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The Last Dance

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When I was travelling recently in Sydney, I went to this fabulously posh party, it was the 21st of my friend Matt, his family were loaded. They had a huge marquee in the the grounds of a country house with several different bands and DJ'S and a local restaurant doing the catering, it was soooo cool.

I splashed out on a gorgeous strapless cerise frock and felt a million bucks in it. Half way through the evening I got a chance to talk to a guy I been eyeing up all evening. He was a beautiful looking young lad, classically tall dark and handsome with these penetrating dark green eyes. His cream coloured tux made him stand out from the other penguins and I'd been keeping an eye on him all night.... finally Matt introduced me to him 'Justin, Brandie, he was at school with me' Matt winked and slithered away into the night, he'd obviously clocked my interest...

Justin was hopelessly shy, blushing and stammering and we sat down to chat. He got more relaxed chatting about him and Matts school days. He was sooooo gorgeous. I fancied him like crazy!

I touched his hand gently at one point, and he looked at me suddenly, suprised, as if to say 'do you fancy me or something?' I stroked his hand and wrist a little, and after a little hesitating, he shyly stroked back, blushing furiously. We sat there for a while, just stroking each others hands, very softly, a huge sexual tension building up as we did so... Then some cool music came on and he asked me, in a very gentlmanly way for a dance.

We got up and danced to some tunes for a bit, and every so often he would stretch out his hand kind of awkwardly to touch me, blushing and smiling.

Eventually there was a slow number. He looked at me, and kind of grinned and awkwardly pulled me into his arms. By this time a bunch of tension had built up between us, and feeling his tense young body in my arms was electric. it was a very erotic tune and and I could feel Justin was aroused, and trying hard to control it. His breathing was a bit laboured and he was really flushed. I stroked his neck gently, and ruffled his hair, tipped his chin up and gave him a kiss-couldnt resist any longer! he kissed me back hungrily, his gentlemanly reserve suddenly dropping, and I pulled him closer to me. I could feel his pointy young cock sticking into my tummy, and when we took a breath, Justin let out a cry of excitement. He was shaking, I noticed and judging by how damp my dress felt in one spot, losing a fair bit of precum, too.

'Are you OK hon?' I asked gently, thinking it might be wise to get him outside if he was getting in a state.

He just looked at me, those green eyes full of desperation and said 'Oh .....dear...uhhhhhhnnnhhh ...its all happening for me...' and it did...right there on the dance floor.

I pulled him close and tucked his head against my chest and he came....poor kid, I dont think I've ever seen anyone come so hard before or since. The music was loud but hardly loud enough to mask the lads cries. I felt his knees almost give way, and then Matt was there helping me get him over to the chillout area where he curled up in my lap and got a bit tearful.

Matt explained that he was pretty inexperienced and had been in hospital for months after a bike smash so was pretty low too. I thought he was just lovely and we dated for the rest of the time I was in OZ. Im looking forward to going back out there soon and resumming our relationship....he is a lovely guy, a little shy and screwy but worth it. We'll see! just thought the story of how we met was cute and funny!



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