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The Great Outdoors!

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After many years of pleasuring my cock, it occurs to me that there are a great many things that turn me on to the point that I feel compelled to stroke off to a nice, calming orgasm.

I enjoy hunting, and I particularly enjoy walking around in the woods when it is just cold enough to wear my longjohns and insulated coveralls. If you haven't tried it, treat yourself by getting a hold of a set of longjohns with the button flap front and seat and see how marvellous it feels to have your cock and balls swaying against the incredible cotton fabric! It is a real turn on!

So, as I tramp through the woods with my manhood being caressed with every step, I begin to grow increasingly horny to the point that hunting is no longer paramount on my mind. My stiff dick is craving attention, but it is my goal to prolong this incredible sensation as long as possible.

About this time, I stop and with one hand unzip the front of my insulated coveralls before unbuttoning the fly of my longjohns. My pulsing cockhead yearns for the feel of my fingers wrapping around it! My shaft longs (tee hee) for the familiar feel of my palm! My now tightening balls anticipate a loving touch! But,for now, I just free my cock and balls from their warm home in my longjohns as I let them feel the coolness of the air and then zip my coveralls back up so that they are now being stimulated by the nylon lining of the coveralls rather than the warm cotton to which they had become accustomed. Then I resume walking.

Oh, my! The feel of a a stiff dick and balls near ready to empty their load of cum rubbing against cool nylon as I continue to walk through the woods is exquisite! The thought has crossed my mind of just walking this way until my now astoundingly excited pole blows jizz all over the inside of my insulated coveralls, but I haven't allowed that to happen-yet.

When I have teased my dick and balls to the point that they are beginning to protest, I once again stop, but this time I carefully lean my rifle or shotgun against a tree.

This is the time of year when all of the leaves have fallen from the trees, and my excitement is heightened by the very real possibility of being caught in the act of jacking off in such an openly decadent way! I unzip my insulated coveralls while looking around to see if there is anyone else nearby.

Once, just as I allowed my swollen cock to swing freely from its lair, someone called to me from a treestand that I had not noticed. He was a bowhunter in full camo with no safety orange. I have no idea whether or not he enjoyed the show, but just as he called, my dickhead spewed forth a generous amount of creamy cum all over the dry leaves in front of me with a resonating sound that really turned me on.

But this time, I look around and do not see or hear anyone other than a farmer in a field probably a quarter of a mile away or more. I make sure to unzip the insulated coveralls all of the way down, which is just at the base of my balls. Next I make sure that all of the buttons of the fly on my longjohns are unbuttoned so now my engorged cock and hypersensitive balls are fully free to receive the stroking that they so richly deserve after so much teasing.

By using the overhand grip on my hard shaft in this situation, I am able to touch or tickle my balls just inside the coveralls with my fingers on every downstroke while the heal of my hand rubs against my now purple cockhead on the upstroke. Down, tickle my balls, up, rub my hardened dickhead! It becomes increasingly exciting with each stroke!

I would love to hear of your experiences, but after so much teasing, it doesn't take too many well practiced strokes before my cock erupts in a stupefying orgasm! True to form, I shot my cum onto the trunk of a tree and watched as it slowly ran down! The air and the tree were cool enough to see steam rising from the fresh cum, as well as from my now softening maleness and the semen that continued to ooze from the tip.

Maybe next time I'll share the fun of being on a treadmill with loose boxers!



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