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The Girls Next Door

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Still can't believe it happened.


This started a few years ago, when Cindy and I were in ninth grade math together. One day on the bus home, my next door neighbour Cindy asked me if I had any trouble with the set of problems the teacher had given out that day. I replied, 'Well no, I already have them done.'

To that she looked sort of between like she was going to pout and cry at the same time. Then she said, 'I just don't get what we are doing at all. Is there any way you would help me?'

I told her that I would be over to her house around half hour or so. We had practically grown up together just next door. We sort of thought of one another as brother and sister, so I had no idea she was up to something. She is really cute with nice curves in all the right places. Her sister is a year younger and has filled out the same as Cindy. Neither of them have a problem with the guys.

When I got there she had changed out of her school clothes as had I. She had on a blue Michigan sweatshirt, loose fitting sweat pants and socks. I was in just a pair of cargo shorts, tee shirt and socks too, after leaving my shoes at the door.

We soon started on the maths at her desk in her bedroom and her sister Casey was home too. Their mom and dad both work, so we had the next three or so hours by ourselves. Cindy appeared to be having some difficulty with a few of the problems and was soon snuggled close, right next to me. She started getting it and doing much better with each problem. Now it was my turn to have a problem. Cindy had been sort of rubbing her nice little A-cup breasts against my arm as she was snuggled next to me. My shorts were pretty tented and I was afraid to move and be seen.

I'm not sure how long she had been watching the tent grow, but she made a comment like my weiner had grown a little since the last time we had played Doctor. Then she asked, 'Can I see?'

Soon the door was closed, my shorts were around my ankles and Cindy was checking out my fully erect penis. She wanted to touch it, which wasn't a problem with me. Tenderly she moved her soft little hands around the head, shaft and down to my balls. All she would say was, 'Wow, you sure have changed down there!'

She asked me if I ever masturbated, or anything? I was a little embarrassed and tried to evade the question, but she said that she had been doing it for three or four years. Cindy masturbate! I could hardly believe my ears. Her family went to church every Sunday, so I always thought she was one of those girls who didn't. Now she was telling me she did and asking me if I wanted to see her do it as well!

She made it clear that she wanted to remain a virgin until her wedding night. That was no problem, as I just wanted to see what a real live vagina looked like. She hadn't stopped touching my penis yet and I was starting to dribble a little pre-cum. She asked if I wanted to see her breasts too? I said, 'Well yeah I thought you would show them to me.'

I discovered the reason she had felt so perky against my arm. She wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were sticking up like two little rocks. Slowly she took her sweat pants down revealing a cute pair of white panties with cartoon characters on the front of them. I was just barely able to make out the shape of a little slit in front, which I remembered from seeing it a few years earlier. I don't know why, but I felt all shaky inside, like I was really nervous or something. Quickly she hooked her thumbs around the waistband and stood naked in front of me.

She made a couple of turns like a model, showing me how she had changed. She was beautiful! The same chestnut colour hair was on her head and her pubes. I was speechless! She then went over to her bed and laid down with her legs still on the floor. Her eyes never left mine and she motioned me closer. She then began moving her hands over her breasts, stomach and legs, teasing us both. I realized that I had my hand on my penis and it was moving in a familiar rhythm. Next her hand was in her neatly trimmed pubic hair rubbing up and down her lips. Her other was rubbing and pinching her nipples.

I almost had to pinch myself to believe this was real, the familiar feeling told me it was. I was standing in front of my frequent masturbation fantasy, doing it right in front of her as she did it too. She had found her secret spot and was almost as lost in it as I was. In a hoarse little voice she told me she was just about ready to cum. All I could say was, 'Me too!'

With that her hips began to move around a little more and come off the bed slightly, while she squeezed her thighs together and looked as if she was somewhere else. She let out a few quick gasps and then sort of a moaned. I couldn't hold it any longer; my hand was soon a blur, as I sprayed her legs and stomach with cum. She picked a little up rubbing her fingers together, giggled and said it was almost as slick as she was. I was so wobbly-legged; I didn't think I was going to be able to stand up. Both of us made the comment that we had never cum so hard before. We cleaned up, got dressed and finished off the rest of her homework.



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