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The J/O Club

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Remember that movie 'The Breakfast Club?' It was like that, only different.


Every college campus seems to have a men's room where guys go to get off. This story is about one of those places.

I was ALWAYS horny and still am. I found the men's room in question one afternoon, when I decided to cut class. I was on my way to class when I got the urge and I figured I'd just duck into the restroom and hide out until class was underway. That way I could leave without running into the prof or classmates.

I went into a stall and just sat there for a bit. I was just hangin' out, 'cause I didn't need to poop or anything. Anyway, I decided to kick back and stroke off some cum. I was really getting into it when I noticed there was a guy in the stall next door and that he was tapping his foot. I stopped mid-stroke and figured it was a signal, so I tapped back. He reached under the wall of the stall and I figured, What the hay and moved closer so he could feel my stiff cock.

By this point, I was about to pop. I was leaking precum and my dick was so stiff it almost hurt. It was really sexy the way this guy stroked my penis and it wasn't long before I shot my wad on the floor.

I was pretty freaked out about the whole incident, but I went back the next day. In fact, I became a regular. Each afternoon, a group of guys would get together around two o'clock for a circle jerk. There were probably eight regulars and several more who just came every once in a while.

I met this one guy with sandy hair and a moustache. He was a little overweight and he liked to sit on the commode and unbutton his shirt. With my jeans around my ankles, I'd dance my way over to his stall and he'd open the door, then we'd put on a show for each other. I loved to watch his cum spray his chest.

Another guy was skinny as a rail and as hairy as an ape. He was pretty crazy and used to strip down to his sneakers, before searching from stall to stall for a playmate. I was always happy to oblige. This guy had a nice big cock and really put on a good show. He'd use both hands to masturbate it, starting at the head. He'd join his hands to make one big fist and then he'd work on his cock. He always thrust his hips as he did it, so he was fucking his fist as much as he was rubbing his cock. With each stroke he'd pause a second, as if to savour the tingle. When he was ready to cum, he'd motion for me to move over and then he'd make this animal noise as his semen flew out of him. He could cum the distance and sometimes it would go several feet.

There was also an older guy who hung out there. He was probably in his 40s and was a bit of a pest because he wanted to do more than masturbate. I felt sort of sorry for him and sometimes I would hook up with him. I'd talk dirty to him and he'd go wild. I'd take hold of him and jack him off and I have to say he had a nice cock on him. He was just sort of a pest and would run some of the guys off.

There was another sort of wiry little guy who I thought was very sexy. This guy loved to get onto his knees and have guys cum on his face as he beat off himself. I was always happy to oblige.

Man, we had us some good times in that men's room. I visited campus last year, and made a point of stopping by that restroom. It was deserted, but I sat in that stall where it happened for the first time and stroked off a very satisfying load of cum thinking about the good times.



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