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The Joy of Learning

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It felt so wonderful to learn from them. Please enjoy my story.


Corrine was my best friend through all of my teen years until I moved away for a short while. When I moved back we never got together again.

Corrine was my friend and loved to talk about guys, sex and penises all the time. Corrine had a next door neighbor girl that was a year older than us. One day Corrine came calling at my door with passion in her voice that she had something to tell me about. She made me come outside and down the street with her to the park where she sat me down at a picnic table. Corrine asked me a simple question. She asked if I had ever had an orgasm before. I really did not know what an orgasm was. Being 19 in a small town just before the invent of internet left me ignorant about my own sexual self. She looked me straight in the eye and told me Lynn her neighbor had taught her to orgasm. She said it was the most amazing feeling in the world and I had to try it. I told her I still had no idea what she was talking about so she told me that I should talk to Lynn too because she was real good at teaching how to do it.

Corrine grabbed my hand and we walked quickly to Lynn's house knocking on the door. Lynn's mom had us wait at the door then soon Lynn was there with a sleepy pair of eyes. She had been sleeping in her room. Corrine asked her to come outside for a moment then asked her if she could teach me about the orgasm thing too. Lynn's eyes perked up and she barked at Corrine for telling me about it. Corrine said she was sorry and would tell nobody else but could she please show me first.

Lynn agreed then went back in to get her shoes. She lead us both along the road to a field that stretched far behind the old stores and homes. As we walked along the path Lynn asked if I knew what an orgasm was. I told her no then she asked if I ever tried masturbating. I said no again then a fear came over me. I knew what masturbating was for guys and how we called it jerking off but I had no idea how a girl could do it. I was real unsure about this thing I was about to learn.

We got to an area of trees then up a small hill. We could see all the way to the stores and houses but we were well covered and now in private.

Lynn told us both to sit down on the ground in front of this old log and we leaned against it as a backrest. Lynn sat on an old piece of cut log like a short stool. She began to describe what an orgasm felt like. She said an orgasm is like a sneeze deep inside that slowly comes out of our pussy when we rub a certain little spot called a clit. She asked me if I knew where my clit was and again I said no. Lynn stood up and slid down her track pants then stepped out of them revealing her long legs and fuzzy blond pussy. She sat back down with her legs open then spread her lips apart pointing to a hard little nub she called her clit. She said this will be your point of pleasure from now on for sure. She said once I had my first orgasm I would want them every day.

My hands were shaking with both fear and excitement. I was so afraid of being caught or found out but I also was excited to learn this orgasm thing.

Lyn asked Corrine if she wanted to help show me what she had just recently learned. Corrine stood up and stripped naked in seconds. It was the first time I had seen her naked other than the odd time we were made to shower after gymnastics. Then we would only glance at each other feeling a bit weird but somewhat sexually aroused. This was full out naked for me to watch! I was now getting very aroused wondering what I was going to see next.

Lynn told Corrine to show me what she could do. Corrine did not say a word. She put her hand to her pussy and began to rub her clit with all four fingers in a circle while holding her lips open with the other hand. I looked at her face a few times and she had a weird look then she'd smile just a bit with a wide open mouth. As she rubbed her pussy Lynn said she was doing just what she was taught and it was called masturbating. Lynn said if she keeps doing it just like that she would soon have an orgasm. We watched Corrine sit with her feet together and knees apart rubbing her clit for what felt like a long time but it must have only been minutes. Before she came Lynn began to do the same thing. Both girls were sitting masturbating while I watched it all unfold for the first time in my life. I was shaking like crazy with fear and excitement. Corrine began to rub herself faster now and Lynn stayed just the same in with slow circles and one finger only. I asked what works better and Lynn said she does both ways and I could do whatever felt best. Just as she was telling me that Corrine said 'OK watch me do it now'. 'I'm going to do it now'. I made sure not to blink so I would not miss a thing. Corrine dropped her head down like a rag doll and her long hair covered her boobs. She made noises like she was softly crying and she lifted her head up and down while her body moved like she was in pain. I was a bit worried at first but once she was done a huge smile broke over the painful look. Corrine looked at me and said you have to do it too now. Lynn followed now with her own orgasm. She was very quiet other than breathing heavy but her body jerked and twitched like she was getting electric shocks or something. Lynn ended up with her legs tight together straight out in front with her feet pointing straight down and her toes curled back. It was quite a sight to see.

Both girls told me it was my turn and I would love having an orgasm. Lynn told me it was normal and most girls did it even thought they would not admit it. They both urged me to strip down and try it. After some coaxing I just stood up and took off my clothes. I stripped off everything. It felt so good being totally naked standing in the field with the warm breeze caressing my body. My nipples were tight and my pussy was wet.

I sat my skinny little body down on my clothes. I opened my legs and the girls said they would do it with me so I was more comfortable. I fumbled a bit to find my clit. Lynn leaned forward and up on her knees then moved close to me. She asked if she could show me then put her fingers gently on my pussy. I have always had very light pubic hair so it was easy for her to show me with one hand. Lynn told me the reason my lips were open was because I was ready to masturbate. She said it was mother natures way of saying it's time to orgasm. That made me feel very comfortable for some reason. I let Lynn rub my clit for a while then it began to feel real good. Lynn took her hand away and told me to try myself. I began to rub the same spot Lynn was and within seconds I was doing it just like they were.

There we were, all three masturbating together. I felt such a warm wonderful feeling and almost a love for the two girls. I felt so sexy rubbing my pussy like I was told. Both girls had another orgasm before I did. I thought maybe I was doing it wrong so I asked Lynn to make sure. Lynn moved me and told me to lay down. She sat beside me with her legs crossed then out her hands over my pussy. She held her palm on my belly right above my pubic bone and pulled up my skin. With her right hand she began to gently but ever so perfectly rub my clit. She told me not to worry and this is what she had to do for Corrine too. She told me to close my eyes and think of something very sexy. I could not think of anything more sexy than what I was doing right there. Lynn's fingers were like magic. I began to feel a warm wonderful feeling soon after and Lyn told me to go with it and let it come out. I remember the feeling like I wanted to push this feeling out of my body like a rocket taking off. I tried not to move but seconds later I thought my body would explode. I had the most perfect and great orgasm from Lynn's expert touch. To this day I can feel her palm pulling strong on my pussy holding the skin tight while rubbing my clit just enough to make me explode.

After I was done having my very first orgasm of my life I looked up to see my two wonderful friends looking down at me. Corrine was right there asking what I thought. I told her I was going to do this every chance I got. Corrine laughed falling forward to hug me. She gave me a long squeeze boobs to boobs and it felt so right.

Lyn asked me if I wanted to try myself so I did. All of us masturbated together and I felt like I had been doing it forever. I made myself orgasm real fast and hard again. I asked how many time we could do it and Lynn said you'll know when you're done. They were both done after a while longer but I wanted to go on. I stopped because it was getting closer to dinner time and I did not want my brother coming to look for me. On the walk home I made them both swear not to tell anybody. I was certain it was our secret.

Corrine and I went back to that same spot quite often that summer to enjoy watching each other orgasm and talk about guys. Lynn only came back with us two other times but they were a ton of fun.

I wish I had friends like that today. Now and then I bump into Corrine and I wonder if she still thinks about our fun together. She has two kids now but she still looks fit as when we were 19 or 20.



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