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The Height of the Times

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Wow. I'm all hard and bothered just thinking about writing for you. I can just imagine all the hardons reading this too. But me.. what about me. I'm a 15 yr old male, who is a most definitely in the closet bisexual. Don't get me wrong, I am all for the tits and ass, but sometimes ya just gotta have the balls and shaft.
Anyway though, I'll start with my first time. It was at my Dad's place. See, my mother (whom I most commonly refer to as bitch, or something else uncomplimentary) and he are divorced, so sometimes I spend time there, and sometimes at her house. He's closer to school though, so usually I crash there if I have any kind of extra curriculars at night. Well, in any event, it was way late about four years ago, when I first learned what it was to get off.
It all started with a song I downloaded off of the internet. I searched for 'Macarena' and didn't realize I had downloaded 'Macarena Parody-Masturbator'. The song went on to talk about how the guy does it 'with some baby oil, or a little vaseline, on a towell so the carpet stays clean.' And boy did that get me wondering. So, when Dad was asleep I snuck into the bathroom, opened up the cupboard and found the baby oil. Then I went back into the living room and started rubbing. Nothing happened at first, but then I started to feel it. And I must've made some noise, because I heard the snoring stop in the other room. I stopped for a little while to make sure he was still asleep then kept going, and before long I EXPLODED in ecstacy. It was dry... but so.. much.. fun.
My first anal time was after reading a story on the *original* version of this site. It was talking about anal stimulation, and I figured that I indeed was getting a little bored with the same ol 'rosie wrap around' method. So I gave it a shot. I took out the vaseline I had by my bed and lubed up my middle finger, since it was the longest. Then I thrust up my knees above my head, and introduced my finger to my hole. I just played at first, and eventually rammed it all the way in. Since then, folks, it's gotten a lot more extreme, lemme tell ya.
Remember when I said I was 15? Well, by the end of this post you'll probably be thinking I'm a lot older, or that I'm a pervert. Neither are true. I've simply decided my sexuality, and that whatever I do is my business.
This next one is what I'd like to call my coming of age. It was at 4-H camp. Not the goat, sheep, pig kind of camp, but one where we stay on MSU's campus, and chill for a week in the dorms. Oh it's usually fun.. It's most definitely usually fun. My first year, I didn't know anybody, and when I got stuck with someone who was kinda wierd, I was less than impressed. The nights were good though. After lights were off, we'd sit there and talk, and when the talk turned to sex, you could barely see (from the shadow cast by streetlight) that we both had 'boners' and were both rubbing them under the covers. He was the first one to see and suggested we do it together. So we took off the covers, and we both masturbated in full view. He brought some dirty mags (ha. a boyscout and a 4h'er) with him so we pulled them out and looked at em, but we just couldn't decide what was hotter.. eachother, or the mags. Soon we both came. And oh it was fun. I was still a little shy of being fully mature at that time, but he wasn't, and he shot all the way across the futon which we were now both spread across, onto me. At first I was grossed out but then... kinda turned on.
Well, that was my first year at camp, and this past one, my third was even better. By now I knew all kinds of kids, and when, yet again this year, I was stuck with someone unfamiliar, I was equally disappointed. The first night, he started talking about girls which got him all hot and bothered I guess? He was most definitely virginal... and hadn't even discovered masturbation yet. So when he had his decent, 8' prick standing at attention I jokingly said somethign like 'hey bud, you better do something about that before you go to bed!' When he didn't know what I meant, I siezed the opportunity. I pulled down my pj's beneathe the covers and started rubbing on my swollen member. Now, I'm not going to elaborate and call myself gigantic, but I'm not totally unfortunate. I'm a little short, around 6'' but I'm about 5.5 inches around. So, when I was jerking it underneathe the covers, he got the idea. He started to do the same and that got me even more turned on. So, for a new, yet undiscovered sensation, I removed my hand, and placed it above the sheets, and continued to jack. Soon I splooged all over my sheets, and bed, and went to sleep.
The next night was better. I was immediately aroused and told him so, hoping to get a similar reaction, which I gladly got. He told me he wanted to jack off and I told him sure, and that I would too, but that I thought, since he was new to this that we should watch eachother and he could get some hints. He obviously wasn't object to this, as he jumped off his adjacent bed, and got onto the futon where I slept. He started stroking real hard and fast with two fingers and you could see he was all flustered and red. This just wasn't right... Morally, it was my obligation to help him. So I did. I said 'No, not like that... like this!' and let go of my penis, and grabbed ahold of his. I had my full hand wrapped around his shaft which was wet with both our precum. It only took a few minutes before I could tell he was close to coming. I told him to wait and tell me at the last second. When he did I put my right hand down to catch his spunk. After he shot I used his as lube to do me. And after watching me we were both exhausted and went to bed.
The next night, was better yet. I know it sounds unrealistic, but this is the way it fell, and kind of logically at that. So, by now we were comfortable masturbating in front of eachother... that was cool. And when lights out time came again, I said something like 'yep, another night of hardcore hand games' to which he laughed. 'But you better not get any ideas y'know,' I said as solicitously as possible 'when I'm turned on...'
And like I said, he was pretty naive. 'When you get turned on, what?!'
'Well, when I get turned on,' I explained, 'I get a little kinkier than usual,' (for some reason he knew that word) 'and I might just try something.'
To my absolute pleasure he wasn't the least bit disgusted by this and was kind of happy, but in a silent way. So I started jacking, and a moment later I could hear him. Well, I kept it up, and soon after I realized he was pretty close to me, watching close to my cock as he beat his own meat.
'ya like?' I said jokingly.
'Um.. yeah,' was his nervous response.
'well, tell ya what. If you take that in your mouth, and suck on it like you would a sucker, I'll do the same to you. I promise it'll feel good.'
And so he did, and he sucked, and blew, and licked and played until i finally blew my load all down his throat and in his mouth. He apparently didn't like the taste and started to spit it out, but I clamped a hand on his mouth. He was slightly alarmed at first, but I told him not to waste it. Instead, I brought his face up to mine, and kissed him deeply, all my own cum oozing into my mouth, and our cocks bobbing in the moonlight.
I didn't forget about him though. Nopers.. I wouldn't do that.
'Wanna try something else?' I said.
'What is that?' He asked nervously.
'How about I let you fuck me in my butthole.' I explained this all to him using terms that he would understand. He was my age, 15 and all, but not the brightest bulb.
So out came my hand lotion. I had legitamately dry skin, so I had quite a bit with me. I lubed up his cock getting it harder and harder, and stuck a finger or two in my butt. Remember when I said he was 8'' long? YEah... well.. he was about as wide as a pepsi can, and I knew it was going to be fun. Once I was sure I was as lubed as I could be I laid on my back, threw my knees over his shoulders and had him position his piston at my rosebud.
'On three' I told him. 'I'll push out, and you push in. One... Two... Three.' And as soon as I had the number out, he had his member at the doorway.
He pushed and pushed with his pelvis but couldn't seem to get it in. When I told him to throw his weight on top of me though, it plopped in all at once. I felt like I was going to die! This was a lot of cock for my first time! I squirmed and I breathed hard, and tears came to my eyes, but it was the best time of my life, and as he slowly started moving in and out, the head of his cock would brush my prostate, and I would shudder in ecstacy. Soon I had my cock in hand and I was jerking. I knew I was close to coming and I took my free hand and squeezed his nipple hard, and told him to do the same to mine. AS soon as he did I blew my load. My rectum closed on his penis and he squealed out quietly in delight, as he blew his load in side of me. He was stuck there for a little while, until my anus let him leave without tearing off his mushroom head. As soon as he did he did what any hot lover would do, and stuck his mouth down to my hole to suck it up, then kissed me deeply again.
We jacked off five or six more times that night, along with more sucking and fucking, and the next day we were both so sore we could barely survive all the activities. we did the same the next night and we left the next afternoon.
I've had quite a few experiences like this this summer, and I plan on posting them.. all in good time though my hornies.. all in good time =-P



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