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The Game of Twenties

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It's always more fun when you turn it into a game? Don't they also teach that to school teachers.


While I could tell you a lot more of the goings on in my family and life (and might), let me start with one of the most exciting aspects for me, the 'Game of Twenties', which my mother says she learned at her sorority in college. I'd be curious to know how many others know of and play this game.

In my house it is played by my mother and college age sisters and cousins, from two to five of them a game, and of course me, the object of the game. My mother says she learned to play it on horny guys when in college, and my sisters and cousins say they have had some luck teaching and playing with others, as 'colleges are full of horny guys.' They want me to ask my girlfriend to join in, but I don't think we have gone together long enough that she won't tell others. Maybe next semester.

The game is pretty simple. I sit completely nude facing out on the corner of the counter top around the sink in the bathroom which I share with my sisters, and has a tile floor. My legs are spread and hang down giving them easy access to my large pulsating cock. They put one of those fabric-covered elastic bands that girls use to hold up their ponytails around my cock and balls to hold the latter up for more easy stimulation of my balls when they stroke me. Without the band, my balls can hang down too far, especially if they have been doing me too often. Plus, I find that most women hate saggy and hairy balls, just like guys hate saggy boobs-reminds them of when they get old. They make sure my shaved parts are completely smooth and fully oiled with baby oil, and that I have cum within the last six to twelve hours so my balls will be more empty, so the game can last longer. (It's not an official game until every girl has had one full turn, and if they suspect I'm too fully loaded, they can shorten the game to 'Tens'.) In addition, in some sense of fairness, they can only wear panties, and usually very sexy ones to help keep my erection stronger and longer. I have ways to get back at them so it evens out in the end.

The rules are simple: The women participants cut a deck of cards to determine their order of play, then each gets twenty strokes, however they like, of me in their turn, and then it moves on to the next one, and the next one, and so one, until I cum. The one who is stroking me when I do, is the winner! Further, the distance from the corner of the cabinet to the furthest splash of my cum is measured with a tape measure. The winner and distance (like in Olympic Shot Putting) is recorded in a little notebook, as they compare number of victories and average distance very competitively, as we play once or twice a week.

Obviously, since it is so competitive, they make a lot of effort to get me to cum when it is there turn, using their free hand to finger their bare nipples and boobs, or their pussy inside their panties. I like it best when my mom plays, as originally she only taught the game to my sisters and me when we first played it, but now her reluctance to go topless has decreased (thanks to implants), and she is willing to participate. The other girls don't particularly like it because for some reason she wins unusually often. There is a lot of rooting and shouting like at any other sporting event, and we all have fun, no matter who the winner is, one of the 'girls' and always me!



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