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The Lecture

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The young women students had a big surprise when a philosophy lecture turned to the subject of masturbation. It became a whole lot more interesting when the lecturer led by example.


I can't vouch for whether this story is true because it was told to me by my girlfriend, but this is what she told me. She was attending a lecture on a fresher's philosophy course which was mostly attended by female students. There were a few male students on the course but on this day none were attending, so it was all girls in the lecture hall. The lecturer was in her early thirties and an attractive woman. She was talking about Aristotle and human fulfillment, saying something about different kinds of love, when to the amazement of all present she reached down to her bag and pulled out a vibrator. 'This lecture is about personal fulfillment and, since we are all girls here today, I thought I would talk to you about masturbation. Masturbation is all about fulfillment - so it is relevant, but the real reason I want to talk about it today is that, in this society, we are often told that masturbation is bad and second best to proper missionary style sex and I want to tell you that you can have some of the best sex ever without penetration. I want you to enjoy yourselves in the best possible way.'

Suddenly she had the attention of all the students! Their eyes widened. The young women students couldn't believe their ears and not a few were feeling distinctly moist deep inside their private places. There was a bit of wriggling in their seats and some embarrassment, but the lecturer ploughed on. 'The first thing you need to know is that to enjoy masturbation you must be totally relaxed, and have plenty of time - so have a glass of wine, or a smoke, turn the lights down, and find somewhere comfortable to sit. I find that some music helps but that's up to you. Make sure you won't be disturbed and change into something comfortable. First, how many of you enjoy a wank?' A few of the students raised their hands, but many were too shy to admit to their 'weakness', while some may never have tried self-pleasuring. 'OK, fine, and those who admit to doing it, how often do you enjoy masturbating? Once a week? Every night? Several times a day?' To each question a few hands were nervously raised. ' Well, there's no rules about how often you do it - that's up to you, and you don't need to feel guilty if you do it rarely or several times a day. It was once thought that women who masturbate were mentally ill and that self-pleasuring would lead to an inability to enjoy sex with men or, even worse, it would lead to sterility. We now know that none of this is true and that wanking is a perfectly normal part of almost everyone's sexual life.'

Some of the more shy students continued to look rather sheepish and exchanged nervous glances. They had never heard anyone talk openly about this 'private' matter, but they found themselves being drawn into what promised to be the most interesting lecture they'd ever heard. The more sexually aware students pretended they had nothing to learn and stared at the lecturer, daring her to tell them something they didn't already know. But they were all astounded when the lecturer began to undress in front of them. She quickly removed her top to reveal that she was not wearing a bra. Her breasts were firm, her nipples large and pink, and they grew even bigger when she began to massage them. 'OK, all of you, follow my instructions. Take off your tops and begin to arouse yourselves by gently stroking your nipples and massaging your breasts. Like this..' She sexily moved her hands over her breasts, smiling at the students and encouraging them with her eyes to do the same. Only two of the students - girls well-known for their sexual activity - followed her example. They were proud of their bodies - many guys had admired them - and they had no problems showing off their magnificent tits. But the slender girls whose breasts had hardly formed were more reluctant to reveal themselves, and the large, and some obese, students who were guilty about their size, were determined not to show themselves in public.

The lecturer continued, not waiting to see whether students were following her instructions. She emerged from behind the lectern, slipped off her pants and sat in a chair that was on the stage. Using the vibrator she began to move it in a circular motion over her breasts while her other hand began to range over her stomach and down to her lacy knickers. Her fingers slipped under the lace fringe and reached lower. The top of her bush became visible as her hand reached her clit. 'I hope you can all see what I'm doing' she said, as if for a moment she had forgotten she was giving a lecture, 'Follow what I'm doing yourselves.' More of the students were now feeling the sexy atmosphere affecting them in one way or another. A few more joined the two topless girls and were feeling their breasts while fixing their eyes on the lecturer. Others were discreetly rubbing their bodies over their clothes, while some unbuttoned their jeans so that they could reach down to their increasingly wet underwear. A few refused to do anything while one girl rushed out of the room in tears.

The purple vibrator was now slipping into the wet cunt of the philosophy lecturer. She found it difficult to talk as her excitement rose, but instead of continuing all the way to her climax, she slowly rose from the chair and as if waking from a dream she came down the steps of the stage and handed the vibrator to one of the girls in the front row, while continuing to massage herself with her fingers. 'OK, I know this is difficult for some of you and if you don't want to do it now, just watch, or help the girl next to you. For example you could gently squeeze her breasts, or massage her thigh. For those of you who are continuing, make sure you pay special attention to your clit. And take it slowly. I don't want to see anyone doing a mad wank, like your life depended on it. Slowly circle your clit, open your legs and when you're ready move one or two fingers into your cunt. Just a little, not too far. We don't want to rush it. Gradually increase your speed, but don't accelerate too fast - save your gas! It probably helps if you watch your neighbor, see what she's doing. Maybe she's using her thumb, instead of her fingers, or maybe she's using her whole hand to cup her whole vulva. Some of you are shaved I can see that, but those with bushes, don't be ashamed, it's great to be a hairy a woman and sexy too! Now I can see that some of you strumming on your clits like it was a guitar, while others are pushing deep into your cunt with as many fingers as you can. All ways of doing it are great. It's all down to what gives you pleasure.'

And so she kept up this commentary, offering advice to the girls as more and more of them took off their clothes and joined in. Some took out their own vibrators from their bags (it's surprising what a girl carries in her bag) and pressed them against their clits. A few remained dressed, but some of them were wriggling in their seats and getting quite red in the face, while some were pressing between their legs over their jeans.

Then there was a loud scream. Up to this point the only sound had been some heavy breathing and the sound of slurping fingers against wet cunts, but the scream of the first orgasm seemed to give permission to everyone to make more noise. There were some saying 'Oh my god', some gave themselves over to inarticulate murmurs, or shrieks of delight. There was a crescendo of sound as more girls reached amazing climaxes, stimulated by the public display of sex and the permission given to them by the lecturer. A few looked shy and disappointed when they couldn't come. A few girls kissed each other and waited patiently while their neighbor rubbed hard to finish. Some gave up and whispered 'Sorry'. For them it wasn't going to happen today.

After the crescendo of orgasmic shouts there was a sense of relief and quiet satisfaction. Zips could be heard being raised and bras were once again clipped in place. The lecturer dressed and returned to the lectern. 'Girls, that was well done. Some of you who didn't come today can try again later. I hope you've learned some new ideas about different ways to come. Remember we can all learn from others, but there's no perfect way - you have to find what's best for you. When you're all dressed, I think we'd better get back to Aristotle..' There was a chorus of dismay. One of the girls spoke for all the rest, 'Oh no! Not now! Not after that. We can't think straight and in any case I'm still horny, I need to find my boyfriend.' 'OK. I understand,' the lecturer said, I admit it would be hard to concentrate and I need a shower, so let's end early. You've all learned a lot today. So well done, and enjoy doing your home work.'

So ended the account, according to my girlfriend, of this most extraordinary lecture. She reached over to me, and put her hand on my erect cock. 'Do you believe me that this really happened? Yes? No? Well whether you do or you don't let me show what I learned on that day, then perhaps you will believe me.' Then she showed me how she moved her hand over her breasts and then over her cunt. She smiled at me while she undressed and her fingers found their way to her clit, circling it and then massaging it till I could hear the wet juices under her fingers. I took my cock in my hand, slowly moving up and down the shaft watching her intently. She began to increase the speed of her fingers over her labia and clit till her whole body shuddered as her orgasm took hold of her. I soon followed with my cum shooting over breasts. The thought of all those young girls wanking together in a lecture hall had made us both very horny.

'Wow, that was some lecture. Did she ever repeat it?' I said when I'd recovered. 'Oh no. We never saw her again. She was reported to the Principal and was sacked instantly.' 'What a shame. I would have enrolled on that course.'



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