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The Journey Begins

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Republished from the old site. Enjoy


I`ve been reading the stories on this site, and I feel that it`s finally time to bring a contribution to the community by submitting one or more of my stories.
All happenings are true, just the names have been changed.
I discovered self pleasure at an early age in my life and have been doing it in different ways, as I found it to be pleasurable, without having seen any techniques in porn. In fact being in a single child family with eager eyed parents I haven`t had any access to porn at home.
This all changed when about 13 during the summer vacation I got invited to spend some time with some relatives in the country. I was looking forward to a summer full of sun, bathing in the river, hanging out with the guys, and all the stuff that country boys do.
I shared a room with my cousin, two years older than me. He was cool, I liked him. The first night we just spoke and fell asleep after a while. The next morning, after waking up we just hung out in the house, (we had the house to ourselves the whole day, his parents being at work) in our briefs.
He said he had something cool to show me, but I have to promise not to tell on him. I said sure, no problem. He took out some porn magazines from under his mattress and we started to look at them. He asked if I liked them, I confirmed.
Then he asked if I jack off. I said I didn`t know what he was talking about. He asked if I played with my penis. I guess I turned red, because I felt that my secret had been discovered, but still, admitted that I did. He asked if I wanted to now together. I agreed, and I could see by his bulge that he was really getting a hard-on, and was kind of curious what he had in his briefs, since it seemed huge. He agreed to take his out first since I was a bit reluctant. He did.
It was the first live dick I ever saw. It looked huge compared to mine, but exactly the same in shape. We are both uncut, with long foreskins. I guess relatives have the same dick? He started touching his, and pulling on it. I started my way of doing it, and looking at the magazines. After a while he suggested I let him help me do it. He reached over, I lay on the bed, and started doing me. That was the first proper jackoff of my life, and it felt amazing, way better than how I did it.
He cupped my balls and pulled the foreskin all the way back revealing the head, and then all the way forward. He kept on doing this for a while, then asked if I`d do the same to him. So we switched places, and I held his shaft. It seemed huge compared to mine, but he said not to worry, since I`m younger than him, and I`ll be the same size soon enough. I started jacking him, and checked his cock out. He had a low hanging ball sack, and already had hair above his shaft. By this time we have already forgotten the magazines are were just focusing on each other. He played with mine and I did with his. After a while of doing this he said that he needed to finish. So he grabbed his, and jacked really fast, until he cummed. Another first for me. I tried the same with mine, but nothing happened. He gave me a hand, and jacked me really hard until I told him to stop, I had to pee. He didn`t stop, and soon I felt the
biggest sensation in my life. A clear liquid came out of my cock. Then he stopped. I have already seen him cum so I knew what it was.

This was our first encounter, but many more followed during that summer.
Sorry the story got a bit long, but I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, and would like to hear more, feel free to leave a comment.



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