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The Hotel Maid

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The maid could hear me!


This story happened a few years ago, when I was away on company business. I've traveled all over the UK, and I've been lucky enough to have the company pay for me to stay in some really classy hotels. Usually, the first thing I do when I get into my hotel room, is to strip off, check out the double bed and sofa, the view from the window and the bathroom.
I love spending time naked, and I also love pornography.
On this occasion, I was to stay in a hotel in London. It was a really large place, and for the money which was being paid, I really expected more. The room was really small, a single bed and a small bathroom.
I decided to make do with what I had, stripped off and pulled out a few travel magazines which I pick up for every trip. I lay down on the bed, and began to read some of the erotic tales, and look at the horny naked pictures of woman.
The window, next to the bed overlooked a courtyard, and wasn't very big, so anyone across the way could see me stroking my growing cock as I read my magazine. I never cared if anyone saw me or not, and enjoyed it on the occasions when I did have an audience. This time though, my audience wasn't an onlooker.
I heard the maid pushing her trolly along the hallway outside my room. Shed stopped and was cleaning the room next door. This got me even harder, just thinking that the maid could and just might walk right in on my with my cock in my hand, tugging away. I waited by the doorway, still wanking my cock, until she finished the room. Then she pushed the trolly along and stopped right outside my door.
I could hear her fumbling with keys and then she knocked lightly on the door. At this point I was standing up, with a few magazines spread out across the bed showing some great looking girls. I didn't know what to do. I guess I must of begun to panic. I shouted out, 'wait a minute.'
I thought she'd just go onto the next room, but no, she stod outside the door, waiting. I looked through the spyhole and could see her waiting.
What the hell, I thought, and continued to wank myself off, making quite a bit of noise, a few whimpers and a lot of slapping sounds, and turning of the papers. All this time, she didn't move, she was listening to me wank my cock!
Finally I shot my load all over the bed sheets. It was mind blowing and I made no attempt to disguise the fact that I'd done so.
After I recovered, I pulled on some jeans and a t-shirt, and folded my mags up. I was about to put them back in my bag, but decided to leave them out on the side table. Then I let the maid in.
She was about 45 and slightly over weight. She gave me a smile as I let her into the room. She want around tidying, and I left her too it, nipping down to the hotel bar for a quick drink.
Later, when I returned to the room, my magazines were staked neatly in a pile on the bedside table.
This is only one of my may adventure which i've had. I'll post again soon.



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