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The Joys of Ass Play

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The Joys of Ass Play
This site was shown to me by my boyfriend believe it or not! Anyway, I think I first remember masturbating when I was about 8 or 9, but I was probably doing it before then. Some of my earliest memories include me and my best friend pretending that our Barbie dolls were doing it. Later, we had baby dolls which we used to play games with, and I remember me and my friend once pretending to have sex because I had to get pregnant in order to have a baby. I think I watched too much Dallas and Dynasty ‚?? that's where I got my ideas from.
I used to do a lot of different things when I was young, but my favourite was to rub my clitoris with my right forefinger whilst lying face down. Sometimes I would put a pillow underneath my tummy, so as to raise my ass - I always feel more animalistic when my ass is in the air. Just as I was about to come I would put my left fingers into my pussy from behind, so it felt like I was being screwed from behind.
I remember lots of times being in the house alone and sometimes just feeling such a strong need to play with myself. I would often do it in places that I shouldn't. A few times I remember watching TV whilst doing it. But mostly I would do it in my room at night, whilst everyone was in bed. I used to fantasise a lot when I was in my teens, in a different way to how I do now ‚?? more ‚??girlie‚?? and romantic. I think that I thought that I was ultra-sexy, or at least I would grow up to be. I also remember feeling like I was badder than everyone else ‚?? other little girls didn‚??t enjoy this as much as me. I loved feeling the convulsions inside with my fingers. I remember being curious and tasting myself a lot as well - I think more girls should appreciate their own taste.
I have always been able to get off better if I fantasise. My most used fantasy when I was younger was of a picture I had seen in a magazine, with a girl standing at a large window overlooking the city. She's wearing a cutsie little pink girly outfit, with a skirt so tiny that you can see her pants. She's looking at you over her shoulder as if to say "fuck me from behind" and I remember always imagining I was that girl. In my late teens I used to think about being fucked up against a wall (because I had never done it that way). These days my fantasies aren‚??t really ever romantic, but much more hardcore ‚?? like I really want it.
I am now 24 years old and really not that experienced with a lot of things, although I have had a few boyfriends. Until I found this site I thought I was the only girl in the world to have used a shampoo bottle and the flat side of a bath brush. Now I realise that I'm not abnormal! I have one thing to say though: it was definitely a man who designed those flip-top shampoo bottles, with all their sharp edges. Bring back the ‚??screw‚?? cap I say! I love masturbating in the bath, especially when it's hot and steamy. I haven't done it much recently, but in my old house, we had a fabulous bath ‚?? which was really deep and the water was always very hot.
The best sexual experience I had recently was when my boyfriend and I decided to make love in his parents' bathroom, whilst they were only in the other room. The bathroom is pale green (my favourite colour) which just has a lovely aura. It has a mirrored wall. This particular morning we had woken up feeling horny. We were both a little dirty, and my hair was a mess. We ran a bath slowly, so that his parents couldn't hear. First we undressed each other, stroking each other‚??s bodies as we went. I was already feeling so horny - my pussy was so wet. It just felt even softer and hotter than usual. I needed fucking badly. First of all we got down on the soft carpet and he began to grind slowly into me, harder and harder. This was lovely, and we felt so together. I could have come right there, but I had even better ideas. We got up and I then turned around and knelt down with my arms leaning on the toilet for support. He started to make love to me from behind, whilst I rubbed my clitoris. This is something we often do, but what made this sexier was that for once, I got to watch him in the mirror. He always gets off at watching my ass, but this time, as well as it feeling great, I could see his enjoyment, which made me feel so sexy and raised my enjoyment. I could see how much he really wanted me. Every time he pushed himself inside of me, I could see his face, and it looked as if he was lost in a world of me. I think it's probably the sexiest, most sensuous thing I have ever experienced.
I always regarded anal fucking as something I'd never do, just something that wouldn‚??t turn me on, but recently my boyfriend started to rub my ass one day when he was fingering me. I loved the warm sensation it gave me, and wanted to try it again. The other night I felt like it again, and so I let him put his fingers right into my ass. I fucking loved it. God it's making me feel so fucking horny just writing about it. I loved the feeling of having sensations in my clitoris, vagina and ass all at once ‚?? it felt like a total experience ‚?? something like the feeling that pills give you. I don‚??t know if any of you do e‚??s, but that warm sensation of letting yourself go completely is similar to the sensation that an ‚??e‚?? gives you. I suppose that‚??s why they call it ecstasy.
Last night, I started to look at porn on the internet for the very first time. My boyfriend and I started sending each other messages and pictures over the net. We both got so horny. I can‚??t believe I liked it so much. I started looking for dirtier and dirtier pictures. I felt like I had awoken something in me ‚?? what have I been missing all this time? I was desperately horny and so wet that my pants were sodden. I needed something to help me, but couldn‚??t find anything except nail varnish bottles!! I pushed a bottle into my longing pussy, but needed it more in my ass. It was the first time I‚??d ever done anything like this, and it overwhelmed me. I feel like I‚??ve been woken up and I‚??m having some sort of a sexual revelation. Porn and this site have made me rediscover how sexy I really am.
So because of all this, now let me tell you about today. First off, I woke up still feeling horny from last night, so I started playing with myself lying down. The sun was beaming into my room, so I got up to kneel on my bed and started to masturbate like that. I put a nail varnish bottle inside my vagina again and as I got more and more turned on I gradually pushed another into my ass. I was fingering myself with my right hand, holding the bottle into my pussy with my heel, and holding the other bottle with my left hand. I started to really let myself go, and by the time I came, I was bouncing up and down on the bed. God it felt lovely.
Later my sister went out, so now it was time for me to really have some fun. I started looking again on the net. This time looking for more and more anal stuff. God ‚?? there is so much porn out there! Can I be a porn star please? I started to touch myself and knelt down in front of the screen. I always used to rub my clitoris hard, but I‚??ve discovered that it feels nicer to do it softer, and to sometimes use two fingers. I started to find more and more stuff that really got me off. Pictures of women just lying there, or men‚??s dicks is no turn on for me at all. I really only like seeing dicks going into asses from behind ‚?? be that vaginal or anal. And I love seeing girls pull up their asses. I found a site with video clips and downloaded a couple. I kept playing them over and over. I didn‚??t even get time to put my fingers inside. Just seeing the guy‚??s dick moving in an out of the girls ass was enough to make me come. My whole body was shaking this time.
After all this, I decided it was time to clean up my dirty little self, so I decided to have a bath. I wasn‚??t intending to start all over again, but I just couldn‚??t help myself. I have a very nice bath brush, with a very smooth edge. This is something I‚??ve never done before ‚?? I started to rub the smooth handle up and down my wet clitoris, and eventually, when I got horny enough, I pushed it right inside of myself a couple of times. But then I carried on slowly moving it up and down my clitoris, almost like a pole. I started to massage my ass with my finger and turned slightly on my side. Slowly, slowly I put my fingers into my ass again and balanced my leg on the side of the bath. This felt SO nice. I thought that I would never be able to fit my fingers (let alone my boyfriend) into my ass, but the more I did it, the more I wanted it. In the end, I couldn‚??t get my fingers in far enough, or finger my ass hard enough, and I couldn‚??t stop myself from moaning as I came.
After that I thought that I‚??d really had enough. Three times in one day! Back in my bedroom, I got on with other things for a while, but just couldn‚??t stop being horny. I couldn‚??t stop myself from having sensations down there. It feels like a door has been opened and I‚??ve seen how nice it is inside. I ended up on my bed, doing a similar thing to what I did in the bath, only this time I found some massage oil. I put only a tiny bit on my left finger, and was surprised to find that it started to slide in and out so easily. So I started to use two fingers and that felt even nicer. My ass feels so soft inside. This time I came so easily. It seemed to be getting easier and easier to come this way ‚?? and I always thought that the second and third orgasms were harder to achieve. The orgasms I was having this way were shorter, but probably more intense. My ass feels so tight ‚?? I‚??m sure my boyfriend would love fucking me up there.
Right now, I think this is a revelation about to happen. I want so badly to let him fuck me properly in the ass. A lot of oil should help ‚?? I love having oil all over my ass...in fact all over my body. God, I'd give anything to be covered completely head to toe in oil right now, so that he could fuck my ass hard. The other night when he fingered me, I felt so turned on, like I could completely let myself go. Right then I'd have done anything, I felt so horny. I can't stop touching myself now, thinking about it - anything to remember that sensation. I‚??d love him to be fucking me hard from behind right now, and pushing his fingers into my soft ass. I'm getting so turned on I think I could come just from thinking about it.
Masturbation is great, it‚??s completely a part of me, and I‚??ve never denied that I do it. I remember some older pervert guy at work (when I was a virgin) once saying that women never get the same enjoyment from men as they can get on their own. For the most part he was probably right (probably never satisfied a woman himself), but I‚??ve proved that wrong now. I have a great time playing with myself. I can enjoy myself and it‚??s always there if I want it, but I still like being with my boyfriend.
For me, sex is better with someone you are in love with or feel some emotional tie with. The reason I say this is because my current boyfriend is the first guy to ever make me feel womanly and truly sexy. I‚??ve probably had more experience of things like sex and drugs with him, than with anyone else. I‚??ve probably made love with him more than all my other boyfriends put together, and I‚??ve only been with him for 10 months! Girls, stop wasting your time with guys who don‚??t make you feel like a goddess. There is so much to be experienced with the human body. I feel like my boyfriend, who I love and am devoted to, has opened up a whole new world to me. I wasn‚??t a virgin when I first met him, but I may as well have been. He was a virgin, and so is making up for lost time. The fact that we are experiencing so many new things together consolidates our love. Everything feels so right and pure. I am trying more and more to get my boyfriend to open up to me though, and really let me into his thoughts and desires. The reason for this, is that if someone really lets you into their world, then you can be sure that they trust you, and so mutual trust is built. I want to experience more and more things that I always considered to be part of an alien world, but I feel that I can only do this with someone, if the other person is truly my ally. --By Fox



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