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The Girl With the Gloves Part Two

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Continuation from my last submission, part one.


From memory where I left off my story we both went downstairs after packing up upstairs.

We went into the lounge room to watch a movie that Elle's brother had put on, it was Terminator 1 which was followed by Terminator 2, and as I hadn't seen the first but had the second, I was eager to watch the movie. After about 10 minutes in Elle was called to the kitchen by her mum to help her out putting away the dishes and cleanup, as soon as she left her brother asked me if I knew about her 'thing.'

Not quite understanding what he meant I asked what he well meant, which was that she has a thing for gloves, and I said, 'Yeah I do, I'm cool with that.'

He stared at me for a moment, and said 'really?' Now at the time her brother was about 21 or so and a fair bit taller than I so I was kinda worried what would happen if I said the wrong thing. I responded with, 'Yeah, really.'

He then asked me, which I thought was somewhat random, 'You have a glove thing too don't ya?'

I went kinda red and said yeah and laughed a bit.

He then smiled and gave me a big noogie, then left the room to go into the kitchen.

Soon after Elle came back into the lounge room. After about half an hour I became kinda restless and Elle asked if I wanted to go to bed, she said that we could watch the rest of the movie in her room if we wanted, I agreed and headed upstairs. When we got to her room and changed into our pajamas she went to her side table and pulled out elbow length white gloves that were exactly the same as the ones she put in the machine earlier. They were a second pair as when she got them she got two pairs as she really liked them. I started to get hard again at the thought of them as what happened earlier, but I slipped into bed, which was a mattress on the floor. After getting comfortable in the bed on the floor I feel something land on my face. Its a pair of white gloves, cuff length ones.

Elle smiles and tells me to put them on, so I do and they feel really soft against my skin and at that I go hard all the way. She tells me to try them out, I give a puzzled look on my face, she says again to try them out and winks, and at thats when I get it. so I get under the covers, which is really warm, and slide down my pants a bit, just enough that my penis comes out. I put one hand around my cock and just hold it for a second.

My goodness it feels just as good when I slipped them on, I move my hand up and down for a bit and I almost come at the sensation so I stop and pop my head up out of the covers and say that they feel really good. Elle laughs and tells me that she got them when she bought the elbow length ones, as one of the pairs came with free cuff length ones for men, the other pair had them missing. I then pull my pants up and get up out of the bed and ask if I can get into her bed, as its a king single.

'Umm, ok then,' she tells me, 'but no funny business.' to which we both laugh. I slip into bed with her and then I ask her when her glove thing started. It was when she was watching some old movies with her grandparents, the '50s and '60s movies and the women wore white gloves as a part of their attire at the time, and since she loved the outfit she wanted one like it, so her grandma made a 1950s outfit for her when she was 6 and she especially liked the gloves she got, and it just went from there.

Myself, I'm not entirely sure, I've just always had a thing for them.

Anyway after talking for a while we start dozing off, and as I'm about to fall asleep, Elle puts her hand on my crotch, then slowly slides it into my pants where she grabs onto my semi-hard cock. Liking the sensation I let her continue, and she moves her hand in and out of my pants, rubbing the underside of my cock. I then put my hand on her crotch, and she puts down her pants. I slowly move my hand. For about half an hour we slowly massage each other's genitals, and then I say I'm about to come. She tells me to grab a tissue, which is on the side table next to me. At the last moment she pulls her hand out of my pants and I offload in my pants and partially onto my stomach. I grab a few more tissues and clean up and put them in the bin next to the bed

I put my hand back onto her crotch and slide it down her pants, and leave it there, every so often moving my hand while I'm still awake. Elle puts her hand back down my pants and leaves it there.

During the night I put my hand down my pants and rub my balls a bit, I got excited by that due to the sensation of the gloves that I almost come, but I stop and take my hand out before I do. I give one squeeze of Elle and she returns the same. For about 15 minutes we squeeze each other slightly in rhythm, trying to out do each other, while giggling a bit. The squeeze game slowly dies off and we fall asleep.

Next morning we are woken up by her brother pulling the doona cover and sheets right off us and yelling, 'Rise and Shine!!' which is soon followed by a, 'Hmm. Interesting development we have here.'

I slowly open my eyes to which I'm blinded by the light, not realising that Elle and I had each other's hands in each other's crotches. When I fully awake I almost jump out of my skin when I see him. But he leaves and says, I'll leave you be for a while, and laughs out the door.

Elle then wakes up and wonders what the commotion was about, to which I tell her that her brother come in and I almost jump out of my skin.

She starts laughing and comments that he must trust me some how.

I grab the doona cover and start playing with Elle's clit. She bites the doona cover and screams into it in extacy, and says that no one else has done that to her before. She returns the favour by giving me a two-handed glove job

Next submission... We buy more gloves.

I hope you enjoy my submissions as much I did experincing them, more to come soon...



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