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The Hot Teenage Temp at Work

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A lot of people in my office are taking time off for the holidays so it's been very quiet with just a few of the regular workers there at the moment. The company hired some temps to help out while people are away so I've been lucky to be working with a gorgeous young eighteen year old called Hannah for the last week. She is very petite with shiny blonde hair and the tightest young body, and her smile lights up the room.

Although I'm much too old for her I've been finding myself fantasizing about her at work and thinking about her every time I masturbate. The women's bathroom at work is out of order and can't be fixed until the new year, so the women have been asked to either use the men's bathroom or use the women's bathroom in the office next door. Most of them chose to share with the men which everyone was cool with, so a few afternoons ago I got up to go to the bathroom and as I got there I saw the door swing close behind Hannah's perfect ass. I paused for a second and followed her in, just as I heard a cubicle door locking. There are only two cubicles in the men's bathroom so I went into the unoccupied one next door and pulled down my pants.

My cock was already growing hard knowing Hannah was next to me with her panties down, and as soon as I heard her start peeing into the toilet only inches away from me I became hard as a rock. I started jerking my cock as I imagined her sat there bare-arsed with her panties down, and heard the warm pee streaming from her teenage pussy into the toilet. She finished all too soon though but I kept jerking as I listened to her tear off a piece of tissue and wipe her dripping pussy clean.

She was quiet for a while and then I heard her drop something into the hygienic disposal bin in her cubicle. I then heard her unpacking something before sounds of her adjusting her clothing, then she flushed, unlocked the cubicle and stepped outside.

I waited for her to wash up and leave the bathroom, then pulled up my pants and went into the cubicle she had just exited. I locked the door behind me, pulled down my pants and sat on the seat her bare ass had just been on. It felt warm and I was too intrigued to know what she had just put into the bin next to me.

I took the lid off expecting there to be maybe something disgusting in there, but it was empty apart from a folded up piece of material. I took it out and unfolded it and it was a pantyliner, obviously from Hannah's panties. I looked at the yellowish stains inside it and touched them, and it felt warm and moist, which made my cock start throbbing like crazy thinking of the girl who's pussy had done this.

I raised the pantyliner to my nose and took a deep sniff and my head was filled with the intoxicating, musky scent of wet teenage pussy. The heavenly, powerful scent went straight to my cock and I felt I was about to explode. I put my hand to my cock and her pussy odour was so arousing I shot my load after only two strokes. The orgasm was so powerful it shot out and hit the door of the cubicle in front of me and ran down the length of the door.

Quickly coming back to my senses I folded up the pantyliner and put it in my pocket, cleaned up my cum from the cubicle, washed up and went back to my desk, passing a smiling Hannah on the way. I kept getting raging hard-ons for the rest of the afternoon as I looked over at her and knew I had something that had been pressed against her lovely pussy all day, absorbing her vaginal scents and juices.

As soon as I arrived home I took her pantyliner out of my pocket and masturbated to the scent of her pussy. The aroma made me cum much harder and faster than I usually manage, so I repeated it a couple more times that evening, and the last time I couldn't help myself and I sucked some of her delicious pussy juice out of the pantyliner and licked the yellow area where her pussy had been, which made the pantyliner become slick and sticky. I then rubbed the dirty pantyliner all over my cock, particularly on the head, then jerked off with it until I shot my load into it so our intimate juices were mixed together.

Sadly I had to throw it away after that, and although I wanted to repeat the experience, I didn't want her to notice me following her into the bathroom deliberately, so I thought I would never smell her sweet young pussy again. Yesterday Hannah was looking incredibly hot in some very tight clothes that showed off her amazingly sexy teenage body, which had me horny all day thinking about her pussy and how good it smells. At the end of the day I was still in the office after most people had left, so I went into the bathroom and decided it wouldn't hurt to take a look. I tried the cubicle she had been in when I heard her peeing, and when I took the lid off the bin I found another pantyliner, folded in exactly the same way.

Immediately I took my cock out and sniffed the pantyliner. Hannah's musky, sexual scent filled my nose and again I came hard in just a few strokes. I've so far resisted the temptation to fill this one with my cum, because I'm addicted to the aroma of her pussy and just love jerking off as I smell it. She will be leaving in the new year and the office will have separate bathrooms again so I'm going to check for her dirty pantyliners every day and hope I get lucky again. I'm divorced and haven't had sex in two years so it's the closest a lonely guy like me will ever get to the pussy of a girl like her.



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