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The Lesson

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The Lesson
I have enjoyed reading about others masturbation experiences and I have come to realize that I should not feel guilty about an experience I enjoyed when I was eleven years old even though I have had guilt feelings since it occurred.
My sister was four years older than me. When we were very young I vaguely remember seeing her naked but with no breasts and no pubic hair. She was fifteen when this happened. We were home alone and somehow our conversation turned to something which excited me sexually though I do not remember what it was. As I began feeling my penis harden I went into the bathroom, deliberately did not lock the door, pulled down my pants and underpants and sat on the toilet. My penis rose straight up but I had not yet started to stroke it though I had been masturbating regularly for over a year. My sister opened the door which was located near the toilet so I was able to feign innocence by pushing back on the door and leaving her enough room to insert her head and get a full view of my erection.
She said, "My, youâ??re getting to be a big boy." This further inflamed my erotic thoughts but to protect my false modesty I managed to push the door all the way closed and lock it. I then began to think of my options and finally decided to take the bold path and fulfill my desires in two ways.
I pulled my trousers up and fastened my belt and walked into my sisterâ??s bedroom where she was. I said to her, "Have you ever seen one shoot?" She replied, "What do you mean?" Now, my sister always possessed great curiosity and I was sure she would not let this learning experience slip away. I responded, "You know, did you ever see it shoot out of a penis?" She said, "You mean pee?" "No," I said, "the stuff that makes babies." She had known what I meant but either felt she needed to play dumb or to be sure of my meaning. Now, she made the simple statement, "No."
I pursued the initiative and said, "If you will let me see you naked I will show you how my penis shoots." My sister was a great one to negotiate a position and offered several alternatives but I now realized how curious and anxious she was to see me shoot my wad. She said, "You have to take off all your clothes first." I immediately agreed and pulled off my clothes as quickly as I could. She then started undressing slowly and attempted to renegotiate the agreement after each piece was removed. I stood fast and insisted she become fully naked.
Finally, my fifteen year old sister with large full breasts and a heavy triangle of dark hair growing just above the joining of her white thighs stood naked before me. In my excitement and disbelief I never thought to ask her to lie on the bed and spread her legs so I could really view her womanly charms. I was content to see her in a standing position with breasts firmly thrust forward and nipples sticking out like I could not believe.
She then said, "Come on, you were going to show me something." I could tell she was enthralled with the sight of my penis, though she had seen it many time years earlier. To the best of my recollection, my penis has not grown much from that day but the growth was probably so gradual that I did not notice and it sure looked big to me that day. I was more than eager to fulfill my part of the bargain so I began to stroke my penis hard and fast. Instantly, I realized I was on the verge of eruption so I suggested going into the bathroom where I could let it fly into the bathtub as I had done so many times before. I did not tell her that because I was very ashamed of my masturbation practices. Despite that, I was powerless to stop.
Shortly after arriving in the bathroom I shot my load across the bathtub and onto the wall on the far side of the tub. My sister then suggested that she "clean it up" and told me to go get dressed. When I left the bathroom she locked the door and it took her about twenty minutes to clean up my mess.
We never again spoke of this day and never will. However, I have had literally thousands of satisfactory masturbation sessions thinking of that momentous day.



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