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The Glory of Lingerie 4

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All sex is fun providing nobody gets hurt.


Continuing my stories about erotic lingerie.

I carried on visiting the toilet I spoke of in my last post, but also tried some others. I was amazed to discover other cubicles with large holes in the walls. This was very exciting as it enabled me to enjoy my exhibitionism whilst wearing my fabulous erotic undies.

I had trips out whenever I could and over the years in must have run into hundreds. It really surprised me the number of guys who seemed to be turned on looking at me, judging by the amount of time a lot of them spent leering at me through the holes in the wall.

This was all the more exciting for me as it was usually obvious that they were wanking. I especially enjoyed it as I watched them cum, or as stroked them to orgasm through the hole.

Anyway this continued for a number of years. But during this period I bought some lingerie for my wife to wear in the bedroom. She seemed to enjoy it, and, after some initial persuasion we certainly had some fun.

I bought her several items, basque, suspender belts, various thongs and brief panties and black stockings.

After a while I plucked up courage to say that I also enjoyed wearing stockings etc. I also tried her with idea of us having some fun whilst both were dressed in my favourite undies. I had masturbated often thinking about the possibility of me wearing lingerie in front of my wife, I imagined bringing myself off to a most intense orgasm in front of her.

It was chance but never the less I risked it. She was unsure about the scenario at first but eventually agreed.

So the evening arrived she took me to the bedroom and told me to get undressed.

On the bed were a really sexy purple and black lacy suspender belt, there was also a matching thong plus black stockings, very sheer.

My heart was pounding but I felt quite nervous and embarrassed, in fact truth be known very embarrassed.

Picking up the suspender belt she fastened around my waist; this certainly felt strange, her dressing me.

Then she rolled one the stockings and showed me how to put it on without laddering it; she laughed saying that I probably knew that already.

After the stockings she ran her hands up and down my nylon encased legs.

I was still soft the embarrassment of the situation was stopping me getting hard.

After the stockings she ran her hands up and down my nylon encased legs, this at least caused a bit of stirring.

She then handed me the thong, I put it on. Standing back she gave me a long lingering look up and down, followed by a smile. She then blew me a kiss and left the room.

I laid on the bed, the excitement was beginning to build and the embarrassment was subsiding, oh and my cock was waking up to the situation.

After what seemed like an age she entered the room and boy was it worth the wait.

She had on a basque that so sexy lots of black lace with bright red bows and trimmings thong to match , sheer black stockings, and to finish the cock tingling ensemble, open toed shoes with the highest of heels.

Real fuck me shoes.

She stood in front of me looking me up and down, pouting, seemingly approving of the sight, this made me feel so very horny.

Then she put her hand down her panties and started to rub herself all the time ogling me.

After a few minutes of this my cock was beginning to beg to be released form within the little lacy triangle that was restraining it.

My legs were hanging over the end of the bed, she stepped forward between them and rubbed my cock through the material. Then she pulled the top of them down and eased out my hard on.

Wrapping her hand around it she slowly and lightly stroked me. All the time her other hand was thrust down her panties.

She seemed to be enjoying the situation, which made me a lot more relaxed, in fact I was so relaxed that I was not far from losing all control. She sensed this and eased off stroking me, which had been a lot faster and stronger.

She then removed her thong and helped me off with mine, laying beside me she took my balls in one hand and cock in the other; she was really working me now.

I reached down and pushed two fingers into her warm wet, inviting cunt; she let out a little cry as I pushed them in and out.

I pulled my fingers out and found her clit and tugged and massaged it, trying to pleasure her as much as possible.

After a couple of minutes she continued to work me, paying my rock hard cock all the attention she could; I felt she was anxious to make me cum very quickly.

She had now moved round and was kneeling between me, our nylon clad legs rubbing against each other.

I tried to hold back, but she now had a finger massaging my arsehole, and as the pace quickened on my cock, I was fast reaching the point.

Then, as I grunted and groaned, I shot my first strand of thick cum, it landed on her cheek. Then I shot load after load hitting my chest and covering her hand with my creamy spunk.

It was the most intense cum that I had for a long time, and certainly the most messy.

I was feeling satisfied if not a bit sticky, but I was luxuriating in that post ejaculation mood.

However I was soon awakened from that as she thrust her cum covered fingers inside herself again. She was pumping hard now, rubbing her clitty with her thumb. She was very aroused now, moaning and breathing heavy. I was amazed how turned on she was. Before long she let out a cry and that was it, she was cumming I looked down at her hand, it was very wet. She jerked and moaned and finally collapsed beside me.

When she finally recovered, her hand starting to stroke my stocking clad leg. Running up and down, stopping briefly at the exposed flesh where the stockings ended, her fingers just glancing against my flaccid dick. I was beginning to stir. Each time she lingered longer. Each time my pulse raced a little and my cock started to thicken.

I reached across attempting to touch her sex, but she gently pushed me away saying she was still recovering from her massive orgasm.

Meanwhile I was now hard again and her hand was once again doing her magic.

After a few minutes she started to rub herself with the other hand, this was my cue to return the favour. I had no problem with this and eagerly started playing with her clit.

We were soon both getting very sexed up again, I was certainly surprised how hard I had become again.

She was now rubbing quite furiously, as I was pumping two fingers into her.

I think my wife was enjoying this scenario as much as me, considering her initial reluctance, she seemed to revelling in the fact that we both looked so incredibly sexy dressed in our lingerie, and it was proving to be turn on for as well as me!

We were both breathing very heavily now, and really into masturbating each other both intent on pleasuring our partner.

She once again inserted a finger into my arse, just enough to give that fantastic sensation. She was working her magic on my cock, occasionally spitting onto it giving some great lubrication. Rubbing me hard and then slower, bringing me close, then easing off. Teasing me, close to orgasm, and then not.

In turn I was thrusting my fingers in and out. Sometimes pulling right out and putting them in my mouth and tasting her sex.

Then I would pull and tug her clit, she would moan and squirm. The more she squirmed the more I would work on her; I really wanted to give her the best ever orgasm.

Finally she took me to the edge, and beyond. I shot quite a lot of thick creamy spunk, not with same force, or quantity as before, but a good load. Most of went onto her hand and she wiped some of onto my cock, and continued to wank me until she milked me dry.

My fingers were still inside her but I had stopped pumping her, once I regained my senses I was wanking her again. It was seconds before she shuddered and moaned and I felt her soak my fingers. She was very tense and pushing against my hand, it was some while before she let out a sigh and relaxed. She was so very very wet I just loved that.

We soon collapsed exhausted and fell asleep. We awoke in the early in morning still wearing our stockings and were soon playing with each other again, shortly bringing each other to a final orgasm.

After this session we never really talked about again, it was certainly never repeated.

I had a great time and I think my wife was eager to please me and did enjoy it, but it was a once off it was out of my system.

I still dressed up for myself and continued to visit the glory holes, it was just a fun addition to the great sex life I had with my wife. I was enjoying the best of both worlds.



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