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The Lady in the Adult Movie House

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During the late 1980s almost every city had an adult theater. I used to travel for my job and being a horny young guy, I could never get enough sex. So when I was in a big city which happend several times per month, I always visited the adult theaters.

Most of the time my late afternoon visits would find 20 or so men spread about the big old movie house. There would always be a small crowd in the back row where the action alternated between men masturbating, and men playing with each other. Once in a while a couple of men would leave the crowded back row and head for the front rows where they would be giving or receiving oral sex.

There were always a number of men, of all ages, wandering up and down the aisles watching. And the few loner men who seemed to be there for the excitement, but stayed by themselves in the middle of the theater.

After about a year of visits I was shocked one day to see a couple who appeared to be 60ish, enter the theater, and make their way to the front rows. Almost immediately about half the men in the theater followed them and sat close to them. I was in the middle of masturbation at the time and had come dangerously close to cumming several times, but I zipped up and followed.

It seemed from the way the men were hovering that I was witnesing somthing that had happened before. One by one the men slid into the empty seat next to the woman after a nod from her companion. Before each man sat down next to the woman, he would be motioned to sit next to the woman's companion.

There they were, sitting in a foursome. The couple with the man in waiting on the right side of the man, and the man who was being serviced on the left side of the woman. As I watched it was easy to see that the lady was giving each man who sat next to her a hand job.

After four men had finished, the woman's compaion motioned for me to sit next to him where he instructed me to take my penis out and make it hard. Then he inspected me with a tiny flashlight, including a quick tug to be sure that I was hard. He whispered that the woman was his wife and that when the man next to her was finished it would be my turn.

I took my turn with my rock hard penis standing up like it never had before. I was ready to blow up from the tension. The lady put an arm around my shoulder, nestled her face into my neck reched down and touched my penis. I expoloded. Les than two strokes and I shot cum everywhere. I was embarassed and she laughed.

'Has it been a while?' she asked. 'Not really I answered.' 'Come back in a few minutes,' she added after asking my age.

She did two more men and then her husband told all of the others that she was done for the day. Slowly they all wandered away and returned to the back row.

Then she motioned for me to return. I sat next to her and she whispered in my ea that it was her turn.

She slowly unbutoned the cotton dress that she was wearing revealing her body which was remarkable. She had no bra or panties on. 'Give me your hand,' she said. Then taking my hand in hers she began by fondlng her breasts, which her husband helped her to do, and then she lowered my hand with hers to her vagina. She was soaking wet and when I found her clit it was long, pointed and almost sharp to the touch. When I squeezed it betweeen my fingers she shuddered. I played with her for a few minutes, and then her hand joined mine and she had an amazing orgasm.

When she was done she asked me to take my penis out again, and it was already hard. Taking my penis in one hand and her husband's flacid penis in the other she stared straight ahead at the movie and masturbated the two of us togeather. As she worked my penis, her husband reached over her and helped to jack me off.

I came first with a grunt and he followed a few minutes later, drooling cum from a penis that never got hard. When we were done she said that he was 67 and hadn't been able to get hard for several years. She was younger, only 63.

The three of us walked out of the movie togeather, and went to her car where she and her husband shared their phone number. She gave me a big wet kiss, pressed herself against my body and ground against me until I was hard again. 'Three times,' she asked. We got in her car together and right in in the back seat of the parking lot we made out like teenagers. In minutes I had her buttons undone and she was writhing against my hand as I kissed her all over.

Before they left, she gave me a phone mumber, but a week later when I tried to call her, the number that she gave me didn't work. I still dream about her and wonder if I got the number wrong. So if you are still out there, and you remember me, write a story. I would love to see you again.



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