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The Jacuzzi

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I've always enjoyed masturbating in the shower. It's the one place i can truly relax and let go. Just thinking about it gives me a tingle.... But that's for another time. In any case, it seemed natural that any jet shooting water would please me as easily and ...powerfully... As the shower. I tested this theory several times, but none was so pleasing as the jacuzzi at the women's gym I used to frequent.
After a workout (sometimes without the workout), I would head into the locker room. It always amazes me how free women are with their bodies in a non-competitive environment. I loved to check out the varying shapes and sizes; colours ranging from milky white to creamy cocoa, breasts high and small or large and pendulous, curvy hips or slim athletes...women are beautiful creatures. I would ignore my normally shy nature and strip off my clothes, then make my way into what we called the wet room. There was a glass wall and door, which looked out into the locker room. The jacuzzi was directly across from this. On the opposite wall were the sauna and the steam room, and in the far corner, the showers. Needless to say, quite a bit of eye candy wherever you were in this room. Women wrapped in towels, or in bathing suits, or half-exposed, or fully nude lounging around in the heat.
I showered, enjoying the feel of the water washing away the workout. I wrapped my towel around my waist and made my way into the steam room, sat down, and enjoyed the feel of the cool tiles against my shaven nether parts. The contrast of the hot room and the cool tiles was a bit of a turn-on...i could feel my clit start to pulse slightly. An idea took shape in my head, as i gazed at the women relaxing in the jacuzzi. I looked around... It wasn't a busy time at the gym, just a few women scattered here and there.
I left the steam room, dropped my towel, and lowered myself into the jacuzzi. My cunt was already slick with the naughty thoughts pinging around in my brain, the slight pulse in my clit quickening to a throb. There were two other women in the jacuzzi. One was an older woman, resting comfortably with her eyes closed. The other was a 20ish woman in a swimsuit, kind of zoned out in her own world. I waited a bit for the women to leave, but was getting more and more frustrated.
Finally, deciding it was safe, I positioned my body in front of a jet. It was hitting my lower back with a strong, steady stream. I couldn't help myself. I sat up a bit, resting my arms on the side of the jacuzzi. Checked out the ladies to see if they were watching. Then i slowly tilted my pelvis downward, while raising my body up slightly. I felt the powerful jet rush between my legs, pummeling my clit. I jumped slightly, trying to control my physical reactions so as not to seem obvious. I rode that hard, pulsing stream, raising and lowering my pelvis, rocking on it, until I couldn't handle it anymore. I had one of the most intense orgasms I've ever experienced...followed by another. And another.
The thrill of masturbating in public coupled with my favorite method of masturbation was enough to start a long trend. Too bad I can't find a co-ed jacuzzi; it would be the ultimate turn on to watch a guy stroking his cock as i get off in this way....



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