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The Introduction

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This will make a lot more sense if you read the prior stories. One more release to follow.


Wow you definitely need to read back posts to figure this one out, the background, and who's who.

A lot has changed. The time line is as follows 'Unexpected Education' started five years ago. 'Sill Learning' started like seven months ago. This story started like two months ago and one other I'll post in a day or two will bring you up to date.

My Aunt Christy is pregnant her libido is off the charts. She has been at my apartment daily with me or without me taking babe for a ride as she calls it.

My former girlfriend Kate got busted by Christy. Christy found Kate with a female lover in my apartment without permission, using my aunt's saddle vibe machine. Christy was pissed! This was her machine, and was supposed to be Top Secret. Kate had found it by accident and subsequently got to use it, but that was with a clear understanding that no one else was to ever know about it. Christy looked at what the three of us shared as masturbation partners as something very special, build around a special trust. When Christy learned Kate was breaching that trust, she threw her out. Only to be told by Kate that she had four other lesbian lovers and all of them, had used the machine.

Kate had been getting unresponsive to me prior. Everything had to be on her terms and her timetable. This was the last straw. I broke it off with Kate and had to change the locks so she wouldn't come around with her friends to use the saddle vibe when I was at work. After that she threatened to steel the thing. In her mind, since I broke it off with her, and since I bought her, her own attachments, she should be entitled to use it, even though it doesn't even belong to me. She basically blackmailed me into buying her some attachments originally. Kate at 19 has the body of a mature woman, and the mind of a twelve year old.

Christy has introduced me to one of her friends from work that was going through a similarly tough break up with her guy. ie. (Immature lover screwing around behind her back, albeit with other women.) Not a same sex slap in the face I had to endure.

I'll call her Gale. When I was introduced it was because Gale needed someone to work on a girl scout camp. As an engineer Christy thought of me. Gale was drop dead gorgeous. I like volunteering a few hours a week, so I went along. They really needed an electrician. To Christy, a graduate computer engineer, was the same thing. I guess thinking about how I repaired her vibe. The job was way more than I had bargained for. The only plus was working with six women doing what ever I asked. It was kind of a power trip for a twenty four year old. It turns out I had a lot in common with Gale we had the same tastes in music, food, and we even went to the same church though it's a big church. We spent a lot of time over two weekends. Working at the camp and sharing meals and talking. If Christy hadn't been seeing to my carnal need for release, I suspect I'd have been after Gale like a horny jerk. As it was, with the break up with Kate, I was not inclined to jump back in bed and have my heart broken again. I sensed the same hesitance with Gale. However after two weeks of a lot of talking her vacation ended, the project was done, and she was back to work.

I didn't hear from Gale for two weeks. I stopped by the bank branch I had met her at several weeks back with a nice flower arrangement. They told me she worked downtown. I went to the headquarters and asked to see her. I was put through the 12th degree it turned out she was out of the country and would not be back for a couple of days. She was called away on short notice and had been out since two days after her vacation. Apparently word of my stop with flowers made it to Gale, because when I got home Christy was waiting and had 20 questions for me about Gale, and why I had not responded to her e-mails. 'What e-mail' I said. Apparently Gale had been thinking about me and had written three e-mails the last ten days. The last of which basically said if I didn't want to see her to tell Christy and she would leave me alone.

So I told Christy I thought I had done something to piss Gale off and that I was just coming from delivering flowers to the bank. Obviously I had not seen the e-mails. I needed to find these e-mails. Sure enough, they were stuck in my filter. The first was telling me I was a great guy and that she had to go away for a couple of weeks and that she would call me when she got back. The second was very long, apparently she had time on her hands it took me two hours to read it. It told me all about her how poorly she had been treated by guys, where she went to school, her family, how she got her job. It went on and on. She must have been drinking as she wrote it because she went into what she was looking for in a man, and even went on to describe the intimate details about what she liked, and hated, about the men she had been with. It seemed like we would be a perfect match.

The third e-mail was an apology for her 'drunken barf of her life' she had sent the night before. When she woke and realized what she had sent she almost died, and that if I never wanted to see her again she would understand.

I was so hot for her I could not tell you. Not only hot, and a perfect match, but capable of letting go when she thinks it's safe, and classy enough to be a little mortified when she knows she overstepped her bounds. I had never had a woman open up to me like that before. She spent a page and a half speaking about her lust for masturbation both solo and mutual. I'll ask if I can post that part, but I suspect that won't happen.

I sent her a short e-mail explaining why I had not responded earlier and that I was more intrigued and stimulated by her second e-mail than she could imagine. I definately wanted to see her when she got back.

That night about 3am my phone rang it was Gale she apologized about the second e-mail again. She was back pedaling so hard I thought she would blow a gasket. She said she had been talking to Christy for the last four hours and she knew everything about me. 'Like everything?' I asked. 'More than you know about me' she said. Then she asked my intentions, I said if she was as she described herself, I'd be very interested in pursuing a serious relationship. Silence, then she said 'this is more than I could have hoped for and worse than she could even imagine'. She was mortified that I was some kind of kook to be interested in her after such an e-mail. Furthermore she was reeling over her last breakup the last thing she wanted or needed was a serious relationship, but because of what Christy had told her, had her so hot that she was wet to the core and she told me so. She told me that if I was half the man Christy described she couldn't dream of a better match.

That being said she said she wanted to take it real slow. We could talk about anything but nothing physical until we were both certain where this was heading. I agreed and we set a date to meet at the airport.

I was so excited I called Christy, at 4am expecting to get voice mail, but she picked up, giddy as a school girl. 'She really likes what I told her about you.' She said. 'Did you tell her everything?' Then she got serious 'I told her everything, but now I need to tell you something. I've known her since before I was married, she was at our wedding, you met her and she met you. She is only three years younger than I. She got me the job at the bank. I know you two are perfect, but if you break her heart I'll never forgive you. We were apartment mates in college; we shared more than you know.' So doing the math Gale is Seven years older than me. The bigger news was Christy and she had KNOWN one another.

This was so hot I started stroking one out. Then Christy told me she would tell me another secret but that I couldn't tell Gale. She and Gale had each had two orgasms on the phone talking about me. That was it, I lost it. I slept very well the rest of the night.

Things took a while to develop with Gale. I know we both wanted to jump each others bones. The sexual tension was like a banjo string. Gale would not even let me come to her townhouse, until two months later. It was worth the wait. It turns out that Gale was the one who sold Christy the saddle vibe. Gale has a boudoir off the bed room that no man has ever seen, supposedly I was the first. But that will have to wait. I'll post the rest of the story in a day or two.



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