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The Initial Meeting

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The Initial Meetingby Bedford
A few years ago, I saw an internet ad from a couple in my area who were seeking an unattached male for "3-way fun and games". Couples almost always seek females, especially bi females, so I was intrigued and a bit suspicious. I answered their ad and questioned them on their interest in a male third and asked if being a bi male (which I am not) was required. They responded that straight was fine. They also made it clear that swinging was not the issue but "other activities" were.
We agreed to meet for coffee to see how the "chemistry" went and, if it did, how we would meet and under what circumstances (i.e., define the ground rules). They are in their mid 40s (I am in my early 50s) and both are attractive people (she is about 5'5" with a nicely curved and lush figure, he is about 6' with an average build; I am over 6' with an athletic build). They have been married for 17 years and were looking to "spice things up" by adding another participant. They did not have the courage to try swinging with other couples and/or singles and had decided that sex (with others) was out of the question because of the health and safety risks. They felt that masturbation was a good middle ground and they felt that recruiting a third for masturbation fun and games would be very exciting, especially since they definitely wanted to be watched. And directed, as it turned out! That's why they were looking for a single male, preferably an assertive male, who would take charge, decide on a "script", and direct the "scene".
They decided it would be ok if the script called for them to have intercourse, but the third party could only watch and direct. Primarily, though, they wanted "creative" scenes in which the primary vehicle was masturbation, either singly or mutually. Keeping the script a secret and unveiling it only as the session began, they felt, would add a large amount to their sexual tension and excitement ("what will he have us do this time?!"). They did require, though, that we each had to cum at least once before the session ended.
Well, this certainly was intriguing. And I had the freedom to use my rich imagination to construct whatever scenes I thought would be erotic fun! I asked her if she was ok with wearing lingerie since various combinations of garter belts, nylons, high heels, shelf bras, bustiers and lots of jewelry were my favorite erotic attire for women. She got a dreamy smile on her face and said "of course, if that's how I'm directed to be" while her husband grinned from ear to ear. We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet at their house in about a week for our initial session.
I called a few days in advance to set up a time and told her to be wearing an all black outfit consisting of shelf bra, garter belt and nylons, heels and a neck scarf. I was pretty tense about meeting for this first time and so were they. She was wearing a full length robe with her heels and nylons protruding from the bottom and the hint of very nice nipples poking though the robe as they were held up by the shelf bra. He and I were in normal street clothes. We sat in their living room and had some wine to loosen up while we (fortunately!) talked ?? and joked -- about how tense we were. This had the effect of relaxing all three of us (of course the wine helped!) and, after about an hour of dancing around the subject, I decided to assume my directorship and start the activities.
I told her to stand, remove her robe, and to walk slowly around the room so that her husband and I could admire her body. When she stood and removed her robe I literally gasped. Her curvy, lush figure was absolutely spectacular. She has shoulder length black wavy hair and a very full triangular black pussy bush. And I love hairy bushes! She has full 36C boobs with prominent nipples. And I love prominent nipples! Her shyness seemed to melt as she saw how turned on I was looking at her. She also noticed that both men had large bulges in their pants.
She smiled as she slowly and sensually walked around the room so we could admire all views of her luscious body. I then had her husband to stand and told her to strip him. It was fun to watch how incredibly turned on he was becoming as his wife disrobed him. He was shortly standing nude next to her with a very full erection while they awaited my further directions. I was getting awfully turned on myself seeing this striking couple standing nude before me. I stood and had her come over to me and told her to strip me as well. We were definitely over our initial shyness once I was nude and as fully erect as her husband. I am circumcised and her husband is not. Our cocks are about the same length erect, but mine is thicker than his. She was thrilled to find herself dealing with "two different types of cock". She had hoped that would be the case and was delighted to find it was.
By now the three of us were pretty aroused. They said this was exactly what they were hoping for when they placed the ad ?? a safe way to spice up their sex life.
I brought out a straight back armless chair and told him to sit on it and for her to sit on him with her back to him and facing outwards. She straddled him and he held his cock while she sat on it. All three of us gasped as his cock slid into her. I had this gorgeous frontal view of her impaled on his cock. My directions were for her to remain as motionless as possible ?? so that he wouldn't cum prematurely ?? and to masturbate herself while I watched her. He was told to reach around and fondle her nipples while she fondled her clit. I sat in an opposite chair and slowly jerked off while I watched this incredible scene unfolding before me. It was difficult for her not to squirm while she masturbated and I had to keep reminding her that the "script" demanded she keep her pussy as still as possible. She was so aroused that she came in under a minute. Of course she was unable to prevent herself from squirming and thrashing (and moaning!) as she came but, much to my amazement, her husband was able to prevent himself from cumming as she climaxed.
She was literally spent and limp after she came and he helped her stand and walk over to the couch to recover. She muttered a number of times that "it was never that BIG before!". I directed him to sit next to her and for her to masturbate him under my guidance. The idea was to erotically tease him by bringing him to the brink and then backing off and thereby make it last as long as possible. His cock was well lubricated from her juices at this point so it was easy for her to jack him off. I had her alternate her stroking between long, slow full-length cock strokes and rapid short strokes up on his cock head. He would begin to twitch and moan from the rapid strokes and then she'd back off and slow things down. This went on for around fifteen minutes until he was pleading for release. I said it was now ok for her to finish him off which she did using rapid stroking with both hands ?? one on top at his cock head and the other at the base of his cock. His back arched and he let go with huge gushes of juice accompanied by load noises bordering on screams.
(Fortunately, their was a reasonable distance between their house and their neighbors.) He, too, was totally spent and limp after he came and echoed her assessment about how BIG! that was.
After a bit he got himself back together and they both turned their attention to me. At this point I had undoubtedly the largest and hardest erection of my life. I was never before as aroused as I was at this moment. I asked her if she had recovered enough from her big climax so that she might come again. She said that she probably could if I let her use her vibrator.
She got her "little friend" as she called it and I had her sit on the straight chair directly in front of me, with her legs spread, and begin to masturbate herself with the aid of her little friend. I was so aroused at this point that any degree of stroking would make me cum so I slowed down by just fondling myself while I watched her become aroused again. She liked watching me fondle and stroke myself and asked me to use both hands, top and bottom, just as she had done on her husband. Watching me pump my cock with both hands, with my cock's head poking out of the top hand, was a big turn on for her. She watched me for a while and then went back to working her clit over with her friend. Shortly after she started squirming again, her legs began to open and close and twitch, and her moaning started. I told her to let me know when she was at the brink of cumming so we could climax together. Her twitching and moaning kept increasing and then she called out "I'm going to cum!". I increased my stroking and we had simultaneous and thunderous orgasms. I was holding my cock nearly vertically when I came and my juices squirted up over my chest and throat. Incredible.
We were all totally satiated now. Her husband fetched some towels for us and we retired to separate rooms to dress. Afterwards we declared our Initial Meeting a big success and beyond our mutual expectations. We were eager to continue and we met thereafter about every three weeks, with ever increasingly complex scripts on my part, for a little over a year. At that time major changes in our lives caused our "masturbation club" activities to end.
An incredible adventure.



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