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The Hot Tub Party

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Love Solo Touch! The names and a couple of identifying features in this story have been changed for the usual reason. The facts are all totally true.


So the saxophone player in my band, Jonathan, invited me to a 'hot tub party.' Being a single guy of 22, and not even having a girlfriend at the time (and being bicurious, or probably actually bisexual, although I wasn't clear about that at the time), I accepted. Only in my dreams would it have been the kind of party it turned out to be. Jonathan was dropping all sorts of hints, but seemed to be too embarrassed or something to come right out and tell me. Yet, he was trying to make sure I wouldn't freak. And of course, I really didn't pick up the hints, because I wouldn't have believed it could be real.

So, Saturday morning, 10am, I'm at the front door of a big colonial house in a wealthy-very wealthy-neighborhood. I was let in by a very friendly woman of about 45. She had long blond hair, was no more than perhaps 20 pounds overweight, but the cool thing was her attitude. The best I can do is call it, 'open, friendly.' There was something very nice about her. She was dressed in a bathrobe. I assumed she had a bikini on underneath.

She led me through a spectacular house, into the backyard, where about 12 people were milling around. There were about eight men, and four women. All totally naked! The woman who let me in, Janie, stepped out of her bathrobe, and was then also naked.

When in Rome... So, of course, nervously, I took off my clothes also and laid them on a nearby table in the shade. Did I say nervous? Heck yes, I was! But that dissipated remarkably quickly, as people all came up, introduced themselves, and treated me with some sort of special mix of respect and friendly curiosity. They all wanted to know who I was, what I did for a living (studying psychology at the university, and playing rock violin when I can get gigs).

As I was talking with all these wonderful people, it came to my attention some were casually touching themselves, and some were starting to touch each other in a sort of pre-mutual-masturbatory way.

OMG, I was in heaven! OK, so I'm a bit slow, but once I catch on, I really catch on. As the morning wore on, people were in and out of the hot tub, all over the lawn furniture, and all over each other. There were some rules, the main one being 'no penetration.' Another being that you must respect 'no' immediately. No touching of anyone else unless it is OK with that person. This was a mutual masturbation party. Nothing more, nothing less. At first, slowly, I started touching myself while watching some of the others. And at first, I couldn't get hard. All my training on nude beaches worked too well. I'm a bit shy about having an erection in front of others. I should say I 'was' shy about that. I noticed that it was totally cool to watch anyone. Stare at them even! One slim red-headed woman, approximately my age, was on her stomach on a pad on the grass. Her hand was under her belly, reaching around, rubbing her vagina. Her ass was wide open, giving one of my favorite views. I just stood there, now finally growing a giant hardon, mesmerized. Two guys were having a conversation about bicycle racing while one was casually massaging the other's balls. I loved seeing that. I almost came while watching them, so I had to take a mental break so I could last a while.

Within a few minutes, Janie came up to me, grabbed my penis, and pulled me over to a blanket on the lawn under a shade tree. Without saying a word, she placed one of my hands on her left breast, and one on her clit. I knew what to do. While that was happening, a newcomer, George, someone I had seen a couple of times in my hypnotherapy class, came up, gently grabbed my cock, and started lazily stroking me. It was a bit much, and I was close to coming. I didn't want the day to end too soon. Somehow, George knew that, and backed off just at the right time.

The next couple hours were just about what you can imagine! I'm all about learning, and one of the things I learned that day was to appreciate people of all shapes and ages. We were all equal at that party.

I couldn't hold it any longer. When I finally came, I was in the hands-literally-of an older, balding, quite overweight gentleman, who, along with his wife, have since become great friends. Interestingly, he plays violin also, although he leans much more to classical violin.

So, it turns out this party happens all summer, every Saturday morning. It happens in the winter and in bad weather too, but inside that big home. They have another hot tub, and a whole gym and play area in their basement. I haven't missed a single Saturday for the past 20 weeks. It's been a blast every single time. The redhead I mentioned and I are really starting to hit it off. We've 'dated' a couple of times outside the hot tub party, and when at the party, we find much to talk about-while fondling, massaging, and admiring each other and all our friends. Six of us guys had a 3-on-3 basketball game one Saturday evening after the party.

The attendance has grown. We're now getting about 30 people each time. I don't know what's going to happen next. Are they going to rent a bigger venue? Start limiting people? I'll keep you posted.-Jack



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