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The Golden Girl's Costume

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I worked for a dry cleaner in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, home of Louisiana State University. On Saturdays, fans are treated to a halftime show that includes the wonderful Golden Girls dance line, whose beautiful dancers are quite the envy of other schools in our conference. This is a story about them.

One Friday about four years ago I was opening the store when a strikingly attractive brunette came in carrying a large brown shopping bag. She explained that she needed something urgently dry cleaned by the end of the day. She explained that she would pay whatever it took to get the job done by then, and made it very clear that my discretion was necessary. What she was giving me, she wasn't allowed to have in public for anything other than official purposes. 'I could get in a lot of trouble.'

I promised her my secrecy and told her it would be ready by 4 p.m. (As it's now four years since and I've left the cleaners and the state, I figure I can share the story.)

Inside was the unmistakable white top and sequined gold-and-purple fleur-de-lis of the Golden Girls' uniform. Everything was there, including the elbow-length sleeves and white gloves, and fishnet tights. It was the entire uniform.

Soon it became clear what the problem was. This Golden Girl had fucked her boyfriend (or someone) wearing her costume. He must have had one hell of a time, given how many guys go to the games and stare at the girls, fantasizing about fucking them, right there on the 50 yard line if necessary.

There was a huge wad of dried cum on the sequins right over the tits. The gloves also had cum stains on their wrists, and on the forearm of one of the sleeves. It became clearer what she'd done. Because the top is one solid piece, it would be really difficult to pull the crotch aside and be fucked while wearing it, especially with the fishnets on. She'd blown her lover and then finished him off with a handjob while wearing her costume, and either he shot his cum unexpectedly or she tried to take his cum on her face (or on her tits, it's a halter top with the cleavage exposed) and he missed and hit her costume. Or in the throes of passion she just kept jerking and jerking while he shot his cum all over everywhere.

As I pieced together her sexual encounter in my mind my cock became ragingly hard. I folded up the top of the bag and carried it as though it was something I'd brought in. Then I told the other girl who worked the front that I had to see to something in the office and to cover the front.

I grabbed a dry cleaning box and went into the upstairs bathroom instead. Heart pounding, I stripped naked and locked the door. Since some stud had already done the deed, I figured I could get my cum all over her pretty costume, too, and no one would be the wiser. I laid the top down on the floor and slipped one of the gloves over my left hand. It was small but stretched enough to fit mine. Figuring if she'd blown him, saliva had already gotten on the glove, I spit into my right hand and lathered up my rock hard penis. Then I started stroking off with my left, gloved hand.

I was in heaven.

Slowly pumping my purple shaft, I thought what it must have looked like, this unbelievably sexy piece of pussy sucking her boyfriend's big cock. I thought about her looking up into his eyes, her red lips stretching and sliding back and forth as she blew him, her tongue gliding up over the shaft, hand stroking that massive dick as she gazed hungrily at it. She must know that every red blooded male who sees her in this costume wants to fuck her. Obviously, if she wore it and got cum all over it, she enjoys their fantasies too, if it's the right guy.

I moaned her name (having read it off the ticket) as I felt my orgasm building up.

'Ohhhh ... that's it baby ... just like that ... god you are gonna make me cum, honey ... make me cum, baby ... you make me cummmmm ....'

My cum shot out in several thick ropes, huge hot blobs splattering the sequined top. I drained every drop out of my balls onto that gorgeous Golden Girl's sexy costume. Then I looked at my watch. I'd only been in the bathroom about three minutes. Still hard, still with time, I kept stroking, flinging the rest of my cum all over the top and smearing it into the glove. And in another two minutes, with an incredible force of will, I came again, spurting another two ropes of jizz on Miss Golden Girl's sexy costume.

I wiped my dick on the crotch of the costume, then quickly dressed and arranged the items in a box with the top off, as if I'd just taken it from the customer. The bill was already on it, telling the cleaning staff it would need stain treatment. We're a storefront only; the cleaning facility is elsewhere. So by the time it got there my cum would have dried. The van was due in about 20 minutes. No one was any wiser or suspected anything.

At 3:30 we got the rush orders back. I put Miss Golden Girl's costume in a discreet box and taped a note to it face down. She came in to pick it up, bouncing on the balls of her feet anxiously as I rang it up. 'Thank you,' she said, very gratefully, looking me in the eyes. 'My pleasure,' I said, and meant it.

The note? It was one of those 'Sorry! We couldn't get a stain out' form notes. It wasn't true of course, we were able to clean everything. But boy you should have seen her eyes bulge and her face flush when she saw that. I smiled.

'It's OK, sugar, we got everything,' I said with a wink. She laughed, thanked me, and left.



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