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The Girl With the Gloves (Part One)

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I met the girl of my dreams.


Ever since I was little I have enjoyed gloves, be it the touch, smell or how they look on a person.

I lived in a relatively new area so houses were being built all the time. I went exploring on a regular basis to check out the new houses, and one day a couple houses down from my house I saw a plastic bag, so I go over to it and I find a new pair of work gloves, the kind that have the grip on them, so you can move cinder blocks and such, they were new cause they still had the cardboard with them.

With any new type of glove I find, I well use them to masturbate with. I found that it was a bit rough but once I worked itt out I could get a nice grip and sensation without too much friction burn goin on.

I had a small collection and my parents knew about the whole glove thing as they saw it as a kind of a normal thing as it never really got out of hand, I mean on the odd occasion I might wear a pair around the house for a while before I took them off, but that was just in fun.

Since it was nearing winter and getting colder, I didnt go outside much for my daily wander at the new sites. One day I went out it was somewhat cloudy and windy but since I hadnt done any exploration for a few days I went out anyway.

I was looking around at one site, pretending to be an owner of the house, since it was just the wood framing I liked to imagine what it would be like. I was haninging around at this one for about 10 minutes when a car arrived and it looked like the family was doing fairly well for themselves as it was a BMW, they go to the house next door on the right of me which was almost finished, as it just had to have final interior things done, the mum and dad, a boy and 2 girls get out of the car.

The older one of the 2 girls, who is about 17, dawdles a bit behind them, and hangs outside for a bit. As im walking out of the site I trip and fall over onto the sidewalk. the girl comes over to me and asks if im ok, I say yeah, I just banged my knee is all. She holds out her hand and helps me up, by then which I notice she is wearing white gloves. I go red and say nice gloves. She giggles and thanks me while I dust myself off. Since it's a cold day, she is wearing a long sleeved coat so I can only see from her wrists down of the gloves. I stare at her hands for a moment until she says, 'So you like my gloves huh?'

I reply with, 'Yeah I do, they suit your hands.'

'Why thank you. You seem to know a bit about gloves then don't you?'

I go really red and say, 'Yeah I do actually.'

She laughs and gives me her number and tells me to call her later that night as she is moving in soon so she wants to make some friends. She invites me into the empty house to meet her family, introducing me as one of their neighbours.

Anyway, I meet them all and tell them about the area.

I call her later that evening and the chat basically consisted of talking about gloves surprisingly. By pure chance I had found someone with a similar interest as me, and after a while we would ring each other up and just end up masturbating to each other while we wore gloves, I used some cuff length cotton gloves, she used various ones depending on what she felt like at the time

About a month later they finally move in and my family and a few others from the neighbourhood have a welcoming party at their house, as a way to get to know people and makes breaking the ice easier.

During the evening the girl (who we will now name Elle) that I met takes me upstairs to her room. Her room takes up a quarter of the top floor and I stand there amazed at the size of it. Elle then pulls down the ladder that leads into the roof, which is a separate room. The room is slightly smaller but really warm and has a few unopened boxes around the place.

'This is my glove room,' she says.

'Glove room?' I ask her.

She tells me she collects lots and lots of gloves. During the design of the house they all got to put in how they wanted their rooms and she wanted a smaller room up above hers. I asked her if her parents knew about her glove thing.

'Yeah they do, they are totally cool with me collecting them.'

She drags over one box marked RG love. She opens it up and tips out a whole heap of rubber gloves!

At this stage I get really hard at the sight of all these gloves. She tells me to jump in, so I get into the pile of gloves and im in pure exctasy.

She asks if I want to play in them in the nude. I go red and say yeah.

I strip down (while she turns away) and cover myself in gloves, I tell her that im covered and she turns around. She drags over another box full of rubber gloves and dumps them all onto me. Elle opens up two more boxes of gloves, but this time they are cotton and silk ones, and puts them into a pile, she then strips down and dives into them. After a while of giggling and playing, her mum comes over the intercom, as they have them in every room, to tell me to come downstairs as my parents are going. She gets up and asks if I can stay the night. After a minute of back and forth, they finally agree to letting me stay the night and that my folks will bring a change of clothes later on.

Anyway, we continue on and she asks how does it feel, I tell her its awesome and exciting, and I really want to blow my load.

I hold off as much as I can cause I dont want to get my come on a whole heap of gloves. She tells me to wait there. She puts on the gloves that she had on when I met her, and I see that they go up to her elbow. Elle then clears away some gloves around my crotch and grabs onto my cock and slowly massages my balls. she then rubs with one finger, my shaft, going up and down it slowly then speeding up, then I shoot my load onto her gloved arm.

I feel relieved and decided to get dressed. After I pack away the gloves I see her sitting sitting on the bed that is there, still nude except for the gloves she is wearing, with her head in her hands and crying.

I ask her what is up and she says, 'Oh nothing.'

I tell her im sorry for her glove getting dirtied, she laughs and tell me its not that, it can be washed. She takes off the dirtied glove and wipes away her tears. She then starts explaining that she has never met anyone thats like her and is really happy, as most people outside her family considered her weird or a freak.

I stare at her breasts for a moment and then tell her that she has perfect breasts, she laughs and does a playful hit. I tell her she better get dressed so we can go downstairs. After she gets dressed and puts the gloves in she had on, into the washing machine we go downstairs to watch TV.



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