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The Good Old Days

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This could never happen these days, for so many reasons. Aahh the good old days


This is a story about when I was in college. I was in crew and was rowing on the top eight man boat. To say I was in shape was an understatement. I also worked as a bouncer in a local club Saturday nights. We had no practice on Sunday and it was fun easy work that paid well as part time college jobs go, and there was never a shortage of beautiful women. I rarely slept in my own room on Saturday night. The owner of the Club was a rich alum of the school. She was all business, but she always had a man at her side who could have walked off the pages of GQ. She approached me one night with a proposition I could not refuse. Apparently her sorority had an annual initiation weekend where they hired some strippers. She wondered if I would be interested. I had done some stripping the prior summer back home, and the thought of stripping for girls my own age was intriguing. Especially this sorority house, there wasn't a dog in the bunch. The only catch was the initiation ceremony was to remain completely secret. The implication was my cushy bouncer job would be over if I told anyone what went on. Years later and without details of where this happened I guess it's OK to tell. There are a lot of women who will know about this special initiation. This was all long before the term sexual harassment was part of the lexicon.

My boss lady warned me that I would have to get nude and that I might get felt up or jacked. This was sounding better and better. The night came, it was a Friday night, I showed up early and was led to the laundry room in the basement to get dressed. Another guy showed up that I did not know, apparently he was a full time stripper. He was telling me he made six figures cash dancing and serving ladies in the area. This was back in the 70's when six figures was a lot of money! I figured this was some sort of competition and I felt out gunned. I hoped my size and build would win the day.

We each did two sets the second stripping completely. To my disappointment I could see next to nothing as we performed on a brightly lit stage and the girls were in the dark. I could hear there must have been 100 or more there, though the house only had like 50 current members. Apparently initiation was a very popular weekend with the alumni.

After the second set we were sent away, and my lady boss came in with a offer no guy could refuse. The deal was that we would be paid double to be the subject of a masturbation contest. The pledges for the sorority had been split up into two teams. Each team would choose one stripper and try to get him off. There were prizes for first, biggest load, and most orgasms. There was a rules list that was three pages long. Apparently they did the same thing every year. They had thought of everything. They had a gram scale to weigh samples, and had a microscope to verify that each orgasm produced ejaculate no fake outs or substitutions.

There was a curtain so one team could not see what the other team was doing, though all the spectators could see both sides of the curtain. We were led to the stage and the teams picked their stripper. Through the dancing I stayed mostly flaccid but the prospect of what was to happen, had me hard as a rock. I was picked first no doubt due to my hard on. The other guy was soft, though hung like a horse. We were told to lay down on a portable massage tables. Much to my disappointment we were then blindfolded and tied to the table (This was so we could not make unwanted advances on the girls we were told). This went on to choruses of hoots and whistles surrounding us.

Prior to the events, each team had had about a half an hour to plan their strategy; no pledge had to take an active roll. It was a team competition though there were awards for, best teamwork, best strategy, best improvisation, and overall best show.

As things got going music started it was pretty loud. Apparently talking sexy was part of my teams strategy, to be heard and to be sexy, they had to whisper directly in my ear. The touching started by the whole team touching me at the same instant with iced hands. If I were not tied down I'd have leapt off the table. Then one of the girls said 'that was to get your circulation going now lets get your pecker pumping' I felt warm almost hot oil dribble all over my body. Then five pairs of hands started working me over. Each girl rotated around me as they all took turns trying to get me off. As they rotated around they also took turns whispering in my ear. In order to be heard they had to be right on my ear. Feeling their hair brush my face and shoulder, feeling their breath on my neck, and smelling their intoxicating perfume was very arousing. They would each tell me something hot and sexy, like 'I'm so wet thinking about you cumming', or 'the girl stroking your cock has never touched a cock in her life', Eventually they settled in on something that must have looked like it was working, because they stuck with it until I was ready to blast my first load. Not however before the other guy, and from the comments, it must have been quite a load. The girl at my ear was not fazed in the least. She said rabbits never win a contest like this. She started moaning and telling me she was rubbing her clit, and she needed to see me cum herself. I lost it to a thunderous ovation. The girls kept there massage going I normally need at least twenty minutes but I never lost my erection apparently this was not the case on the other side of the curtain.

I started talking to the girl at my head, asking her what she was wearing, could she untie me so I could feel her tits, she asked me what I like and told me what she liked. The hoots were indicating that the other guy was back in the game. I'm a visual guy seeing the girl I'm with is a big part of the turn on. I told this to my coach who's name was Naomi. She painted word pictures of the girls working on me describing there muffs and tits. She had me half believing they were nude as they worked on me. After about twenty minutes and sounds from the other side of the curtain that things were getting close Naomi untied one hand and allowed me to feel her up. As I suspected she had a top on, and as it turned out loose shorts as well. I asked if I could feel her crotch, she just moaned. As my fingers found her panty clad slit I found she was telling the truth about one thing she was soaked! I found her clit and rubbed away with my thumb as my fingers sampled her wet cunt. The crowd was screaming at the sight, some were crying foul but neither Naomi nor I were in a mood to care. I felt her spasm around my fingers and that pushed me over the edge. I shot another load. All the crowd response must have inspired the other side because he came again to a thunderous ovation.

As the next song ended the MC came on to say that the bar was open and that there would be a 15 minute intermission. The teams could continue if they wanted but no orgasms would be counted during the intermissions. I was allowed to sit up but not take off my blind fold, my team was very complementary the told me I was doing a great job. They got me something to drink as one girl massaged my shoulders they started talking more strategy some in hushed tones. They started asking me how many times I could cum and stuff like that. I told them that seeing the girl that I'm with and knowing I make her excited and getting her off is a big part of what turns me on. I asked how long the contest lasts and was told until one of the teams or one of the strippers gives up. They made me promise not to give up. They promised to make it up to me if there team won. There was more quiet talking and shuffling of the rules papers. Then slowly a consensus was building, I will if you will, that kind of stuff.

Soon the break was over we were tied back in place by the officials but no sooner than the music started than Naomi was in my ear she said that she and the other girls would strip and some might let me feel them, but if I tried something unwelcome they would ask for me to be tied up again. I assured Naomi I wanted to please them as much as they wanted to see me be pleased. At that there was a momentary release of hands from my body. I heard loud cheers and shouts as the girls were clearly disrobing. The other team could not see what was going on, but they knew something was up. Each girl took turns coming to my ear and telling me what she wanted. All of them let me feel their tits after one of the girls asked me to suck her nipples all but one wanted that as well. Three allowed me to finger them. The added stimulation had me cumming again long before the other guy. As I laid there catching my breath I heard one of the girls ask if she could fuck me. Although the rules didn't specifically forbid it we did not have a condom and the rules were clear that the ejaculation had to be as a result of masturbation to count.

The girls had me hard again in no time. I was a little surprised, my personal record was like four in a two hour session. I kept asking Naomi to take off my mask she responded with a kiss on the lips. She was really getting into it. I'm a petty sensual kisser I've been told, but Naomi could curl toes. By my forth orgasm Naomi had cum twice and two others had cum once. The girls were unable to immediately revive me after the forth go so after the other guy had cum again. Another intermission was called. The results of the first two orgasms were announced. We were behind but by less than two grams. My second load was nearly as big as my first and my last two loads, though I did not see them, must have been OK because my team was very complimentary. I asked again to take off my mask and one girl on the team said she had a problem with that. So the other girls came up with a unique solution she could stand at my head and talk to me as the other girls gave me a show. This seemed to get her to buy in, apparently she was sensitive about her freckly complexion, and flat chest. Naomi had described her rock hard pink nipples. I so wanted to see my other team mates I'd have promised anything. As the intermission ended the results on the next two goes were in. We had pulled ahead.

The music started and Naomi took the main masturbation position, as Tina stated whispering in my ear. She definitely had a crush on me. She, I found out had coaxed two of my orgasms, her technique was impeccable. She told me she was a virgin and it was she was the one that asked if she could fuck me. She was a little toasted and my blindfold had her feeling very adventurous. I complemented her on her technique and asked if I could suck her tits. She asked me if I was pulling her leg because there was nothing there. I told her that Naomi had described her rock hard nipples as the sexiest on the team. Tina whispered for me to close my eyes, as she brought her breast to my lips. Naomi was correct Tina had very suckable nipples; I reached for her quim only to find her hand already there. She brought her hand to my lips and I replaced hers with mine. She was soaked. In less than 30 seconds I had her cumming and Naomi had me cumming. It took me several minutes for me to catch my breath. Here I finally had my mask off and my face had been buried in Tina chest nearly the whole session.

The next round started with me on the floor. The girls were dry humping my legs and pelvis. A really pixey sized girl had straddled my abdomen and was jacking me with peppermint hand lotion. I was not sure I had another one in me, but as the lotion started to tingle, I knew I was OK. Julie's 5'2' 95 lb tiny frame stretched across my 6'4' 240lb frame was quite a sight to behold. She would rub the tip of my peppermint coated prick on her cunt lips. I had to protest; I picked her up and spun her around so she was straddling my legs. I could see her face on now. She was beautiful. I cautioned her no wet to wet without a condom. She scooted up and nestled her quim right on my tight ball sack. She did a two hand jerk on me that looked for all the world like the cock she was jacking was hers. She started to grind her clit into the base of my cock as she relubed my cock with more peppermint.

Naomi straddled my neck and proceeded to rub one out on my chin, I tried licking but this was a control thing she didn't want any part of it. I don't know who came first but when all was said and done I was spent.

I was not about to throw in the towel. Another load before morning was very unlikely. The girls rolled me over and tried to coax another erection out of me, which they did then they rolled me back. They whispered stories of their last romantic date, Their first time, what they do on there own. I learned more after my sixth orgasm in that hour and a half they kept working on me, than I had sum total learned prior or since. Everyone on the team had at least one orgasm either by my hand, or their own as they put on a show for me. Finally things came to a close as the other team tossed in the towel. Almost four hours had passed the crowd was less than a quarter its original size, but those few left made up in volume what they lacked in numbers. Our team was declared the winner in like six of ten categories they came up with a couple categories on the cuff so the other team would not feel so bad. At the close of things I had several paying propositions but that's not what I was in it for. I got Naomi's number and called her the next week. It turns out she and Tina were room mates.

We got an apartment together my senior year and through my grad school. Naomi and I went steady, but Tina was well tended to when she was between boyfriends. Naomi's parents had a problem with me, and I got a job four states away after grad school. We all eventually married others and lost touch.



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