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The last of wife's denials

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Hopefully you will have read my previous stories (Amy 1, 2, 3, 4) which will supply the details that my wife, Amy is a secret masturbator, doesn't want me to know or become involved, so I have now assumed the part of voyeur. The die had been cast and that will be my secret because exposing her would be disastrous to our sexual life. I have thoroughly enjoyed spying on her and it has even made our love-making more sensual since I have learned a lot about what really excites her. However, there's a little deviousness in me as well that I hope I'll be able to divulge in these stories.

Thanks, Lauren for your wonderful story as well.


It's difficult to believe what I have accomplished in the last four years after our kids had left for college. Timing her periods and "horny times" is crucial in baiting her into masturbating, otherwise she has her own schedule which is rather unpredictable and to catch her is only by chance. Her stash of toys in her bathroom and basement has provided countless episodes of erotic voyeurism on my part, yet our sex life is still wonderful and fulfilling.

A couple years ago, she starting doing something that really surprised me. I had gotten into the habit of "suddenly needing to cum" and then asking her to "accommodate me" which she almost always did. Knowing it left her high and dry (especially during ovulation), I was assured that sometime within the next couple hours...if not immediately...she would satisfy herself somewhere, somehow. One time, I pulled that devious trick on her and just minutes later caught her standing at the kitchen sink, blankly staring out the window, legs spread, hands in her robe frigging a fast one. There was a trail of my cum running down her legs and pooling on the floor under her, but that has never been a concern for Amy. Seems she either forgets about the little messes she leaves or just doesn't care.

There are numerous stains around the house until cleaning time comes around when most of them disappear. The ones that remain are in the basement around the washer and dryer as well as on her computer chair. Her excuse for the stains on the chair is that she's just "naturally wet"...which is very true. In all our years, I have never had the slightest problem entering her pussy and then being engulfed by her to the hilt in just a few strokes. So those special places where she masturbates are the very same ones I check routinely because they reveal just how frequent she pleasures herself.

My surprise was that a couple days after she allowed me a quickie cum inside her, she waltzed over to the side of the breakfast table, parted her robe and began frigging. Her clit was already hard and shiny which probably meant she had been at it before coming to the table. We had no sex that morning, even though I woke up with quite the erection. The thought of masturbating in my bathroom entered my mind, but after a long pee, my erection subsided and I was ready for breakfast.

Her aroma was thick and musky. I just need a quickie she grunted with a glare and proceeded to artfully manipulate that fat clit, buckling a little at the knees. Before I could get my hands on my hardening manhood, she was bucking to the first wave of pleasure that hit her. She concentrated solely on her clit which was already purple and engorged, protruding through her fingers. This totally amazed and surprised me. She finished in less than 30 seconds, wiping her hand on her robe and then sat on her side of the table leaving me with a painfully throbbing erection.

What was that all about...I asked. I just needed it and thought you would like to watch. I agreed it was most pleasurable watching her and would want her to do it more often. We'll see was her nonchalant answer as she spread the strawberry jam on her toast and licked a bit that had drooled off the hand she just masturbated with. After discussing the plans for the day, my erection was gone, but the ache remained until relief came in a hot shower.

It dawned on me after a couple months that she would perform this act usually after I had asked for quick relief, which she granted, but without her climaxing. Maybe it was her way of getting back at me for being so petulant in assuming she was there for my pleasure whenever I wanted her. With Mexican blood, she's proud and stubborn. Whatever the reason, for the most part it's to my advantage because I can manipulate her desires and enjoy the wonderful show of her wet pussy, large nub and watching her cum whether she hides it from me or flaunts it outright in front of me.

Amy is very proud of her large clitoris but has grown tired of me ogling it or wanting to measure it. She's supposed to keep track of the size to make sure she doesn't have some sort of tumor of hormone imbalance...that's what she says anyway...but it's been over five years since it's been measured. Our medical records are kept in a fire proof safe along with other important personal papers. However, when snooping for places she might hide other toys, I came upon a large shoe box in her closet. Two pairs of seldom-worn shoes were in there but underneath was a sheaf of papers I had never seen before.

I picked a time when she flew back to her hometown and perused them all. Seems that in high school and for a couple years thereafter, she lifted weights competitively. I knew this and marveled at the way she kept in shape and loved being nestled between her strong thighs. Her upper body was strong with back and shoulder muscles that were beginning to rival mine. Her smallish breasts were cute and tight. A year after high school, when going to a junior college, she continued lifting weights but started getting migraine headaches and was sent to a doctor by her coach.

The physical examination revealed: masculinization, clitoromegaly, hirsuitism and some other medical jargon. Bottom line was that she was starting to take on masculine characteristics which included the growth of her clitoris. It was at that time she revealed to him she was taking steroids off season to improve her strength but always stops during the competitive season so as to pass the urine test. Since this was a referral from the college, the doctor said he would have to report the steroid use unless she stopped.. He provided information with regard to the changes in her body if she would continue which included sterility. Amy did stop. That would be the explanation of her large clitoris and small tits. Mmmm…another of Amy's secrets revealed.

Most of the erotic parts of my life have been shared in these stories about my wife. I'm not certain all of her secrets have been discovered over these last four years, but her life is being closely watched. Thanks for your comments.



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