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The Joy of Masturbation, Where it All Began

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Learning how to make myself cum.


Now into my mid-40s, I look back on my many masturbation adventures with great pleasure and pain. The one I continuously enjoy and has brought the most number of memorial orgasms is that of my very first experience actually learning to jerk off. Let me begin by explaining I grew up in a staunch Christian household, where masturbation was dirty and a sin. That being said, I still loved it, even though those fucked up Christian values would screw with my head for years to come.

Unbeknown to me, my first actual orgasms occurred in the family Jacuzzi. I would sit with my little dick up against the Jacuzzi jet because it felt so good. I recall seeing some white creamy fluid in the water when I was done, but had no idea what it was or that it came from me. I didn't think it was a big deal because the filter and chlorine would clean up whatever that stuff was. I knew in the back of my mind my Jacuzzi joy was wrong and probably something I would get in trouble for, but, fuck it felt good.

It wasn't until the summer after 6th grade that I learned the true wonder of what hangs between my legs. Like all boys that age, my dick had a mind of its own. Mine was constantly hard and begging me to touch it. In the shower, in the bathroom, in bed, it didn't matter where I was, my dick was aching for attention. I tried everything to make it happy. I stroked it, I rubbed it, I let it free whenever I could (in the privacy of our backyard of course). I even tried the shower head and humping my pillow. Nothing gave me the release I felt when I was in the Jacuzzi.

Then we went camping. This was something new to me and my family. My parents purchased a motorhome and away we went. We eventually fell into a routine of going back to the same campground that was not too far from our house. I found as my parents became more accustomed to the camping lifestyle, the more freedom I was given to wander off in the surrounding hills. Often I was accompanied by my younger brother on these hikes but every now and then would escape on my own and disappear.
On these rare opportunities I would find an open, comfortable location somewhere in the woods where I could play with my dick. I would remove my pants and underwear and feverishly rub my cock hoping to relieve the ever building tension in my balls. I tried everything I could think of even sneaking some of my moms hand lotion to rub on my cock (A tactic I would soon master). Although this was enjoyable, I never reached my goal.

Frustrated, but ever diligent, I decided on a new tact. The campground had a large fishing lake with many out of the way places a horny kid could hide. One hot summer afternoon I took our two man raft on an adventure on the lake. Dressed only in my swim trunks, I rowed to a secluded spot I had recently discovered. Making sure I was completely out of sight, I went to work. Removing my trunks I laid on the raft completely nude. The sun felt so good on my naked body my hand soon found its way to my always hard cock and started rubbing. My usual technique of the time was similar to what I have come to perfect today. It consisted of fisting my cock and jerking from base to head. This always felt good, but I had not been able to make myself cum with that technique yet.

Today, I unknowingly started playing with my cock a little different than before. I laid on my back in the raft, my cock hard and flat against my stomach, I simply started rubbing my cock with two fingers just below the head. I quickly realize this felt really, really good. I don't know if it was the combination of sun and being completely naked in the outdoors that put me over the top or this new way of pleasing my cock. Whatever the reason, I was soon to a level of enjoyment I had never reached outside the Jacuzzi. I recall feeling my balls contracting slightly and then the most heavenly feeling imaginable. My cock jerked and spit small globules of white liquid onto my stomach and chest. I remember not be frightened by what happened, only immense joy at the overwhelming feeling of release.

After a brief moment to catch my breath, I examined the now runny liquid on my stomach and chest. I rubbed it around and found it to be slippery and inviting. I placed a small sample on my tongue to see if it tasted anything like pee. Fortunately it didn't (as I might have been discouraged) but it didn't taste like anything at all. Remembering the feeling of using my moms lotion, I rubbed some of the liquid on my half limp cock hoping for a familiar feeling. Finding more than I hoped for, I continued to rub my cock that was quickly as hard as usual (Oh to be young again).

In no time I was frantically rubbing my swollen cock to another joyous outcome. I still produced some liquid, but not as much as the first time. I again had the urge to put the liquid in my mouth and see what it tasted like. This time I put as much as I could, only enough to wet my entire finger, into my mouth. I still don't think it had a taste but it felt good to try. I decided to rinse off in the lake because the liquid from my first attempt had dried on my stomach and was now a white flaky film.

After rinsing, I laid back on my raft to let the sun dry my body and revel in the joy of what I had finally learned to do, make myself cum. I actually was able to cum one more time that afternoon using the method I had just taught myself. I rinsed in the lake a second time and I realized I had been gone far longer than normal. I knew my parents would be looking for me so I quickly slipped on my trunks and paddled like crazy back to the shore near our campsite.

As I suspected, both my mother and father were a bit angry I had been gone for so long without checking in. I weaved an elaborate tale of finding a beach where I met other campers from across the lake. I begged for forgiveness and promised never to lose track of time like that again. My parents quickly forgave and I was ordered to clean up for dinner. Thus began my journey into the joy of masturbation and the agony of lying to cover it up.

Since that first time I jumped at every opportunity to be alone with my cock. I learned better techniques and invented every lie under the sun to hide my pleasure from my parents. Thus began my journey into the joy of masturbation and the agony of lying to cover it up.

I am happy to say, I am a grown man with a healthy sexual appetite. Thanks to today's enlightened sexual revolution, I enjoy masturbating on a daily basis both alone and among friends.

  PS. Thank you for reading and let me know what you think



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