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The Lady Downstairs

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I'll never forget that day


Many years ago when I was a teenager I discovered masturbation. I was about 13 at the time and 2 days a week we went to a different school in the afternoon for Manual Training. Basically it was wood shop. We made some small items and learned how to use various tools.

One fall day I was on my way home from shop class which was about a mile from my house. I got what to me was a massive hardon. I had had erections before, but this one was different. My dick had never gotten this big or hard before. Fortunately, the streets were empty so I didn't have to try to hide it. I knew about jacking off from having watched my older brother and a friend do it, but had never tried it myself. As soon as I got home I went into the bathroom, pulled one of my sisters bras from the hamper and jacked off till I shot my first ever load into the cups of her bra. After discovering how good it felt to cum, masturbation became a daily ritual, sometimes much more than daily and I still maturbate as often as I can.

The next summer, I was sitting on the steps leading down from our apartment and the lady that lived downstairs from us came out and sat across from me. Let me explain about her. She was not beautiful, but was somewhat attractive, especially to a teenager with raging hormones. She had dishwater blond hair and a pretty nice body for a woman with three kids. Slim and shapely, average size tits, slim waist and nice ass. This particular day was warm and she was wearing a sleeveless tank top and a pair of skin tight pedal pushers. She sat sort of facing me with her knees drawn up and legs about shoulder width apart. The pedal pushers had a perfect imprint of her pussy and it was all I could do to keep from staring right at her crotch. The way she was sitting, her mound was very prominent and as I stole glances at it. I imagined what it would look like naked. We talked for a while, then she went inside to do something. After she left, I found a secluded spot and jacked my self off to a massive cum. I shot a load I was proud of and it must have shot out three or four feet.

A couple of weeks later, I was sitting in about the same spot when some movement caught my eye. There was a window into their apartment to my right and the curtains were parted slightly. I moved over and peeked through. In those days the bathroom in our apartments were only actually toilets. To take a bath you filled a galvanized wash tub with water and bathed in that. When I peeked through the window, there she was in the kitchen, naked taking a bath. My mouth got dry and my dick swelled to epic proportions. She had firm tits, probably about 34C and when she stood up, the hair on her pussy stood out a good two or three inches in front. That had to be one of the hairiest pussies I've seen. To this day I still love hairy pussies. Later she was washing her armpits, and they weren't shaved either but I've never been a fan of hairy armpits on a woman. When she finished her bath, she stepped out of my view ( I think she saw me)and dried off. I immediately retreated to my safe spot and again jacked off with the vision of her naked still in my mind.

Since then, I have had many more masturbation sessions and the vision of her naked is still as vivid as it was so many years ago. I always wondered if she saw me watching because the curtains were always pulled tight after that. Even though I'm a 67 year old widower, I still masturbate and even did when my wife was still living. Often to this story (true by the way) or to the memories of the first time I had sex. Oddly, the first sex I had was also with a very hairy woman when I was 18.



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