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The Girlfriend's Mom - Part 1

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Back in the 70's my girlfriend came from a very liberal family. Her father was a musician, her mom was a hairdresser. They knew their 17 year old daughter & I were having sex and they allowed me to sleep over occasionally....in her room. Hey, it was the 70's. Being young & horny, we were always having sex. There were a couple of occasions her mother walked in on us during the act. She would always back out, close the door and leave us alone....never bringing up the subject. Let me describe her mom. About 40 years old, 5'7, average build, short brunette hair, with a great set of breasts. Always wore low cut tops revealing her ample cleavage. A very sexual being. There were many a night we heard her parents going at it in their bedroom.

One particular night I was sleeping over. We fell asleep in my girlfriends bed. I awoke about 3 am to use the bathroom. The bathroom was down the hall and had to pass her parents bedroom. Her mom was a late night person and this particular night her dad was away on a gig. I notice a light on her mom's bedroom because the door was slightly ajar. From the direction I was walking I couldn't see in as I passed. Went to the bathroom, flushed, washed my hands, turned off the light and proceeded to return to the bedroom. Now bear in mind, the house was silent and it had to be apparent to anyone still up that someone was walking the hall & using the toilet. As I passed slowly by her mom's door, I had the angle to glance in. The bed was positioned in such a way that when you lay on your back against the headboard you're facing away from the door. So, she didn't see me. What I saw I will never forget. Her mom was propped up against the headboard on top of the covers reading a magazine. Both legs were bent at the knees and spread wide. Her other hand was moving around her crotch. I was breathless, scared and excited at the same time. Most of all I was fixed in that position watching, afraid to move. The magazine was blocking the good view but I knew exactly what she was doing. My cock was stirring in my boxers and I reached down to 'adjust' it never taking my eyes off the scene. Then my luck changed. She dropped the magazine to her side, and I got a great view of her very hairy pussy and her hand playing with herself. It was more than I could take and shot off inside my boxers. Scared that she'd hear me, I slowly crept back to the room.

Remember this....the house was quiet; she had to have heard me go to the bathroom. She had to know the door wasn't closed. Well folks......this was no accident. Things became very interesting after that night. Stay tuned for more...



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