told me I was now going to get fucked. She opened a night table drawer and took out a big acrylic rod shaped like a man's penis. she wet it with my pussy moisture and started pushing it up my hole. It was big but it didn't hurt. Actually, it felt real good. While she worked the rod in and out of me like intercourse she rubbed my clit with her other hand. It didn't take long before I came. We then switched positions and I did my best to please Melissa. I couldn't put a finger up her butt hole because my nails were long and could possibly hurt her. She was a little disappointed. Her clit was hard to find due to the extremely swollen inner lips. She had to take my hand and place it on her clit. I massaged it and her lips got even more swollen. Finally, she came and practically screamed. We brought each other to orgasm another two times. We showered together and I dressed and went home. It was the most pleasurable experience I've ever had. We made plans to get together again and I can't wait. Mom asked me how the school get together went and I said it was great and that there were other girls dressed similar to me. She said, 'I'm glad you had fun.' If she ever knew.



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