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The Greatest Job I Had

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I remember this day so well. I still have huge orgasms while I masturbate, thinking about that day.


Two summers ago I was given a great job.

I worked as help staff at a resort style conference center outside our town. It is a very private place catering to smaller events and they also rent their rooms as a getaway for couples as an adult only getaway resort.

I was hired to clean and help out with events as they happened along with four other full time ladies.

Our dress code in summer was black pants at night and black shorts during the day. Both shifts required our black t-shirts with company logo.

I am quite aware of my fit body and I always made sure I had the tightest pants, the shortest shorts and the best fitting top snug to my breasts to show them off.

I got to see a few exciting things over the time I worked there like couples having oral sex in the outdoor hot tub and even a few couples together nude that I'm sure swapped partners once back in the rooms. It was all very exciting for me as a young lady and made me very horny.

The day that sticks in my mind the most and takes me back many times while I vibrate my clit or finger myself is as follows. I'll do my best to keep the details correct although I most likely will have to stop a few times to vibrate my clit and orgasm.

I was asked by my boss to be interviewed by a lady to see if I was comfortable helping out with a ladies only seminar she was hosting. Clair was her name and once I met her she made me feel so comfortable that I would have said yes no matter what the theme was.

The seminar was for ladies to learn about self love and how to have great orgasms through masturbation. The title alone peaked my interest so I said I would be fine to help out.

Clair told me I may see one or all of the ladies nude and they may end up masturbating in the room depending on the group and how the day went. I found myself very excited thinking about the event, although I am not attracted to women in any way. The thought of being shown how to orgasm by masturbation really made me hot!

The afternoon came and after I set up I waited for the ladies to arrive. They started to roll in two at a time. Just before they had been having a massage and hot tub to relax them all. They each had a white robe. As Clair arrived she welcomed them and directed them to each take a seat on the floor on the beach sized towels I had layed out in advance.

Once they were all in I brought out some cool non alcoholic drinks to hand to each one. The ladies ranged from late 20's to about 70 I would guess, with most in their late 30's to early 40's.

Once I handed out the drinks I stayed at the back of the room without much to do. Clair started the seminar talking about love and all sorts of dribble stuff. Then she got into something more in my area of interest. Masturbation and orgasms!

Now I was listening.

She started off with a photo of a vagina showing how the parts worked and where to find them. She went on to tell facts about how many women admit to self love and at what age they first start as a rule. She then touched on the taboos and why some feel it is wrong to masturbate.

After some time she got to asking the ladies to stand and give a brief history about themselves and about how they learned to masturbate if they did at all.

One little lady about 35 ended up telling about how she learned from her aunt who was in college at the time studying to be a nurse. She said she was staying at her aunts apartment one weekend and after some boy talk her aunt told her she did not need boys and could take care of her needs herself. She explained how her aunt showed her how to use her fingers and said she could even buy a vibrating back massager to masturbate with.

After the ladies gave their stories Clair asked if there was anyone who wanted to come forward to be a masturbation model. I wanted so much to be that girl but I knew I couldn't. The same 35ish lady jumped up saying she would do it and walked to the front of the room. Clair asked her to please remove her robe and sit on the chair beside her. The lady whose name I do not know dropped her robe in a flash and sat down on top of it on the chair.

After a bit of small talk Clair asked if she would please show the others how she masturbated herself. The lady wasted no time and spread her slim legs apart showing everyone her pussy. She went into detail how she liked to start and then began to masturbate.

Her eyes closed and as she laid back slouched in the chair she began to softly moan. My eyes where glued to her every move. This was one of the best things I had ever seen in my life!

As the lady kept stroking her clit, Clair softly spoke to the others saying they would all have the chance to do the same if they wanted to. The lady rubbed her clit for about four minutes then said loudly that she was about to orgasm. She lifted her hips off the chair and held her breath then bang! She started bucking her hips and breathing hard as she rubbed her clit to what looked like a great orgasm.

After she was done my pussy was so wet that I thought I peed myself. I wanted to masturbate so badly!

Clair thanked the lady as she sat back up straight and all the others clapped for her orgasm.

Clair said that female masturbation was one of the most normal pleasures a lady could have. She said there is no other reason for a lady to have a clitoris other than sexual pleasure.

Clair then asked that I hand out the little box to each lady from the back of the room. I came forward and handed each naked lady a box. It was so nice to be with all these ladies together naked like one big family of sisters.

Inside the box was two vibrators and a bottle of lube. One small one vibe called a rocket and the other was curved like a banana.

The ladies ooed and awed as they opened the boxes and I heard the buzzing around the room.

Clair talked for a bit more and then said it was time for a group orgasm as long as everyone was comfortable with it. Almost every lady there put up their hand as comfortable. The others were advised they could take a break if they wanted or stay to be with the others as they had a group orgasm session.

Not one lady left the room but two stayed with robes on. The others dropped the robes and laid down on the towels as Clair directed.

Clair said it was time for self love and that each lady should be able to orgasm if they followed her instruction.

She then gave details of how to start slowly in circles with their fingers and then once they felt the clitoris tingle they should use the small vibrator on the clit. I noticed a few ladies that went directly for the vibrating dildo and they did have great orgasms.

This was about three to five minutes of soft sighs and about 12 women laying in front of me masturbating their clits. Clair then said if they wanted they should switch to the vibrating dildos or use both at once. None of the ladies switched to just one and one of the ladies that kept her robe on took it off and started to buzz her clit.

It only took about two minutes and then the first lady started to orgasm. That was followed by almost every other lady over the next four minutes. What a joy it was for me to be there. I was so turned on by all this that I started to rub myself through my black pants. As all the ladies buzzed at their clits Clair made her way back to me and handed me one of the left over boxes. She said that I was welcome to join in but I did not for fear of my job. Not stripping naked right then and there and masturbating was one of the hardest things I had ever not done. I was so horny and dripping wet!

After that night I went home with the box Clair gave me and vibrated my clit until I could not feel it any longer. I slept very little and my clit was still tingling the next morning. I masturbated myself to about six more orgasms that morning just thinking of what I had seen the day before.

It was one of the most exciting and sexual things I have ever seen or been a part of in my life. To this day I think about it and bring myself to orgasm with the same two toys Clair gave me that day.

Now I have to masturbate! I'm so turned on from reliving that day through this story.

I hope you all enjoyed my confession. It was a great day for me and nothing has topped it since.



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