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The Girl Who Had It All

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My sister in law definitely married for money and she did it big time. Of course, it wasn't long before she got 'bored' and chucked her very rich husband out. I never really liked her, but....


Sarah was in the middle of telling us about how hard her life was (living in a £1.5m house and still spending money like water) when I couldn't take any more of her twofacedness and walked out into my garden.

A couple of minutes later, there was Sarah. 'Look, I know you don't like me, but it HAS been hard, you know.' I thought 'Yeah, right'. She tried to justify what she had done, but it didn't work. She was just a rich bitch and that was that. But then I thought maybe that was the problem. And I realised, I would like to bend her over and fuck her in the ass right there and then.

Now, my cock must have picked up on the message because rather painfully, there I was full on hard! Sarah looked down and said 'Hmm.. Maybe you don't hate me after all.' Then she laughed.

Suddenly, I was on her pushing her up against the shed wall and jamming my hand into her panties. To say she was wet was an understatement. (Then again, she hadn't had any for nearly a year) I was delighted to find she was shaved and smooth as anything. My finger slipped up her so easily and I started really finger fucking her hard and fast and furious. Can you rape someone with your fingers? Maybe. Well, I sure was. Sarah spread her legs as wide as her little designer dress would go and I tugged her panties down to just below mid thigh. How horny did THAT look? She looked like any street slut. Then I felt her tense and she came on my fingers. I got my cock out and said 'Wank me, bitch' She gripped my cock and her lip curled in contempt. (Which worked for me a treat) she tossed me for a few minutes before I felt myself starting to come. I made damn sure my load went into the crotch of her panties.

Afterwards she stood there looking at the mess in her panties and for a moment I thought she would go commando. Instead, she shrugged and pulled her panties up!

That night, my wife (her sister) and I had dinner. I felt as guilty as hell about what I did right up to the point where my wife looked at me and said 'So, does Sarah have a nice pussy?' The bitch had told her... still, what did I expect? My wife had the last laugh on her evil little sister though because she said 'I think, Mike, you should screw Sarah raw'.

Several things happened as a result of that. One I can't mention here of course, but the others were that my wife has had a fantasy about watching me screw her sister for some time. I had NO idea about that! Second, our sex life, pretty damn good before has reached a new level. We are more passionate for each other than ever. But Sarah, the little minx, well, sometimes she comes around and we play, sometimes my wife tells her we will but then makes her just watch instead. Once, she wouldn't even let her masturbate.

So, I have fingered (and more) my 'rich bitch'.



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