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The Last Touch

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I never thought that this experience was going to be as deep as it got. I have never shared this experience with anyone not my girlfriend or my best friend.


First of all I must say that this site is great, especially for those who have problems expressing what they feel or felt once.
It was around noon on a Saturday, as usual my room was messy and full of useless stuff, well I was 14 and I don't think most of us were organized at that age. I woke as usually ready and pumped to play outside, my sister who is around the same age as me, well half-sister, was already waiting outside our room. This day was kind of different, mostly because my cousin Mike was visiting and I never really shared personal stuff with him mostly because I always thought he was going to tell on me. But this time it was different he had grown a lot since the last time we saw each and he seemed more mature something I was not at that time.
I never got into masturbation. I wish I had but I just couldn't do it. I shared a room with my sister, we were really close 'til I turned 16 and I got my own room after that it was fighting and fighting until we both went to college, where I am now. I used to spend most of my afternoons playing guitar so I never really had the time to jerk off.
That Saturday we had decided to go to a park near my uncle's cabin. It was really nice there. It still is but I don't have time to go there anymore. Mike and I went first; my sister and her friend were going to get there later with our parents. It took us around 30 minutes to get there. By the time we got there I was really tired and so was Mike. He wasn't as fit as I was. We got off of our bikes and went directly into the forest because we thought it might be cooler there, so we ran like if there was no tomorrow. We stopped at a shade near the river and the water flowing made me want to go pee so both decided we were going to pee. As we did, we started to talk about our experiences. I had few experiences, most of them with my sister's friend and even then my sister was present. He in the other started talking about how he used to jerk off almost daily. He told me that once he jerked off five times in one day. As we the conversation started to get more and more deep, I saw how his penis started to get hard. We were still peeing and by some reason we were still semi-naked, exposing ourselves to the wilderness. The conversation got more and more intense and he asked me if I had seen my sister naked (she was his cousin too but not from the same side of the family) and I answered yes but that every time I did she saw me too. And then like a pump on a bike his hand began to smoothly go up and down I just stared at his penis (which was around 5 inches big and really thick) thinking what should I do?
Then he said to me. Aren't you going to do it too? Well, first I had only jerked once so I was doubtful and I didn't trust Mike at that time so I said I was only going to watch. So he kept on going, then he began to breathe heavily his arms seemed so muscular and tight, his penis arose like a pillar then he felt into the ground still jerking and then a moan came out of him, his eyes became white and his pale cheeks were red as blood. But he didn't stop, he kept on jerking suddenly, a squirt came out of his penis. I was disgusted at first but then I thought of it as natural, his hand was full of a load.
He said that every time he did it he felt like a new person, so I was so curious and started asking more questions. Then he asked me again if I wanted to jerk off and he said that he could do it for me if I wanted to, so I gave in. He gently pulled my penis out, he seemed tired from jerking, and started giving me some strokes. It took less than 1 minute for my penis to be fully erect. He was very gentle the whole time - I'm not sure if it was because he was tired or afraid that I was going to say something. Then out of nowhere I felt a warm sensation coming up I rejoiced and started moaning I felt so embarrassed but mike said it's ok. And then for the first time a load came out of me. It fell directly onto Mike's face. Both of us were exhausted so we dived into the river and swam for at least 20 minutes.
We didn't speak for like an hour I felt I had done something bad and was so embarrassed about it. Then my sister and her friend came so we kept on swimming 'til dusk then we headed back to my uncle's cabin where we talked about experiences but this time it was in a group and as Carol, my sister's friends started talking about masturbation, Mike just turned his head and looked at me. We were both thinking the same.
That was the first and last time I did it with him, the next time we saw each other I was too busy with my girlfriend but I will never forget his facial expressions as we did it.



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