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The Insurance Interview

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An insurance adjuster came to my apartment one afternoon, and masturbation has never been the same!


I witnessed an auto accident on my way back to college, and a representative of the insurance company came to my apartment to interview me. I had a few black and white pictures of my girlfriend, naked, in the woods, on the wall. They were really arty, abstract, but also sexy, and he commented on them. He liked how she was naked in the woods, he said, and then went on to say that he and his wife were nudists. They wouldn't have kids for a few years, he wasn't much older than me, but he said they really wanted to raise them as nudists. We talked a little about nudism and nudist camps and then about sex at the camps. He said that a few of the camps he goes to have discreet sex. He also mentioned a nude beach not far away.

I asked him a lot of questions, because I wanted to go to the nude beach, and maybe even nudist camps and he was very friendly and happy to answer and made them seem really great. I was probably blushing too, since it felt a little embarrassing. He said his wife likes to watch men masturbate, and that now and then they would invite men they got to know at the nudist camp to come to their cabin and masturbate together.

I said that I'd heard there was a gay area at the nude beach where there was sex, and he said there was and he asked if that interested me. I said I was just curious about it, I would never go to a gay place like that alone! He told me that he went there often, that he liked to be naked with other men. I said that when I was a boy at camp all the boys would swim naked. He said I might like the beach, then. He told me sometimes he's met other attractive men there, and they are friendly. It was easy to imagine him there, he's very attractive, handsome and easy to talk to and feel comfortable with. He didn't see anything wrong with men enjoying sex together, and he asked if I'd ever done anything at camp or some other time.

Well, I had and I told him. My school mate Bobby and I masturbated together after school sometimes, and after one of the boys at camp jacked a bunch of us, I tried it too, but I hadn't done anything since then, except for a few times at night on the beach, with my friend Larry. We never told anybody, but we both masturbated each other one night and then a few times after that. Well, maybe it was more than a few once we did it a couple of times and his parents started going away for weekends.

He was listening to everything I said, and asking questions, and he said that I'd probably really like going to the beach some time, and if I was in the mood, I could call him if I wanted company, he has a pretty flexible schedule. I was getting kind of hot, and I did promise him that I'd give him a call. He told me he was feeling kind of turned on and he asked, really nicely, if he could stay for a while and masturbate with me.

Wow! I never imagined doing something like that! And I told him yes, right away!! There was a little yard at my place, very private, and I suggested that we strip off our clothes and go out there. He was delighted, and we started disrobing in the apartment. I'm not attracted to many men, but I have to say, he was really, really handsome. Slim, athletic but not muscled, blond with lots of blond hair, and, of course a light brown tan. After he was naked, he asked for a moment to call his wife, and I listened as he told her he would be a little late, because he was going to have a little naked play with a guy from the college. This made me REALLY excited, and the hard-on that I'd been fighting to control, sprung uncontrollably.

His member was gorgeous...long and thin and with a smallish but perfect ball sac. We lay out on loungers and he began to stroke himself, and was quickly as hard as I was. We could take our time, he said, because his wife was going to go out and he didn't have to hurry back. Once his erection was full, he let go, and it dangled an inch or so above his belly. He gently circled the tip with his finger. I wanted to touch it.

We lay there stroking for a while, and then very gently and smoothly he asked if he could masturbate me, and slipped over next to me. I thought I knew what it was like to be jerked off, but this was like nothing I'd ever felt. His hand was totally smooth and tender, in fact, I hardly felt his hand, only my penis. Every touch sent shivers through me, and, it seemed, every touch brought me just to the brink of orgasm. I was squirming and writhing and kicking with the waves of pleasure his hand pushed through my cock, and in a few minutes, I was moaning and begging him to make me cum. He didn't. For at least a full hour, he stroked and petted and fingered and petted, and even slapped me, everywhere between my legs! I was over the moon with pleasure, and still desperate to cum. Finally, he began stroking my whole cock firmly and rhythmically, and told me I could cum. My breathing got faster and faster, until I was shaking and vibrating everywhere as he continued to stroke the length of my cock. And then it happened, my hips raised high and strong, and I began fucking his hand with all the power in my legs and back, fucking, fucking, fucking until everything stopped for a second, high in the air, and then my cock began to shoot glorious wads of cum.

When the orgasm stopped, I collapsed. Never had I had sex anything like that! He sat on his lounger, and began stroking himself, but I rolled over and began jacking his cock between strokes, and together we brought him quickly to orgasm, my fingers spread around his balls, and his hand skillfully milking the last quivers from his cock.

We became regular buddies, along with his wife, and would get together every month or so for incredible masturbatory sex. His wife was cute, though plain, with small breasts and large nipples that seemed permanently erect. She loved to masturbate watching us, and would cum strongly three or four times in her chair across the room, using only her fingers. Masturbation has never been the same!



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