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The Girls Next Door Liked It

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I really do love this site and all the stories. I really get off reading them and knowing that others are reading mine. I'm in my late forties and I love exposing myself while I'm masturbating, but if I can't masturbate, just exposing myself is great too. I can keep the memory for later and jack myself off and really enjoy it.
A family moved in next door a few weeks ago and they have four kids. Two of them, Judy and Christie, are 16 and 18 years old and very hot. I first met them when I came out my back door, one day, and caught them smoking. I knew they were trying to hide from their parents and I told them that it was O.K.. We introduced ourselves and I sat down on my back steps(about 6 steps up) and started talking to them. My cock was already simi-hard and was sticking about half way out of the leg band of my shorts. They both saw it at about the same time and acted a little nervous. I kept talking to them as if nothing was wrong and they both relaxed. As I talked to one of them with full eye contact I could tell the other one's eyes would go straight down to my cock, which was completely rock hard by now and sticking almost all the way out of my shorts. I could feel a huge drop of precum leaking out of my cock and I was sure they could see it. We continued to talk for about ten minutes and I thought I was going to cum with these two young beauties looking at the cock of this dirty old man. Then Christie leaned over and whispered something in Judy's ear. I was sure I knew what it was, but I played dumb and said, 'hey girls, it's not polite to whisper. Can't you tell me your secret?'. They both giggled and Christie said she was sorry, she was just telling Judy that they should get home before their parents did. They asked if it was O.K. for them to come over here where their parents wouldn't catch them smoking. I told them they could come over anytime.
The very next day I set everything up just before they were to get home from school. I left my back door open where you could see across the hall and right into my computer room. I got completely nude, put on some cock rings and got my cock all lubed up. I pulled up the Solo site, started reading the stories and jacking off. I had a mirror set up in the room so I could see if they were where they could see me. If they were in the right place they would have an unobstructed view of me jacking off. Then I could hear them talking as they came around to the back of my place. At first I couldn't see them, but I heard Christie say, 'Jack must have left his back door open'. Then I saw her in the mirror lean over to look in the door. She saw me at the same time. Her mouth dropped open and she just stood there for a few seconds completely frozen. I just kept jacking off as if I didn't know they were there. I heard Judy say, 'Christie, what's the matter?'. Christie put her finger up to her lips for Judy to be quiet and motioned for her to come over to where she was. I glanced at the mirror and Judy was right beside Christie with her eyes glued on me jacking off and her mouth had dropped open too. They both inched quietly closer to my back door so they could get a better look. They were looking at me and back and forth at each other. I saw Christie gesturing as if she wanted to come in my back door and Judy was shaking her head no. Christie tried pulling her, but Judy said no. Christie pulled Judy to one side and out of my sight. I figured they had gone home. I was so excited I closed my eyes and kept stroking and it was feeling fantastic. It only took a few more minutes and I unloaded all over myself. When I finally stopped cuming I sat there in my chair to relax for a couple of minutes when I heard Christie's voice at my computer room door say, 'Jack you should be more careful about leaving your back door open. Judy and I saw everything you were doing.' I was totally stunned as Judy and Christie stood there looking at me with cum all over me and the floor. Christie continued, 'is it always that messy when a guy cums? Judy and I won't tell anyone if you'll let us come over and watch you do it again'. I said O.K. and they left. I hope they don't wait too long before they ask to come over again. I'm jacking off right now just thinking about it.



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