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The Grand Finale

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This happened last week. I had no idea that 'solo' fun would end with such a grand finale.


It was a typical weekend and my wife was out running errands. I hadn't masturbated in a while so I thought I'd make use of the free time. I'm not very hairy down south but still like to shave my pubic area, balls, and asshole because both my wife and I enjoy the soft smooth skin. So before beginning my solo session, I took my razor in hand with me to take a nice hot shower. I also took some ice cubes and our eight inch dildo up to the shower for some extra fun.

I lathered up my pubic area, balls, and ass and shaved every little crevice until it was so smooth it got me excited. I sat down in the back of the tub and let the water hit my legs. Then I took an ice cube and covered it in lube and rimmed my hole with it until I couldn't resist sliding it in. I slowly but gradually inserted all six ice cubes and rubbed my balls with one hand while teasing my hole with the other as I waited for the ice cubes to melt. The cold water slowly trickled out of my ass and I moved down the tub and lifted my legs to let the warm water hit my throbbing balls and chilled hole. The feeling was amazing!

As I stayed there just enjoying the wonderful feeling I lubed up the dildo that my wife and I share and slowly teased my ass with the head. After my tight chilled hole began to open up from the warm water, it began to loosen up and begged to be filled. As I pushed the dildo in, I laid my head back, and continued pushing it further and further until it was all the way in. Once I was hitting my prostate, I grasped my now hard cock and started pumping.

Amidst pumping my dick and dildo, the shower curtain opened and when I looked up in shock my wife was smiling down and said, 'Can I help?'

'Of course, you made it just in time for the finale,' I replied after a few seconds of gathering my composure and my heartbeat went back to normal.

'I control the finale now,' she said as she took over control of her two joy sticks.

She started by slowly pushing the dildo all the way in and then pulling it completely out, making my ass gape. She stopped and took off her sweatshirt and bra since it was getting soaked; now I had something to play with. Returning her hands to her two joy sticks, she pumped faster and faster until my throbbing dick couldn't take it anymore. Just watching the water hit her shaking breasts and trickle off her nipples onto my chest and the sensation of my prostate being rubbed by the head of the dildo on every thrust turned my warm shaft into a pulsating hose.

'I'm gonna cum,' I shuddered.

'Here's the finale, hun,' she replied as she leaned her boobs down in front of my dick.

Just as she leaned down, thick warm shots of cum shot out...3...4...5...big ropes hit her chest and then fell to my stomach and cock as the last warm cum dribbled out and covered my shaft and balls. I was in complete ecstasy! As the finale wore down, she slowly pulled out the dildo and laid it in the tub and slowly rubbed my balls, the base of my shaft, and the hot spot between my hole and balls.

'Tada!' she said with a beaming smile.

'I thought I was going to have some fun by myself but I am so glad you surprised me,' I whispered as I laid my head back and let the warm water hit me.

'I got home early from running errands and heard the shower going and I knew you already took a shower this morning so I figured you were up to something,' she said as she stood to dry off and clean up.

'I was just waiting for you so I could show you the finale,' I said with a laugh as I got up to finish taking my shower.

What a fun surprise. Even though getting 'caught' by my wife doing something that we both do and enjoy, it still startled me and ended up making it that much more exciting. That's a shower I won't forget, and every time I see the finale during a fireworks show, I'll go right back to remembering how wonderful it was showing my wife my grand finale.



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