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The Ice Cream Parlor Job

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After graduating from high school this past June I was very fortunate to land a nice summer job before heading off to college at the end of August. I worked at a small mom and pop ice cream parlor in a small shopping center. I was paid nine dollars an hour.

I really enjoyed working for Teresa (not her real name) and Teresa and I quickly developed a relationship more as friends than as employer and employee. Teresa is real attractive and fun to be around. She's been divorced for about three years. Twice she invited me to her home for dinner and I discovered that she is also a real good cook.

As the month of June ended and July wore on I noticed that she seemed to be a little more touchy-feely with me and to tell the truth I enjoyed her small and brief touches of affection. I also started to notice that anytime I would bend over to scoop out ice cream she would sometimes look down my top although there's not much to see.

Then, it happened. At the very beginning of August Teresa and I were having an ice cream cone before closing for the day. She reaches across the table and takes my hand. Teresa asked me if I would like to earn an additional fifty dollars at least one day a week. I said, "of course I would. What would I be doing?" After a long pause Teresa said, "I would like to perform oral sex on you." She then said that she would suck on my clit until I came.

I was literally speechless for nearly a minute. Teresa just sat at the table looking at me. Finally I found some words and I asked her if she were really serious. She said that she was completely serious. I just couldn't pass up the fifty extra dollars and I said yes. I had never had any type of physical relations with a female and I am still a virgin. The most I've ever done sexually was to allow an old boyfriend to feel me up over my top.

We left the parlor and I followed Teresa to her house. In her bedroom I was told to take off all my clothes. I was never so nervous in my entire young life and I actually was fumbling with my bra so Teresa unhooked it for me. She looked at my chest and told me my tits are beautiful. I think she said that just to flatter me because my tits are very small. She asked if she could feel my nipples and I said yes. A chill ran through me and down to my groin when she began to gently squeeze both nipples. Teresa then said, "I can't wait to feel your little kitty." I removed my panties and just stood there. Teresa commented that I am "so hairy." She said that she loves hairy kitties and the smell. She removed her top and her bra. Her tits are big with very wide areolas.

I got up on the bed and Teresa spread my legs. She then knelt between them and leaned down and spread my lips with her hands. Her head went down and in a few seconds I felt her lips on my clitoris. The physical feelings that started going through me were amazing. With her hands on my hips for support Teresa kept sucking and sucking on my knob and the physical feelings going through my groin were intensifying rapidly. In probably less than five minutes the sensations peaked and I came. I could feel her sucking at the fluid coming out of my pee hole. She was now actually sucking at my pee hole.

Teresa stopped and raised her head and said, "did you enjoy that?" I told her I loved it. She asked me if I would please pinch her nipples for just a little while. I pinched both of them and she told me to do it very hard and she seemed to really enjoy it. I stopped and we got off the bed and I dressed. Teresa sat on the bed watching me while half naked. She got her handbag and handed me a fifty dollar bill.

During that month I allowed Teresa to perform oral sex on me a total of seven times. Never once did she ask me to do anything to her except each time I would pinch and pull on her nipples for maybe a minute. I have no idea why but I would honestly become aroused from inflicting pain on them.

The last time that she did it to me which was just a few days before I was to leave for school she handed me seventy five dollars and made me promise that when I come home for holiday visits I would contact her and let her do it to me. That's an easy promise to keep.

I do like guys but now I would not be opposed to having a sexual relationship with a female as long as I truly liked that person. Right now I wish I could feel Teresa's lips closed around my clitoris. I'll have to settle for masturbating myself.

What I can't figure out though is why she would get so much pleasure from doing it to me but wouldn't want me to do anything to her other than the nipple thing. I wonder if she masturbates after I leave.



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