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The Laundry Room

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My friends told me that I should send you this story. This happened to me a couple of weekends ago.

I just got home from a night of partying. I was getting things ready for the next day when I noticed I was short of clean clothes. It was 2:00am so the laundry room would be empty. I tossed my dirty stuff into a basket and headed down to the laundry room. The apartment building's laundry is in the basement. It is a secured room and you must have a key to get in. It is not very big, just four washers and dryers.

It was empty when I arrived. I started to throw my load into the far washer when I noticed that the clothes that I was wearing had that smokey bar smell. Its 2:00am what the hell, I took off my clothes and threw them in as well. I had done this before and nobody had ever come in this late.

I sat there reading some old sports magazines when my machine stopped. I was just getting up when I heard a key going into the lock on the door. I looked around for a place to hide but all I could see was this large old wooden teacher's desk that the maintenance man used as a work bench. I jumped underneath it. It was cramped, but I was out of view and could see the rest of the laundry room through a crack in the back.

The door opened. In walked this lady with a basket full of laundry. She was thin, looked like she was in her late thirties, maybe forty. Her hair was short and looked like the style of the nineteen thirties. She was wearing a dark purple bathrobe and moccasins. She sat her basket by the first machine and went back and slid one of the laundry tables up against the door.

She loaded the first two machines with her laundry and started the machines. She grabbed this book from the bottom of her basket and went and sat in the chair I had been sitting in. The booked looked like one of those romance novels with the hunky guy on the cover that you see at the grocery store. She opened the book and began to read.

She seemed like she was losing herself in the story. Her eyes were really focused on the pages. She actually looked like she was aroused by the book. It looked like she was following the actions going on in the book as if she was fantasizing that she was with the man in the story. She took her free hand and started to play with her earlobe and then moved to the back of her neck. I noticed that her robe seemed to be loosening up. She was rubbing on the back of her neck. Her washing machines finished. She set her book down as she got up out of the chair. Her robe fell open as she walked over to the washers.

My legs were starting to cramp up as I was crammed under that desk. I tried to move them a little but it didn't seem to help. I couldn't do too much or I would be discovered. I went back to watching.

By now she had her basket loaded and was headed for the dryer. Her robe hung open as she walked. I could see her breasts. I don't know sizes, but I would say they were a handful. They were this soft white. They must have never been exposed to the sun. Her nipples were this dark red. I could see all the way to her navel, but the basket covered up the rest.

She placed her basket in front of the driers and began to load them. Her robe was covering everything as she bent over to load. She started the driers, turned and went back to her chair. The robe hung all the way open as she sat down. I could see the furry triangle. It looked dark and soft.

My legs and back were really starting to hurt. I needed to move in the worst way, but dared not to.

She picked up her book and went right back and started to read where she had left off. She was gently moving her hand up and down her neck. Her hand fell to her side and her neck seemed to arch back a little. She read on. Her hand now came up like it was pushing off the unwanted advances of her invisible lover. It pushed away twice and then landed on her chest. Her finger tips slowly slid back and forth across her chest and were inching lower. The downward motion paused at the nipples. The tips eased gently around the one nipple. She and the story were becoming one. She read on as she teased at the nipple.

Her hand started its downward motion again, if ever so slowly. It paused for a moment and gently caressed her stomach, then moved on. It was now only her middle finger that was rubbing her skin. Lower it went until it worked its way into the dark triangle of hair. The book was closed and was laid aside, with the hand that was holding it moving up to the untouched nipple.

The lower hand was now tenderly pulling on her pubic hair. Her fingers slid and dipped into the mound. Her tongue poked out and started to lick her lips. She began to moan.

That's when I had a major leg cramp. I fell out from under the desk, trying to rub my leg. She jumped up and closed her robe. I tried to jump up and explain. I had flashes of doing jail time. 'Don't scream! Don't Scream! I'm not going to hurt you!' I pleaded. I could feel my face becoming this bright red ball. My one leg was numb and my other hurt like hell. I was also still bare ass naked. It looked really bad. I thought I was going to jail.

'Please! It is not what you think!' speaking my last plea. I stood there shaking with my hands over my privates. The next few seconds took days to go by. 'What were you doing?' she growled. I told her how I sometimes wash all of my clothes, even the ones that I may be wearing at the time. I walked over to the machine that had my clothes in it. I took one hand off of my privates to open the lid. She took a few steps to get closer. She looked into the machine. A look of relief came to her face. She turned to look at me. I was still shaking. She stared at me, and a small grin appeared.

Then she started to blush. 'What did you see?' she asked. I looked at the floor too embarrassed to look her in the face. 'I'm so sorry, I just couldn't stop looking,' I said. That is when she told me her story. Her husband had run off with some young girl, taking all their money. She sold her house and moved into this apartment building. She has been divorced for six months but doesn't feel like dating yet. She said it was hard not having sex after having it available all the time. She went over and picked up the book. She told me she likes to get lost in the story and escape into the fantasy. She tied her robe. She then smiled at me.

'If you promise not to tell anyone, I will give you a ten second flash,' she said. I did, she did. Then she moved the table back to its original spot. She grabbed her laundry. 'If you block the door...' She didn't finish the sentence. She left and I haven't seen her since.



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