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The Glory of Older Sex

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Getting old isn't always so bad


Over the last several years, one of my cars has always been a sports car. Three weeks ago, I traded one in for a newer model and on this day, I was outside washing the new car even though it rarely gets dirty. My wife was gone for a week visiting her sister in NJ and I was alone in our home in South Florida.

The time change just happened that day and I was up early anyhow which had me wiping down the car with new chamoise. I was about done when the neighbor from across the street, Glory, walked over. Now Glory is about 50 I guess, while her husband Ed is near 70 if not older. A second marriage for him but that was a long time ago. Ed was also away for a few days visiting his daughter from his first marriage in Alabama. I didn't know this until Glory walked over as we talked.

Glory lost probably forty pounds over the past year or so and while always attractive, she got to be a really very sexy looking woman. Yes, even at that advanced age of hers. You young guys may not appreciate somebody like her but us older gents certainly do. Glory often says things with double connutations that keep me guessing over the past five years we've been neighbors, and once again, she started. Something about is my hose big enough to do the job I think.

As it had been a few days without sex and here is Glory looking really good, I had about half a hardon in my shorts which by the way, I had no underwear so my cock was protruding a bit which Glory didn't fail to notice. I'm at the front of the car which has the nose almost in the garage and with her sexy smile at her little remark she had, I just dropped my shorts and asked her if my hose was big enough.

I may have not been blessed with the most brains in school and certainly not the best looks but mother nature did give me a pretty big cock as from high school on, it measures an honest eight and a half inches long and just short of seven inches in circumference. By now, just after dropping my shorts, I'm on my way to getting really hard as I took my right hand and massaged it just enough for it to come almost all the way up.

Even if somebody was walking down the road, they probably could not see me where I was standing but Glory sure could. She stood by the front fender with her mouth open and no words coming out for several seconds. I thought perhaps she would bolt away across the street to her house but after maybe fifteen seconds, she said something like 'Is that thing real?' I mumbled something like 'Come and see for yourself' or something like that.

She took a couple of steps towards me and I toward her and she wrapped her little hand around my now throbbing cock and gently stroked it a few times. OK, things could get dangerous for both of us so I took her by the hand and into the hallway connecting our house and the garage and told her it would get a bit bigger if she worked on it a bit.

I later found out Glory and Ed haven't had any sex for several years because of his medical conditions which are extensive including heart bypass and other things that keep him from getting an erection. And he is not interested in her in any sexual way from what she says anyhow. And true to my word, my cock actually appeared to grow a bit as the veins were really proturding and the head got a deep purple which only happens on occasions when I get extremely sexually excited which I sure was.

It was awkward standing in the hall with her stroking me and my shorts around my ankles and I really wanted to see what she had under her shorts too so we walked in and made it to the spare bedroom I have. I laid down on the bed while Glory knelt on it and over my throbbing cock and with two hands, pumped it up and down then gently licked the ugly purple head. By now, I should have been cumming all over but for some reason, I just got close and stayed there. Maybe it has something to do with cheating or whatever but I just stayed so very close to the edge.

I worked my right hand under the leg of her shorts and soon found a very damp cunt which was still hiding under her panties. I just tried to find where her clit was and gently massaged that area and was greeted by a lot more moisture in short order and Glory humping my finger as she stroked my cock faster and faster. I was about to cum and knew it now and somehow managed to sit up and pull away. Glory was dismayed and wanted to get me off.

I then told her I was about to cum but not before she did, and with no effort, got her shorts and panties off and could see her cunt lips bulging and her clit peeking out over the top cleft. Back in the same position, me on my back and her kneeling next to me but with her legs spread just a bit more and my thumb in her vagina while my index finger massaged her clit and as she bounced up and down on my hand, she never missed stroking my cock while moaning quite loud. Try as I did, I did not get her off before me as far too soon, I erupted with one of the best orgasms I've had in years, my cum shooting the first time up several inches then just several more spurts until it just oozed out of the end, all the while Glory kept pumping and humping my hand.

I was probably done for about a minute and my cock was getting almost too sensitive to touch when Glory got off herself, grinding her cunt hard into my hand and squeezing my sensitive cock to where I thought she might break it off. When she finished, she could not move for a while, just resting her head on my cum soaked stomach. When she finally raised her head, her short hair was covered with my ejaculation which didn't bother her at all. I got up and got two towels for us and of course, got a guilty feeling. Love thy neighbor but this was extreme, and yet, before she left, I promised to go over to her house for dinner later. Oh, dinner was delicious and so was she.



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