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The Joys of Body Soap

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The Joys of Body Soap!
After my wife left for work this morning, I pulled up the covers to catch an additional 40 winks. I must have had some horny dreams, because I was awakened a short while later by a raging woody!
I rolled over on my back and pulled the covers down below my chest. A small smile crossed my face as I reached down under the covers and lovingly caressed my shaved balls. I rolled my nuts between my fingers and gently pulled down on my nut sack. Drawing down my balls put tension on my dick and made my erection even stiffer. Holding my balls between the thumb and the palm of my right hand, I rhythmically tugged on them a few more times, bringing my cock to a fully perpendicular position each time. The tension caused by stretching the skin on my dick without actually touching it was very stimulating.
By now I was getting quite hot and knew I needed to jack off. So I slipped out of bed and started a hot shower. I love to beat off in the shower‚?¶the soap and water make a great lubricant and the water beating down on my body is a turn on. To make it even better, our shower stall is glass on two sides and there are mirrors facing the shower on both sides. I get off watching myself masturbate in the mirrors (that old voyeur/exhibitionist thing, I guess).
I got in the shower and faced the steaming water. Lifting my arms and holding the back of my neck, I directed the streaming water on my nipples. They responded immediately, getting hard as rocks. I let the water bounce off my nips for a couple of minutes, enjoying the sensations I felt in my cock as it rose to meet the falling water. The water beating on my gold nipple ring caused it to vibrate slightly, stimulating my nips even more. As my hard-on throbbed with pleasure, I turned away from the shower just before reaching orgasm.
I lathered myself up with body soap, starting with my hairy chest and moving down to my stiff dick and balls. Using the soap as a lubricant, I slowly caressed my nipples with the middle fingers of both hands. Slowly rubbing up and down on my sensitive nips, I simulated stroking my cock. I watched in the mirrors as my prick strained with pleasure. I pressed the underside of my cock head up against the glass and slid it up and down the steamy surface ‚?? all the while watching the effects in the mirrors.
I moved my attention then to my cock and balls. Taking another daub of soap, I spread it up and down my dick and all around my scrotum. I slipped one hand under my nuts and ran a soapy finger around my bum hole.
Unable to take much more, I began stroking my throbbing boner in earnest. I started slowly sliding my right hand up and down while teasing my nipples with the other hand (by spreading out my fingers, I can play with both nips at once with one hand). Timing each stroke of my cock with the movement of my other hand, my nips and cock became like one pulsating sex organ.
After a few moments, I took my dick in both hands. Using my left hand to stroke the shaft, I rimmed my shining cock head between the thumb and first finger of the other hand. I faced one of the mirrors and enjoyed the sight of my cock slipping in and out of my hands.
Soon I felt my nuts tighten as ejaculation became inevitable. Then my cock exploded, sending gobs of hot love juice splashing against the glass. Again and again, jizz spewed from my dick, hitting the glass in several places. I watched with fascination as my creamy white semen rolled down the shower door and into the drain between my feet. I continued milking my boner until it was thoroughly drained of spunk. What a wonderful way to start the day! Anon.



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