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The Guy Next Door Saw Me Do It

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I've been doing it ever since Mom and I had 'the talk' years ago, but always in private.

We had that talk when I asked Mom what she does when Dad's away on business; she knew I was talking about sex, and told me that she rubs herself 'down there'. I asked if it works. She kinda smiled, and said it sure does. I asked if I should do it too. She said that it is TOTALLY ok for anyone to do it if they want to.

Well that got me started! I did it A LOT, but always when nobody could see me. I had some boyfriends but I never let them touch me down there. I was always afraid of getting carried away and maybe going too far. So everything thing from the waist down was off limits. It still is even though I have now left home to go to college.

This past Christmas I came home from college. My folks were out so I went straight upstairs to my bedroom. It was getting late, and I was tired after a week of final exams. My bedroom window looks straight into the upstairs window of the house next door, where Jerry lives. Jerry is about my age, and we both had the upstairs bedroom of our houses to ourselves since neither of us had a brother or a sister. We were good friends when we were little, but we didn't have much to do with each by the time we were teenagers. Jerry liked sports and I liked books. But he's a real nice guy.

Once upstairs, I flopped down on my bed. But it was a nice, clear night. So I wanted to look out my window and see the stars. I always wonder if there are other planets with people on them like me. I shut the light off and sat in my chair by the window and staring at the stars, daydreaming about people living on other planets.

Then the light in Jerry's room went on. His window shade was up so I could see straight in. Jerry walked right across his room with no clothes on. His dick pointing was straight up! That boy had quite the boner. No one else could see anything because of how close our houses are. But I thought I would call him anyway on his cell and let him know I had just seen EVERYTHING. Jerry was SO embarrassed that I felt a little guilty about calling him. I was just joking around, but he took it very seriously. He explained that since I went off to college he got careless about closing his window shade. I told him 'Don't worry about it', and joked that he sure has grown up, straight up - if you know what I mean.

Well, when you give a guy an opening like that, they usually go somewhere dirty with it, and he did. He said that I've grown up too; adding that thinking about my tits is what gave him his boner. Then he said that he should see me too, since I saw him. I knew that didn't make any sense, but I said: 'OK. I will call you back.' Girls get horny too, and I knew it couldn't go too far since we were in separate houses and I was going back to college on Monday. But I figured I'd show him a little more than my tits, which I have to tell you look pretty good.

I shut the light off, and took my clothes COMPLETELY OFF. Then I moved my chair closer to the window, and put one leg on the left side of the window, and the other one on the right side. This put my pussy right smack in the middle of the window but invisible from the street because of how close the houses are. I definitely didn't want anybody but Jerry seeing me. I called him back, and told him to look to out his window. Then I flipped the light switch on. You should have seen his jaw drop! 'What's the matter? Never seen a girl before?' I teased. 'Not like that!' he fired back. I asked him whether he wanted to see some more. He said 'what more is there to see!' 'Just watch' I said, as I was about to show him all the changes a girl goes through when she pleasures herself.

Sitting the way I was with Jerry looking at me, I became very aroused. My skin turned pink, as blood rushed through my whole body. My lips swelled and darkened, as did my nipples. Sexual juices began pouring out of my vagina, and my clit got its own, easily seen little erection. The area around my clit went from pink to red. Then I felt myself contracting, maybe 15 or 20 times, each contraction followed by an exquisite rush of intense pleasure that had me moaning for more. I just rode the waves of pleasure until they finally subsided after about five minutes. Then my lips, my color, my nipples and my clit slowly went back to normal, ready to go again whenever I choose. Jerry saw it all, but he missed the delicious smells that poured out of my vagina.

After the show I put on for Jerry, he won't ever have to wonder if a girl is faking it. A girl can fake the sounds; she can't fake the rest of it. A guy just has to know what to look for. Now Jerry knows thanks to one special night that will never be repeated.



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