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The Girl across the Cul De Sac

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This is a story I have relived in my mind a thousand times. I was staying home from school one day during an exams week, I was in the eighth grade not quite 14. As it happened, a younger neighbor was also home from her school, but no one was at home with her. This was the mid 70s and the suburbs no one was really worried at her being alone for awhile. She was in the fifth grade and her name was Cindy.

We were hanging out in her back yard, playing, jumping and laying around on their trampoline in the back. She had on a pair of shorts and a knit top. We were just fooling around outside, when she invited me in for a drink, and we went inside. We were talking and I was looking at stuff on the wall, When we started a game of truth or dare. It wasn't long before this budding young woman, I had dared her to let me feel up under her shirt.

She had just this light knit top on, she didn't have any real breasts yet, just slight swellings, and as I ran my hand over them, hard pointy nipples. Cindy didn't say anything, but she let me run my hands over, back and forth from one pointy nipple to the other.

Cindy suggested going back to her room. The late morning light filled the room and we sat on her bed, the room was all girl. I remember the ruffles on the bed and the pillows. We sat there and continued our game of truth or dare. She must have been feeling horny and adventurous because, I swear she was the one who dared me to pull down her shorts and panties. Oh the memory of reaching and unsnapping those shorts and pulling them down along with her panties. Her pussy was smooth with a straight slit running down to between her legs. I did do what I am going to describe, but man have I done it since.

She lay there on her back with her vulva exposed fully in the light. She had a few curly hairs dark and kinked starting to sprout, I took one and gently pulled on it. Saying something like soon she'd be covered with a bush. What I should have done was to gently stroke and tickle the outer labia of her vulva, Theirs nothing I don't think she'd have not let me do. I can imagine her expression changing as she starts to feel the tingling deep inside her, and her lips part she starts to get wet. Finding her slit moist and running my finger over the little bump of flesh that gives woman so much pleasure.

For some reason we moved over into another room, where there was a bean bag chair (remember those). Cindy sat down in the bean bag chair, I remember she dared me to take my pants down, I had a raging hard on and she looked surprised when it sprang out of my tighty whities. It was probably only four or five inches, but I am sure it was the first fully engorged dick Cindy had seen.

There was a small walking cane there, and she dared me to take it and rub that on her slit. I was only too happy to comply. The first time she just pulled her shorts and panties to the side, and once again I was presented with that beautiful smooth slit. Cindy's leg were spread apart, and I took the walking stick, it had a rounded blunt end, and I placed that on the outside top her slit, and began to twist the stick back and forth, I didn't really put it in, just let it rest on the outer labia, She held her shorts and panties to the side, I can't say how long that continued. She had a look on her face that I long to see today. After a while we stopped, and she pulled her shorts back across.

The next thing I know Cindy, says 'I dare you to do that again.' She's laying there on the bean bag chair, only this time she pulls her shorts and panties completely down, giving me full access to her pussy. I can still see, her laying there, and a smell that I had never smelled before and would remember long afterward. I knelt down beside her and took the walking cane, it was about 1/4-3/8 diameter at the tip. I gently placed it on her slit about halfway up and started twisting it back and forth, Cindy said 'not to stick it in, just to spin it around on the top.' I knelt there twirling the cane back and forth, spinning it slowly and gently and trying not to let it stick into her.

The look on her face. I would love to have any and every woman I touched since then, look like she did. Her face had an odd concentration about it her head was back. I again can't say how long this continued. But this is where more should have happened. Oh things I have continued to do in my dreams, gently stroking and touching. Tickling and gently inserting a finger in her slippery vagina for the first time. Making her cry out and orgasm. Letting her touch and explore my cock. I can see her straddling me and letting her slick naked lips ride up and over my dick, rubbing on her clit at every stroke. It however did not happen, it makes a great starting point for a wank session



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