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The Handover

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After this incident I reached the conclusion that David is a clean living guy, and he didn't mean this to happen, he just got carried away in the heat of the moment.

I've since had many happy hours reading and wanking over David's porno magazines.


Christmas came early last year. My 'present' was in the form of a collection of a dozen or so porno mags, from a mate, David.

It all happened a couple of weeks before his wedding, when he had to clear out his flat. 'Would you like a few old porno mags I've got lying around spare, and have got to get rid of?' he asked me over a drink one evening. Naturally, I agreed, though I was a little taken aback, David had never struck me as the sort of guy that reads porno mags. He seemed somehow too straight. He had always struck me as a clean living guy. Not the sort to masturbate much, and certainly not over porno mags!

We fixed a date for the following week, to have a drink and then go back to his flat for coffee and I would take the mags away with me.

Fast-forward to the following week, when we got back to his flat.

David opened the door and went through to collect the mags from his bedroom straight away. He came back with a pile of about a dozen or so, dumped them in my lap and said 'Take a look through while I make the coffee'. So I opened the first mag and flicked through several pages of gorgeous girls and read a letter or two.

David was back in a few minutes and sat down beside me. He started reading over my shoulder and for the next half hour or so we were completely engrossed, browsing through David's old magazines together. David pointed out his favourite photo features, and explained why he had kept these particular mags. I chipped in a few 'oohs' and 'aahs' of delight and we both got erections into our jeans with thinking and talking about it all. As time passed we each started playing with our bulges too. We were both getting very sexually aroused.

I felt sorry for the guy he was clearly sad to be giving them away, and I was not really surprised when presently he said that he would like one last wank, as he put it, and asked if I minded. Or more exactly he asked if I would do it with him, before taking his mags to their new home.

'A sort of a hand over, you mean?' I said.

'Something like that' he answered and we both sniggered at the joke.

'OK' I agreed. I didn't take much persuading, given that I'd now been erect in my jeans for some time and was fairly busting to bring myself off.

We knelt on the floor side by side and with a box of tissues nearby, and we each undid our flies and reached inside for our tools. To my dismay as I started to pull it out, I was suddenly overcome and I came prematurely, spraying my semen all down the front of my jeans.

When I recovered and looked up again, my eyes beheld a beautiful sight. David was kneeling up beside me, wanking himself steadily, in complete control. His tool was glistening wet and he was holding it well out, and from my side profile view it looked massive.

Gradually he increased his rate of stroking, then after a minute or two he started bucking gently from his hips, or sort of rocking on his knees. Finally he bucked right forward, looking up towards the ceiling, let out a gasp of delight, and an instant later and long stream of semen arched out his tool and shot six feet ahead across the carpet. He bucked again and over balanced, tipping forward and landed on all fours. Underneath him, pointing towards the floor, his tool jerked to and fro half a dozen times. Each time it jerked another stream of semen issued forth and streaked across the floor, and David whimpered with delight.

Finally his stream dwindled. His last few drops trickled out and moaned with relief that it was all over, and with that he collapsed forward exhausted, lying in the pool and streaks of semen that had formed. I couldn't see the action any more, but my guess is that his tool carried on twitching, like one does in the final stage of coming off, for another minute or more, I always think that's a beautiful moment, when all the tension is gone, but your tool is still gently pulsing and you haven't yet gone down.

I waited in silence for a couple of minutes, until at last David rolled aside and slowly sat up. He looked wrecked, his clothes all dishevelled and smeared with all semen, and also looked rather embarrassed now for having tossed off in front of me. I discreetly passed him the tissues and waited while he wiped himself down a bit, though his shirt and jeans were going to have to go into the laundry, and then I took my cue to go. I scooped up the pile of mags, found my coat and bade him good night.

I was annoyed with myself for coming prematurely, but David gave me a great show and as soon as I got home I lay down on the bed and gave myself a good masturbate with thinking all about it and came all over my shirt as a gesture of solidarity.



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