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The Journey

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From the first time I deliberately touched myself, to now, has been a long and it seems constant journey of discovery. (I should add I am a virgin.. with boys anyway)


I was 13. I had small, budding breasts and a light covering of hair between my legs. I had my first two periods, but they weren't much to speak about. Then, one night, I remember very clearly, I felt unsettled. I felt tingly between my legs, but not in a bad way. I thought about all the things I had read, or had been told about masturbation and I thought well, this is it. I reached into my panties and spread my legs wide. Just knowing I was going to 'do it' made me feel so horny. I rubbed my clit in small circles and felt the feelings grow. There was so much wetness and I felt like I wanted to say disgusting words out loud. So, in the darkness I started whispering. 'Fuck me. Put your cock in my cunt... do it,.. screw me...cum up me.' and then the most powerful feeling like I needed to pee. This was followed by my first ever orgasm and it nearly blew me away.

From there, masturbation as and when and WHERE I wanted. Sometimes in bed, other times in the shower, other times outdoors, even in the swimming baths, or in class.

Then came with the physical, the need for ambience... surrounding...atmosphere. Call it what you will. And how it changes as I go through my cycle. When I come off my period, I masturbate by candle light imagining being gently seduced. A man (always, in my mind's eye MUCH older) gently seducing me, kissing me, using his hand to gently but firmly make me spread my legs. Me knowing he can see my panties... his touch on the material before, eventually, he fucks me and cums inside me. In the middle of my cycle things get more daring. I will usually always masturbate outdoors.. in public.. and preferably where someone will see me. I have done it really carefully in parks and on the train. I have been seen by men and other girls, and three times, I have been rewarded by the person watching jacking or jilling off with me. I know its dangerous and I could end up raped, but you know, even that turns me on at the right time of the month.

Now, I am an avid masturbator. One night, I was in a sleepover and was desperate for a cum. I tried masturbating in the bed I was sharing with Helen, and I would not have minded in the least if she had joined in, but something wasn't quite there for me, so I went into her ensuite bathroom and took her used panties from the hamper. I stood up and fingered them, looking at her stains. Then I was jilling, standing up and smelling her. I came hard only to open my eyes and find her staring at me. I thought I had fucked up a friendship, but instead, Helen took me by the hand and led me back to her bed where we made out for an hour before we fingered each other to a series of lovely orgasms. We also used our tongues too.

Do I want a cock? SHIT YEAH!!!!. Would I fuck a total stranger in a car park... HELL YEAH. Would I take money for it.. you know, that WOULD be a turn on. I would become the dirty little whore I know I can be.

But right now, I want to seduce a middle aged man. Several of my friends lost their cherry's to guys in their 40's or even 50s and they say it was amazing. I sure as shit don't want somebody my age porking me and then blabbing about it to all his mates.

Right now? I have my hand between my legs and I am stroking myself. I am in the mood to pretend I am 15 and being seduced. Should I let you see my panties? I don't know, Sir, It's naughty isn't it? Oh, ok.. well, just for a minute then. There. Is that enough? Hey, what are you doing? You musn't touch me there.. ummmmmm... well, yeah... I guess it DOES feel good.. but... Ohhh no.. please.. please stop...... Its my first time... ohhh please... AAaaaahhh... HHHHHhhhhhhuhhhh huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhuhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.. Oh Sir... you did it in me. I hope I don't get pregnant.



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