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The Girls Next Door Came Back

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This is a follow up on 'The Girls Next Door Liked It' Feb. 24th. The two young girls Judy and Christie that are 16 & 18 years old that I let catch me jacking off and they said they wouldn't tell if I would let them come back over and watch me do it again. I told them they could come over anytime and I would be happy to jackoff for them all they wanted.
They have actually been back several times but I just haven't shared it until now. They came back the very next day and brought a friend. She was very attractive and looked about the same age as Judy (16), but I found out later that she was only 14. When they first told me it scared the hell out of me. You know, under age and all that. Her name was Julie. Judy and Christie told her she had to promise never to tell and that she had to get naked to watch me do myself. Julie took all her clothes off and sat on the coffee table right in front of me. I had taken all my clothes off too, put on some cock rings and got lubed up and ready to jackoff for the girls.
Judy and Christie sat on either side of me on the sofa. They were both wearing shorts and their legs were pressed tight against mine. I could feel the heat from their bodies. Christie said 'Julie spread your legs so Jack can see your pussy.' She blushed and did as she was told. It was almost as if Christie and Judy were making Julie go through an initiation to be in there club. Julie's eyes were glued on my cock as I jacked myself off. I could see that Julie's pussy lips were starting to get puffy and wet. Judy asked Julie if she liked watching me jackoff. Julie said 'that is the first mans thing that I have ever seen.' Christie quickly corrected her and said 'Julie that is a cock not a thing. Now let's hear you say that you like watching him jackoff his big fat cock.' Julie said 'I like watching him jackoff his big fat cock.' Then she really surprised me. She looked at Judy then Christie then me and said 'can I please touch it.' Judy and Christie both looked at me and I said 'sure. Anything you girls want to do is O.K. with me. You can do anything to me you want.' Christie gave me a very evil look and said 'Anything?' I repeated myself and said anything. Christie jumped up and ran out the back door to her house. She was only gone about a minute and when she returned she was holding her hands behind her back and told me to close my eyes and she would give me a surprise. I went along and closed my eyes. I figured it couldn't be that bad. The girls crowded around me and Christie said they were going to play nurses but I must keep my eyes closed. I felt all three of their hands all over my cock and balls. Then I felt one of them spread open the pee hole in the head of my cock and start inserting something in my cock. I opened my eyes and all the girls faces were only about six inches from my cock and Christie was slowly feeding this long clear plastic tube into my cock. Christie looked up at me and said they had put that tube up her when she was in the hospital a few months ago and that she always wanted to see what it would look like going into a guys cock. I must admit I liked the feeling and didn't want them to stop. They each took turns pushing it slowly into my cock. They had almost a foot of the tube up my cock when I felt it go past my prostate. There was almost a foot of the tube just hanging out of my cock when Julie made one more push and I could feel pee rushing out of the tube. It squirted all over Julie's face and down her tits before I could reach down and pull the tube out a little. The pee stopped and the girls were going crazy. Even Julie didn't seem to mind that she had got peed on. They said they wanted to see it again and Judy pushed the tube back in and the pee started flowing again. They were making a mess all over my carpet so I told Christie to pull out the tube and let me finish jacking off. She slowly pulled the tube out of my cock and all three of the girls were all over my cock. Julie looked up at me from her position on the floor between my legs and said, 'we want to do it for you.' Their hands were all over my cock and balls. Julie looked up at me again and said, 'you peed on me, now I want you to cum on me.' Her wish was my command and in just a few more strokes by these lovely young hands my cock exploded all over her face. Judy and Christie both managed to get plenty on both their hands.
We have repeated this several times since then, but the first time was the best.



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