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The Hayloft

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This is the follow up to 'My third time' which appeared on 7 January 2006 here on 'SoloTouch'!


Columbus Day weekend soon arrived and we were off to Kyle's grandparent's farm, with his parents, to help get things ready for winter. I was excited because I had never been to a farm before but I was even more excited to meet his cousin Peter who was going to be there for the weekend too. His cousin Peter is the one who had 'taught' Kyle over the summer.

When we got there we were greeted by his grandparents, his cousin Peter, 15, (which turned out to be a very appropriate name for him!), and Peter's friend Junior, 14. Never found out Junior's real name-everyone just called him Junior. We did stuff around the farm all day. It was very cool riding in the wagon and even driving the tractor a little bit! Peter kept brushing against me and playfully grabbing me. I was wondering if Kyle had told him or if he was trying to find out if I was interested, or if it was all just me reading more into it than it was?!

Over dinner Peter suggested that the boys-me, Kyle, Peter, and Junior- sleep out in the hayloft. Kyle's grandparents said that would be ok. Now they called this a hayloft but in reality where we were staying was a part of the hayloft that had been made into a room. It had chairs, a couch, carpeting, a tv, an old refridgerator and a heater. Our own little hideaway where we could hang out without adult supervision. Once out in the barn it was obvious that Peter was in control.

Since it was to get a bit chilly that night, Peter said we should unzip all our sleeping bags and make one big bed on the floor for all of us to sleep on. Once this was done Junior asked Peter if we were going to play barn tag. Peter said of course and asked if I too wanted to play. I agreed eventhough I did not really know what it was. The rules of the game were the same as regular tag except when you were tagged 'it' you also had to remove a piece of clothing. I had a bit of an advantage, or so it seemed, over the other boys because I had on more clothes. All of them were dressed the same-bib overalls with no shirts underneath! So we chased each other around the entire barn and much to my suprise and delight no one was trying too hard not to get tagged. When I tagged Peter he undid the straps of his bibs and let them fall to the floor! Turns out he was not wearing any underwear either! I stopped dead in my tracks as Peter revealed himself to us. I knew he was cute from the first moment I laid my eyes on him but now-WOW! Like Kyle, he had sandy blond hair, but he was taller and more developed. His dick was also larger and hairier than mine or Kyles. Even limp it flopped about whenever he walked or ran. As I stood there gazing upon this naked tanned god in front of me, my dick started to get hard. I was not paying attention when Peter walked up to me really close and pressed his naked body fully against me in a bear hug. He kissed me and said 'Your it!' By now he was begining to really fillout.

I quickly removed my pants since I had lost my shirt in a previous round. My bone was clearly showing through my tighty whities. Peter grins and announces 'I think he likes this game!'

Without saying a word I start chasing the guys around trying to tag someone. Actually, I wanted to tag Junior and get those bibs off of him so I could see what treasures were hidden under them. Looking back, I think he wanted me to tag him because he made no great effort to get away from me. When I did tag him, he stripped out of his bibs and, like Peter, he was wearing no underwear! Junior was way turned on and he could not hide the evidence. His dick was very hard! Both Kyle and I openly stared at the hard piece of man meat! He had about 6.5 inches of hard dick framed by an amazingly thick bush of curly brown hair! His low hanging ball sack was also covered with hair along with his legs. Junior even had patches of hair on his chest and stomach which were also revealed when he removed his bibs! I wanted him to tag me so bad so I could get rid of my underwear but instead he just reached out and tagged Kyle who was still wearing his bibs. Kyle took off his bibs leaving him wearing only his tighty whities with his bone bulging out. I also noticed that Peter's peter was now also very hard! Now the rules of the game seemed to change a bit.

Peter and Junior started stalking us around the barn. Kyle and I half heartedly tried to get away. Junior came up behind Kyle and pulled his shorts off-exposing his hard dick. While I was watching all of this take place, Peter came up behind me and picked me up. With me in his arms, he carried me off-back to the finished room. Kyle and Junior followed-their hard dicks swaying as they walked. Must have been a sight to see-four boys in a barn wearing only sneekers and socks!

Peter was still holding me when Junior pulled off my tighty whities freeing my young hard dick from it's cotton cage! They also took off my shoes and socks so I could not leave the room! One thing you don't want to do is go running around a barn with nothing on your feet!

Peter layed me down on the sleeping bags and sat down beside me and took off his shoes and socks. The others followed suit. Then he reached over and started fondling my cock and balls as the others watched. All he said was 'I have been waiting for this since the moment I saw you!'.

I guess you could call what happened next a circle jerk but it was anything but a circle. It was a mass of teenaged boy flesh grabbing and stroking any dick near them. This went on for some time before Peter announced it was time to initiate me into their little club. He layed me on my back, told me to clasp my hands behind my head, and enjoy! I was not sure what was happening as all three of them surrounded me. Then one by one they stroked each other off with stream after steamy stream of boy cum covering my 12 year old body. After they had finished, Junior came up behind me and sat down. He told me to sit up and rest my back against his front. I was still hard as a rock. Junior's hairy body felt real good against my smooth boy body. Peter sat between my spread legs and proceeded to jack me off very gently and slowly! It felt even better than when Kyle and I had done it! My hips began to thrust rymathicly with each of Peter's strokes. I could not hold back any longer and with one loud grunt I started blasting a load like no other! Junior held me tight as Peter finished me off and Kyle watched. To this day that was one of the greatest orgasms I have ever had! Once I had regained control of my body, Kyle said 'Welcome to our club!'.

The rest of the night was filled with more naked boy games and lots of jacking off! Exhausted, we eventually drifted off to sleep-naked-in one big pile of sweet boy flesh. The next day Kyle gave me a pair of bibs to wear-which I did wearing no underwear-just like the other farm boys! We did some more work and quickly returned to our 'club house' after dinner for another great night of boy fun! To this day Kyle and I still like to remember that special weekend at his grandparents farm! Yes Kyle and I are together now as a couple but we let Peter and Junior join in whenever we all get together!



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